WhatsApp new features in 2021 You should Know

Here are the WhatsApp new features in 2021. Check the top whatsapp features of the whatsapp launched in 2021…

WhatsApp new features in 2021 You should Know
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WhatsApp new features in 2021 You should Know

Hi guys, welcome back, So even if other apps like telegram are the most advanced chat apps for billions of users using WhatsApp Here are some new WhatsApp features that you should check out.So let's get into it.

View Once

Straight of the bat If you want, a new feature that's really fun. So when you get a message from someone and you see this kind of notification, this is a single look, you will also know that with this little icon in the top right corner When you click on it, say, this image is set to view once, and as the name may suggest, you can only do it once. So when sending messages, if you want to use this feature, just click the attach button, then go to your photo and video library and select your image. And once you've typed your message, all that jazz right here, you'll see this little icon. And if you tap that, We'll set this picture and message for you to view.

Then, of course, you can go ahead and send a message. Then if someone goes to look at a picture, they will only see it once and will not be able to open it again. This feature works for both photos and videos, but unfortunately nothing else, and you can be very confident when posting.

These are new, photos, or videos because someone else can actually scan, capture, and store them in the gallery. Just keep that in mind When posting these visual images or videos.

Faster Voice Notes

We all have that one friend or family member who ends up with very long vocal cords. And sometimes it takes too much time to try to listen to it with all that jazz. So this new feature is super Nifty, and I really like it. So here's exactly what I'm talking about. You receive a message from a friend.

You open it, check your voicemail, and you see, oh my God, this voice note is too long. I need to continue OK here right Is this a small icon. And if you click on that, it will speed up the voice message. You can speed it up even more than twice as fast. And if you can't see this yet, just make sure your watch app is updated to the latest version.

Join Video Call

 All right. Now, in the past, if you ever missed a WhatsApp video call, you should have entered a chat message. Everyone tells them they should end the conversation rather than remember Everyone. Basically, it was a great Mission. But now with this new feature, it's much better. So usually when you get a video call on WhatsApp, this is how things look. Yes, you can chat with your friends and share things.

But as I said, the problem comes when you miss this call. So let's say you're busy. You can't take this call right now, and you decide to click the ignore button. However, in time, you want to rejoin the asset call. Now you can just click on the tutorial icon, at the top, you will see a live video called among your friends, and if you tap on it, you will be asked to join. And when you click on that, Pam, you're back to the big video call with all your friends. So there is no longer closing the phone and redialing.

Animated Stickers

Now, for those of you who have been using WhatsApp for a long time, I am sure you will remember those boring Bland stickers like these coffee ones. And these of the dogs, They had no movement or anything pleasing. But now, when I click on that sticker icon, you'll see lots of new sticker packs. And an amazing portion of 99% of them is animated. So once you’ve found the one you like, go ahead, click download and greet, check out these animated stickers. There are also many different options. So go ahead and check these out. Oh, however, press that sign-up button because we're on our way or 1 million. And if you cried, I would have meant, I would just be the same.

Stickers Suggestion

Another really cool thing, And Nifty that happened was done sticking to the search and suggestions. So when you go to the sticker section right here, you'll see that search icon, And at the top, you'll now see a bunch of sticker suggestions. So when you click on love, greetings, or cheers, all stickers related to that category will appear, and you can simply select and select. Or if you are not happy with any of their categories, You can just keep looking for what you want, like laughs and gains, All stickers with laughter or smiles, and they will appear, and you can just go ahead and post that right away.

Computer Video Call

Now, the best Nifty feature on WhatsApp is that you can record and speak in a cool voice from your computer. This feature has not been available for a very long time. And oh, my Lord. I'm so glad to be here. So in the top right corner, you will now see a video thumbnail. And if you tap that quickly, it will start video calling your contact. It uses your computer's built-in web camera as well as speakers and microphones.

But you can use almost any webcam or camera by clicking on those three tiny dots Then here you can select the output of the camera and microphone and, next to the video icon for you, We will see the call icon. And again, if you tap that quickly, it will call the contact. And one cool thing goes well with these calls. You can actually chat with contact and send lots of messages back and forth.

Picture Editing

Now, while I’m on the desktop theme for WhatsApp, we have to talk about a new photo editing update. If you go ahead and paste a photo from your desktop at the top, you'll see all these new tools you can use to edit your photos. So directly from the toolbar, you can add Can you add sticker text and use the paint tool. So I decided to add my own custom sticker. You can have the size of the stickers, place them wherever you want on the screen, and they are plenty of different text options. So whether you want to change the font, background, or text color, you can do that all day. Also, you can choose any paint color and brush size. You want to make a really good Pic.

Silence Chat

All right. Now, in the past, if you archive to chat, it will stay there until you receive a new message. It will then return to the main chat section until you have to archive it again. But not anymore. Let me show you what I mean. If you have a conversation, for example, you want to remove it from the main category, you can click, hold and then click that archive button, then run it up and you will see it archived. . And if you tap on that, there's a conversation you just added to the archive. But now, with this new update, if you get a message in that conversation, you'll just see this little one appear near the last archive section, and you have to click on it to open things and access that message. But if you do not like this option, however, you can choose to disable it within settings. So once you are logged in, you will select the chat option. And here, You will see the option to save the conversation to archive or not. So if you change that the next time you receive a message in that archive to chat, you will enter a larger chat section like this.

Move Chat To Android

Then this new feature is for my iPhone users. If you go to settings and select the dialog to scroll down, you will now see the option, submit checks to Android. And as the name may suggest, this makes life much easier if you want to switch from iPhone to an Android phone, and you are not under any of your previous chats or messages.

So guys, as I said, I have a Play Store gift card and an App Store that I will give to some of my lucky Reader. So you can download hero movies, Apps, and even games. And you guys know the drill you have to do to try and win. These are trying some of these codes. Yes. But why not let me know below what you think about this Nifty? What about Peaches? Also, if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like and subscribe. Or you can check out some of our blogs right here. But thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time you know.