What Not To Wear In 2022 | Top Fashion Trends To Avoid

Need some up-to-date fashion advice about what not to wear in the near future? You've come to the right place.

What Not To Wear In 2022 | Top Fashion Trends To Avoid
What Not To Wear In 2022 | Top Fashion Trends To Avoid

What Not To Wear In 2022 | Fashion Trends To Avoid 

There are some really Fab fashion trends heading our way next year, and there are others that I just don't think are worth the hype. I'm going to share with you the fashion trends I think you should avoid. And why? today I'm talking about fashion trends in 2022. I think we need to avoid their trends that are not practical, going to be one-season wonders. And quite frankly, it just isn't worth the hype. So if you would like to see the trends that I think are a no-go. 

Now, the first Trend that I think we should avoid, and this I know, is going to be really contentious, because I know when I've talked about this particular Trend and the past, you kind of either love it or you hate it. So please let me know which side of the fence you're on with this one.


But one of the biggest trends for next year is the return of sequins. It seems to be a very shiny sparkly year. And while I'm a bit of a fan of anything that Sparkles, I do tend to think if you're looking for pieces and pieces that you can wear regularly, sequin pieces are not it.

In my experience, you just don't get the cost per wear on these pieces. And unfortunately, they are so dazzling and tempting. When you see them in stores, they are just pieces that are actually fun to buy. But they are the sort of pieces that are tricky to work into everyday outfits. Now, don't get me wrong, they look great, and I don't think that you should keep sequins and sparkles.

As for going out and for the best, they look great every day, but I tend to think that they date really quickly.

They're such statement pieces that they're really noticeable every time you wear them. And for that reason, you don't tend to reach for them as often. So that's why I've put sequins on the top of my What Not to Wear list. Now, the only disclaimer to this is, if you find a piece and it's a sequined Cami or dress that you are quite happy to wear once in a while for special occasions, then go for it. But if you're looking to update your wardrobe with new season pieces that you can get lots of wear out of, I would avoid sequins.


Now, the next Trend that is going to be bigger than Ben Hur next year is cutouts. I think a small cut out here, and there can just give some relief to a garment and just add a little bit of interest. But what I am seeing is cutouts on steroids. They seem to be bigger and Bolder cutouts than ever before.

And I just think that they've kind of missed the mark. They've taken something that's quirky and fun and interesting and just pushed it too far. So it turns out that not all cutouts are created equal. So the garments in the pieces that we've been wearing over spring, summer, and winter this year tend to be more on the conservative side.

And what we will be seeing next year is Big, open cutouts. And for that reason, I just think they've gone too far. It's too much. And these pieces become very tricky to wear. 


Now the next trend is, And I know that for sure because low-rise jeans are coming back. And when the sort of high-rise mum-style jeans came back, you were breathing a sigh of relief, but low rise. Jeans are definitely back, and I'm personally not going to wear them. I don't think they tend to be overly flattering if you are short in the body.

The slower rise can be easier for you to wear and incorporate into your looks. But low low-rise is, in my opinion, just not a good look. So let me know in the comments below what you think of low-rise jeans coming back. I am certainly not a fan, but I'd love to know what you think.


Now, over the past few seasons, we've seen bra tops and bralettes worn under Blazers and jackets, or just styled on their own next year. Those bra tops seem to be shrinking in size, and they are going to be tinier than ever. For now. I personally had to warm up to the idea of bra tops. They're not something that I would wear. I do like the look of them when I see them on the runway.

And sometimes when they are styled to Perfection, I love the look. So don't get me wrong. I'm not against this look, but I think these tiny, tiny bra tops it's kind of moved out of the realm of fashion. It's more theater and fun. And in my opinion, it's not a good look unless it is styled to Perfection. And often that is not the case. So bra tops are shrinking, and I am not a fan if you do like this look, and you want to dip your toe into this trend, what I suggest is opting for a bralette, because bralette tends to be a little longer in the body and just give you a little more coverage. And in my opinion, look a little bit more sophisticated and pull together. So I would give a tiny itty-bitty bra top a wide berth, and instead opted for a bralette. 


Now, I'm kind of surprised that fringing is back, but it is back in 2022 and back in a really big way. What I am seeing and what I did see with designers on the runway was the addition of long fringes on the bottom of skirts and dresses. And while I do tend to like this look, I like the fact that it gives you a little bit of coverage, but you can still see what's going on underneath.

But the practicality of wearing fringing is just tricky. If you've ever worn fringing in real life, you will understand where I'm coming from. The fringing tends to get caught on chairs and doorways, and absolutely everywhere.

And for that reason, it is just the most frustrating Trend to wear in real life. I do admit that it looks fantastic when it's shown on the runway, or styled in a fashion magazine, or a cool street style shot. But it just doesn't work in real life. If you like the idea of fringing, maybe opt for some fringing detail that doesn't cause so many mishaps on The Daily. So things like small fringing detail on a faux leather jacket, or a little bit of fringing detail on a purse or a handbag that kind of fringing will mean that you can dip your toe into the trend and feel modern and current without the hassle of trying to deal with fringing getting caught everywhere. I'm probably sounding old, but it is the most impractical Trend. And for that reason, it's on this list. 


Now, this next trend has kind of taken a turn too far in my opinion. And that is super-duper, puffy voluminous sleeves. Now, I'm all for a bit of tough and fun and volume, but it seems to have gone a little crazy. And that volume on especially sleeve detailing is super-sized. Now, I think this is a really tricky Trend to wear. That amount of volume is always going to make anyone look bigger.

So I have seen it working if you wear sort of a crop top with voluminous puffy sleeves, and then maybe a little short pair of ports or a little mini skirt because you really need to work out the juxtaposition of those proportions. And if you don't get those proportions right, it just doesn't work. So super-sized puffy sleeves are a no-go because I think they've just gone too far. The way we were wearing them in 2021 I think, worked really well. It was feminine floaty and a bit of fun. But these sized versions are just a step too far, in my opinion. 


And it does seem like some of the fashion trends next year are going a little too far. And minis are doing exactly the same thing. But instead of pumping Up the Volume, they are becoming micro Minis, and some of them look almost like a slightly oversized belt if you ask me. And I do know that I'm starting to sound like my mother. But I do think these micro minis are great in their own way, but they don't translate to everyday life.

And for that reason, they are on this list. They really do seem to suit one body type. And that's it. So I don't have a lot to say about micro minis.(20) If you like wearing a shorter mini-style skirt, go for a traditional mini and give the micro Minis a Miss.


Now on the theme of drama for next year. One of the most dramatic trends that I've seen is the return of tales. So it's almost like a train on a wedding dress, skirts and dresses, and almost sort of duster coats with long tails/trains trending. And while we did see them in a very big way on the runway, those looks will translate to the High Street. So they will be on offer for us.

They may be pared back a little bit, but they will still be very much a feature of 2022 fashion trends. So you can kind of get the idea of what I mean. But I tend to think that anything that Trails on the ground is a no-go, for obvious reasons. That is just impractical. What I suspect will happen on High Street is that we'll see more of a dipped hemline, as opposed to a train that actually Trails behind hind dresses and skirts. But I do think this is just a look when it's exaggerated like this.

That's it from me. Bye for now.