Unexpected Winter Fashion Trends I Found On Instagram | Fashion and Style Edit

Unpredictable winter trends I found on Instagram. See some highlights from the up-to-date piece.

Unexpected Winter Fashion Trends I Found On Instagram | Fashion and Style Edit
Unexpected Winter Fashion Trends I Found On Instagram | Fashion and Style Edit

Unexpected Winter Fashion Trends I Found On Instagram | Fashion and Style Edit

Today I'm talking about some unexpected winter fashion trends that are popping up all over my Instagram feed, and I think you're going to love them. They seem to keep popping up, and I'm sold on them, their trends that are unexpected, because I just didn't see them coming. I couldn't have forecasted these Trends or covered them off in previous videos, because they just kind of came out of nowhere. So today I'm going to share some of these very cool Trends because I think you're going to like them too. 


Let's get on with these Trends, the first Trend that we're seeing. And you might be thinking, this isn't a trend, but I have seen so many absolutely beautiful, super chunky scarves around. Now, I know that scarves are always going to be part of winter, but these super-sized scarves than extra chunky, lovely, luscious scarves seem to be everywhere and just continually popping up on my Instagram feed that I felt that they need it a little bit of a spotlight of their own.

I love that one because they're practical. And to that, they just add that Finishing Touch to an outfit. So they give an outfit a little bit of texture, a little bit of color. A lot of the scarves I've seen have been in beautiful earthy colors or vibrant multi-colored scarves.

So just adding that extra layer and the fact that they're a little bit wider and chunkier almost makes them a rap. So they tend to be extra warmer and just give that really lovely warm, snuggly look and feel to an outfit. 


Next up, I keep seeing shearling bags. Now. Please tell me in the comments below if you see any of these things on your Instagram feed, or if it's just me. But these shearling bags seem to be everywhere as well. And I just think that they are the perfect little addition to a winter outfit, and they're going to keep your belongings nice and snuggly, but they're also just warm, they're not a cold hard bag to be carrying with you and winter. They just look cool, their practicals are soft, and they're fab.

So I wanted to give shearling bags a little bit of a shout-out because I think they're a great little winter add-on. 


Next up. I have talked about this trend in previous videos, and that is for cutout knitwear. Now, personally, I've struggled to be a fan of this, but I do tend to think this trend is kind of growing on me ever. So slightly, some of the cutouts are really subtle.

 And I think the biggest problem that I had with cutouts over winter is just that practicality, side of things. But of course, if you're wearing thick warm outer layers and finishing up with a big chunky scarf, you are going to be warm enough. Cutouts just tend to give the knit pieces a little bit of Light Relief. I think there are some really lovely knitwear pieces that have these cutouts that are just delicate and add a little bit of interest and a little bit of relief.

So I've kind of changed my mind on these cutouts for winter.


Next up, I've seen a lot of either or pleather, or vegan leather separates, and I'm really here for them. I think that they are super practical, although if you're wearing leather or pleather pants, you are going to need something underneath them just so that you don't get that sort of cool feeling on your legs. But the leather or leather-look pants are a little bit less skinny, and they're not like stretchy leggings this season.

They're more of tailored pants. So more of a sort of a straight leg tailored pants. And there are also some beautifully tailored leather and leather-look shirts as well, which, again, I think Super practical.

they're just comfy. I've seen quite a few of them that are sort of stretch leather as well. So I think they're comfy.

They also protect you from the wind, which is going to give you warmth. And they're just kind of an interesting look. I have seen them all in together, but also worn as separate pieces as well. So these leather or leather-look separates are definitely trending. And I think they look great. 


Now, next up, I'm sure this will divide you. And that is the trend for wearing Ugg boots outside of the house. But what I am seeing in terms of a fashion sense this winter is, yes, Ugg boots are being born outside of the house, but they're the shorter cropped Ugg boots. So there's sort of somewhere between a slipper and a shearling boot.

So they're going to be super comfy. And obviously, they're not going to work. If it's snowing where you live, it's not weatherproof. But I do love the fact that they are built for comfort, and they're a little bit more streamlined. There's some seaming detail in them. So that actually gives the shoe a little bit more shape.

Because in my mind, when I think of Ugg boots, I think of them as sort of large clumpy shapeless boots, but the Ugg boots this season that are being warned in sort of street style,

he looks a definitely a little more streamlined, a little finer, a little more shaped and obviously super comfortable. So that's why five included them on my list. 


Now, you might also say that this is sort of a look that is always practical over winter. And yes, it is, but we often don't see it as much in a fashion sense. And I think it's great. I think it's very cool again, practical, you can. There's a bit of a theme here. I'm all about practicality when it comes to fashion and style and looking good. It still has to be comfortable and serve a purpose.

And in Winter, I don't like being cold. So anything that's going to keep me warm? And obviously, a puff is going to keep your core warm, which is really key. I love the fact that there's a little bit more flexibility with a puffer vest, as opposed to a puffer coat or jacket.