Wrestling News & Rumors December 2021 About Roman & Triple H

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Wrestling News & Rumors December 2021 About Roman & Triple H
Wrestling News & Rumors December 2021 About Roman & Triple H

Wrestling News & Rumors December 2021 About Roman & Triple H

There is a very sad update about Triple H. So a few months ago, Triple H underwent a heart procedure. And this has completely put them out of action. Triple H has gone missing fans have not seen Triple H in several months on WWE television.

And it's because of this Harper seizure and fans want to know, when will Triple H return to we television? And will he ever wrestle again? Now, one of the things that led up to Triple H's heart issue was the stress of basically losing. And XT. Everybody knows that NXT is now known as NXT 20, and it's all about pushing up-and-coming wrestlers. And it's not about pushing the wrestlers that Triple H wants to push.

And it's being said that those close to Triple H said that this is what led to Triple H having these hard issues because it caused so much stress with AAA to dealing with the fact that Annex T is now completely different. And it's nothing like he originally intended it to be. It's being said of Triple H. He's not even at the performance center when an XT 20 tapes and Triple H's best friend Shawn Michaels is actually taken over the duties of Triple H for NXT.

So Triple H has almost nothing to do with NXT. But Triple H is still signed to do D. We are still one of the executives for the company, but he still has to work from home, which was advised by Triple H's doctors. And in a new sad update, it's been confirmed that Triple H Will Never Wrestle ever again because of this heart issue. And it's also very likely that we may never see Triple H on WWE television in of a live crowd ever again as well. This is because tribulations doctors have told him that it's just not good for his heart to be in front of a live crowd, because it's just too much stress and excitement for his heart, and it could cause unforeseen issues. This obviously, is a very sad update.

It looks like he doesn't have any long-term issues with his heart. He's not in bad health, but when it comes to pro wrestling when it comes to appearing on television when it comes to working behind the scenes for WWE in person, at the arena, helping out with the creative process. Triple H is not allowed to do that anymore. And also, we now know that Triple H. He's not going to be able to wrestle again because of these health issues that he's now going through. But things can change over time. Triple H could overcome these heart problems. And maybe, maybe one day we could see Triple H appear on WWE television, and maybe even wrestle a match rumor has it.

The Roman Reigns is about to get released by dubbed, be we on a recent episode of SmackDown. We saw Roman Reigns talking in the ring in this promo. Roman Reigns said that he will be leaving sooner rather than later. Now, this sent shock waves throughout the wrestling world and fans. Now, wondering, what did this promo mean? Why did Roman Reigns insinuate that he's going to be leaving? We very soon, and it's now been revealed that there is a lot of Backstage things going on with wwe and Roman Reigns, which has led to a lot of anger and frustration on the side of both we and Roman Reigns.

So the current situation is that we officials, while Roman Reigns, to hold on to the universal Championship till at least 20 23. And they don't want Roman Reigns to take any time off whatsoever. They want him to wrestle at every single pay-per-view. They want him to occasionally wrestle on Smackdown. And they also want him to keep wrestling at wwe. How shows which Roman appears at every single weekend. But Roman Reigns has different plans. Now everybody knows that Roman Reigns has appeared in a few different movies, and television shows and Roman Reigns has been doing a lot of interviews lately, where he is expressed interest in following the path of his cousin, The Rock, and becoming a big-time movie star. And it's being said that this is the plan.

The Roman Reigns has Roman Reigns, Reigns has been asking we officials if he can lose the Universal title very soon. And one of the main reasons why Roman Reigns wants to do this is Roman knows that because of his past health issues, he knows he's not going to be able to wrestle forever. And because of the fact that he's married and has a big family Roman wants to get started as soon as possible on his journey to becoming a big star in Hollywood. But the problem is we don't want this. It's being said that this look man is very upset about Roman Reigns, trying to take a break from wwe. So he can film a movie, which would obviously lead to Roman Reigns, very likely having to lose the universal championship.

And now it's being reported that there are W officials who are pushing for Roman Reigns to get released because of the fact that Roman Reigns wants to become a movie star. Now, this doesn't eliminate Roman Reigns from never returning to wwe. Again, if he does get released in the coming weeks, which is rumored, it's rumored that Roman. If he's going to be released, it's going to be very soon. It's very possible that this could happen in early January after the day one pay-per-view,where Roman Reigns is scheduled to take on Brock Lesnar.

And at this pay-per-view, we could see Roman Reigns lose the universal championship. And there are also backstage reports that say that Roman Reigns is very upset about this situation. Roman believes that he can do both. He can take a break from wrestling and do movies, but w/e officials, including this Arc man who owns we. They believe that this is just going too far, and that they trusted Roman reigns with the universal championship over the past year.

And they pushed him to the top of the company. And visit command believes that Roman Reigns is turning his back on we after all of the time and effort that this aquarium put in to pushing Roman Reigns. Let me know your thoughts on the rumors about Roman Reigns getting released by WWE. And do you want to see Triple H wrestle again one day, or do you think he should stay? Retired, leave a comment and give me your opinion.

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