Top Winter Fashion Sweaters | Fashion Trends 2021

Find your perfect winter fashion sweater in our unique and diverse selection. Match your style with winter fashion sweaters with trendsetting designs and styles in a variety of colors, textures, and materials.

Top Winter Fashion Sweaters | Fashion Trends 2021
Top Winter Fashion Sweaters Fashion Trends 2021

Title: Shop The Top Fall Fashion Sweaters | Fashion Trends 2021 

It's almost time to start cozying up in some beautiful knitwear. I'm sharing some of Fall's most fabulous pieces. I've broken down some of Falls key NetWare pieces into different groups, just to make it a little bit easier for you. 


The first group I'm calling is Boujee Basics. Now, these are pieces that are great Basics, but they've got a little bit of something extra, which just gives them a little bit of a fashion Edge, but not too much that you won't be able to wear them for years to come. So take a look at some of these bougie Basics that I absolutely love.

First up is my favorite, which is this beautiful pink and gray sweater. I love the fact that it is a chunky knit that gets slightly oversized, and the two little details of pink knit on the neckline. And also on the cuff, just add that little bit of Interest, which I think is the key when it comes to knitting. Obviously, you need your real stocks and Basics like the piece that I'm wearing today.

But to have Basics that are a little bit Boujee is just a little bit of fun. So you have the comfort, you have the warmth, but you also have a little bit of a fashion Edge. I also particularly love this guy's ombre piece, because again, it's just a simple classic knit, but it's got an element of Interest, which just makes it extra special.

And it's not too much so that if you do wear it on repeat, it's going to kind of stand out in the crowd and appear before you. So I particularly love this piece for that reason. There are also some beautiful checkerboards around as well, and I've added them to my Boujee selection because I just think that they do make a statement, but they do also fall into that kind of classic territory as well.

This one, in particular, comes in a brown colorway and a black colorway. I think the brown is really lovely because it sort of really feeds into the neutrals that we've been wearing a lot of lately. And this fear I'll be an absolute winner. The gorgeous purple e lavender color just gives it a little bit of a modern edge.

So if this is your colorway, Farrell is trending in a very big way. So again, this is a style that is absolutely Timeless. And I think the colorway in this just gave it a beautiful Modern Edge.


I'm sure you already know. And you've seen that there are a lot of crop tops around this season. The same goes for Cardigans and Sweaters. There are a lot of cropped knits around and don't be afraid of this, because a lot of the nits are also cropped to your waist. So it's not about showing any midriff.

There are those cropped pieces that do show midriff, but there are plenty that doesn't. And they basically just end right at your waist, which makes styling really easy, because you're not having to do a half-tuck to show a little bit of shape.

They're just a perfect length. So I've included some here that are really easy to wear, really simple, and just a beautiful new update to your current Network election. There are some really beautiful colorways as well in these crops, which I think is a nice thing that I am seeing more color when it comes to knitting this beautiful blue knit, where there's a lot of finely chopped nuts.

There's a lot of colored crop knits. So I think that this crop Trend can work really well. So don't disregard it without giving it a little bit of a second look. 


Now, the next is Trends in knitwear, and I would almost go as far as saying this is probably the most popular trend for the season. And that is matching knitwear sets. So there are lots of little bralettes with matching Cardigans. There Are knitted tops with knitted matching shorts. It's All About the Matching sets.

Now, I do particularly love the matching sets, because it's basically like getting two pieces for one or essentially you've got options to where they sit together as one to create an outfit, or you can wear them separately as well. But there really is something for everyone when it comes to these matching sets. And if this is a look that you like now is definitely the time to invest, because they do seem to be everywhere. And again, the beauty of these is that they're not going to date.

Perhaps the knitted bralette might take a back step or a sort of a backward step in the next kind of a couple of Seasons. But essentially the card is the over pieces won't. So these matching sets in my mind are really cool and definitely worth taking a look at. 


Next up, We've got capes and boleros, and this is a bit of a micro Trend because they're not everywhere. But I am increasingly seeing lots of little boleros, which are almost just sort of sleeves.

They're quite a few sets that I've seen out there with bodycon knitted dresses with sleeves that have featured them and videos recently. But these beautiful, little Bolero sleeves can come in super handy. When it comes to, perhaps you might have a slip dress, or an evening event that you just need a little bit of warmth, or just a little bit of coverage.

And these boleros, absolutely perfect for that. I've put them with capes because again, I think capes are one of those pieces that do not date. They are really handy. They are super comfortable as well. And I think that they will potentially be a style that we'll go from strength to strength again, given that most of us are really looking for Comfort these days, I think a cape is a perfect way to do that. But it does give an outfit a really elegant Edge as well. 


Next up, I've included on my list here, Maxis, and by that, I just mean long line card. He's so long one Cardigans/coat. So essentially They Are knitted pieces that really tend to create a final, long layover. A very simple outfit. They're warm, because obviously you've got that extra coverage, the extra length, but unlike a trench coat, when you arrive somewhere wearing a trench, you basically need to take it off, and you don't tend to sit around in a trench.

But these pieces are warm, but they're also comfortable, and they don't look wrong and out of place if you're wearing them inside. So for that reason, I think these Maxi cards are super handy. They also tend to draw the eye down the body. So they give the illusion of length as well. So there are really nice finishing pieces to an outfit.


Another style that's really gaining momentum. The season is that sort of preppy styling. And of course, that is a look that is always in fashion. You'll always see preppy pieces. But this season I am seeing a little bit more of it out there. It's almost like a little bit of a micro trend, but it is a really lovely one where, whether it's pieces like slightly oversized, knitted, it's with stripe detail around the neckline or little pocket detail on its with Monograms or letters.

There's just that preppy vibe going on. And I just think that this is a really lovely look. It just adds a little bit of interest to some classic knitwear pieces. And for that reason, I am here for it.

Anyway, That's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. Bye for now.