(USA) Staff Pharmacist (hourly) | New Job in the USA | Walmart Vienna, VA, USA

Apply online for the (USA) Staff Pharmacist (hourly) position at Walmart. 36 Walmart Pharmacy jobs available in USA . Apply to Staff Pharmacist, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Cashier and more!

(USA) Staff Pharmacist (hourly) | New Job in the USA | Walmart Vienna, VA, USA

(USA) Staff Pharmacist (hourly) | New Job in the USA | Walmart Vienna, VA, USA

A Staff Pharmacist at Walmart is at the forefront of patient communications, listening, and developing relationships with those who seek our quality, heartfelt care.

If you love speaking to patients and endorsing their well-being, this position is perfect for you. You will be empowered to convey your clinical knowledge and work to the top of your license. Come prepared to be a community administrator and a leader among the pharmacy staff.


  • Staff Pharmacist (hourly)

Job highlights


  • Minimum Capabilities: Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy or PharmD degree, or equivalent FPGE (NABP).
  • Pharmacy license (by job entry date).
  • Fulfillment of an ACPE Accredited Immunization training program (for example, APhA, Pharmacy School Curriculum, State Pharmacy Association sponsored).


  • You will be assigned to share your clinical knowledge and work to the top of your license.
  • Genuinely understanding the business, from inventory control to cost savings for patients to observance.
  • Modeling and providing direction to the pharmacy staff on proper customer service practices, including techniques to make sure problems are successfully resolved.
  • Use tools, data, and personal discussions to understand your community and common concerns and stay up to date on emergent and urgent health issues therein.
  • That means understanding, appreciating, and valuing variety- unique styles, experiences, identities, ideas, and opinions while being inclusive of all people.
  • Standards, implements, and provides direction to Associates on proper Customer service approaches and techniques to ensure Customer needs, complaints, and issues are successfully resolved within Company guidelines and standards.
  • Provides remark with Company and lawful policies, processes, and rules for assigned areas by examining and analyzing reports, executing and monitoring loss prevention and safety controls, managing safety, functional, and quality assurance reviews, developing and executing action plans, and providing suggestions and guidance on executing Company programs and strategic initiatives.
  • Keeps personal information, documentation, and assigned records as required by Company policies, and local, State, and Federal guidelines
  • Delivers complete patient care to clients by processing and accurately distributing medication orders; helping immunizations; advising customers about health care and prescription medication needs, and keeping confidential information, controlled medications, and required documentation.
  • Exemplifies up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, implementation, and advancement of action plans by providing expert advice and direction to others in the application of knowledge and best practices; backing and aligning efforts to meet customer and business needs; and building dedication for perspectives and motivations.
  • Delivers and helps the performance of business solutions by creating relationships and collaborations with key stakeholders; determining company needs; determining and carrying out necessary procedures and practices; observing progress and results; identifying and capitalizing on advancement opportunities; and adjusting to competing demands, organizational changes, and new commitments.
  • Standards observation with company guidelines and processes and supports company standards of values and goodness by integrating these into the development and implementation of business plans; using the Open Door Policy, and establishing and helping others with how to apply these in managing business processes and practices.
  • Seeks and executes continuous advancements and inspires the team to leverage new digital tools and ways of working.
  • Customer Focus.
  • Offers expected business results while putting the customer first and always using an Omni-merchant mindset and the EDLP and EDLC business models for all plans.
  • Embraces a holistic viewpoint that considers data, analytics, customer insights, and different parts of the business when creating plans and shaping the team's approach.


  • Further competitive pay, you can receive incentive awards for your performance.
  • Other awesome bonuses include a 401(k) match, store buy a plan, paid maternity and parental leave, PTO, numerous health plans, and much more.

Primary Location/For Applying 

  •  1500/B Cornerside, Blvd, Vienna, VA 22182, United States of  America