Top 9 Latest Gadgets and Inventions You Would Like To Buy

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Top 9 Latest Gadgets and Inventions You Would Like To Buy
Top 9 Latest Gadgets and Inventions You Would Like To Buy
New technologies and inventions are the results of curiosity and creativity. The development of new technologies must be done in an environmentally friendly way. For example, a small monitor as a screen or projector, or an air conditioner that has the lowest noise and lots of capabilities. How about having a dancing flame that can be carried everywhere in cold weather to warm you. And a helmet that is a health protector and is very stylish and nice. So stay tuned to the end.
1. splay
Tired of small monitors? Do you want to have a projector at home? Do your eyes get annoyed with small monitors? We offer you a great product. You can use this product as a screen or a projector.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

It has been made from patent granted technology. This product is the only screen that can be folded and does not take up space. You can use this projector to watch movies, work, Play Games, Etc.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

On feature that is built into this projector and is very useful is that if you tilt the projector up, the image will be corrected automatically. Since it has a great safe battery. You can safely work with an outside or inside the house for 4 hours.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

You can connect to this projector with a laptop, mobile or gaming devices. Splay can also show you the image with the best quality in size in a short distance. While for old projectors, finding a suitable place to place. It can be difficult and problematic. This item only cost 227 dollars.
2. Paxson
If technology is not about making our lives comfortable, then what is most ? people who use air conditioners at Home complain of high noise and low performance.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

But they made the air conditioner for you that has the lowest noise with the most capabilities. With this fan, you will always breathe fresh air, and your sleeping environment will stay cool if the weather is warm. If you sleep with someone, each of you can adjust the temperature of your sleeping environment according to Milton and enjoy this Comfort.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

Oh, don't worry about electricity consumption at all.  Rest assured, we were worried instead of you. With this product, your skin will always be hydrated. According to research, Sleep Quality is directly related to the air you breathe and certainly.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

your energy during the day goes back to the quality of your sleep at night. So do not underestimate the effect of a good air fan at all. I must also say that with this fan, you no longer even need a bedside lamp. And you can choose one of several light models designed for you.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

It may be surprising to you that the price of this product is only 1,713 dollars.
3. Menka
Menka is a dancing flame, and you can take it with you anywhere.

Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Future Tech

It is Compact and takes up little space. It is portable and can be easily moved. The price is about $112. You can feel comfortable and warm both indoors and Outdoors.

If you are interested in camping, you do not need to worry about the cold weather. Assembling the components of this product is also very easy, and you can do it anywhere.

Just place the base on a flat surface and insert the fuel. Pour some alcohol in it and light the fire with a match or lighter and enjoy the dancing fires Beauty and warmth.

4. Faro Smart Helmets
The first smart helmet only costs $550. If you are one of those people who care about their style, then definitely wearing a helmet is never part of your choice.

Helmets are always known to ruin the style. The new models are not much different from the old models. And, for example, by adding a few lights, it only gets worse. A beautiful and waterproof helmet has been designed based on the standard so that you feel safe wearing it.

Another important point is that if you want to ride a motorcycle or bicycle during the night and in the dark, you have to constantly worry that the drivers of the car will see you.

A special lamp design model on the back of this helmet will ease your mind in this regard as well.

But you can be sure that it has a very stylish design.
5. Light pong
You do not need a person to play. You can play alone.

But if you want, you can also challenge your friend. And have you ever known a game that you can play both alone, and with your friend? Yeah, but I still don't think he can be a fan as much as this game.

Hey, how old are you? So it does not matter. You can play this game any age over 6. It's a 1D console. Light pong games are on a single line, but it's so fun. I bet you'll like it.

This item only costs $127  you can buy and enjoy it.
6. W'air
In addition to the main costs of housing, food, Etc. Are you tired of the cost of washing clothes and the water shortage of the world? Do you still spend a lot of money, washing clothes? Well, you're wrong.

They can reduce both your costs and your water consumption. You ask how, well, now I'm telling you. By the way, this item only costs $199 with this device you can cover up to 99% of your water consumption. And up to 77% of your detergent sumption,

your clothes no longer need to be damaged by spinning in the washing machine. So you do  not have to constantly think about buying new clothes. Oh, do you see?

with the right choice you can save money in several areas of your life.
7. Oppo Watch 46mm
With this clock, you no longer need old clocks to wake up.

You do not need to put your phone in your bedroom and be exposed to its Rays while sleeping. It has a large 1.9 inch screen with a powerful three 100 mAh battery. The battery of this watch charges very quickly, and you can charge your watch while you are drinking your coffee at rest. Exercise is not possible without music, is it? You can also play music with your watch while exercising.

It also controls your Vital Signs and health, such as heart rate, blood, oxygen and so on. Did you forget to take your card with you? You can easily make your purchase with your card information that is on the clock. Are you a forgetful person? Do not worry. This can remind you of your work, and you can be sure of doing it.

Weather forecasting is another great thing about this. Watch your whole clothes are not going to get wet on a rainy day.  
8. Survival Capsule
The purpose of this product is to find a solution to survive natural disasters.

 But what is this product? Today , 5 capsule models are available for sale, and each has a different capacity and varies for 2 to 10 adults. The small sizes of this capsule are used more for personal purposes and family members and the larger sizes can be used in hospitals, airports, companiesEtc.

You can use this capsule to be safe from tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, storms, Etc. One important point about this product is its design. It was designed by Aircraft engineersCan you believe it?

Tested it in a variety of harsh conditions and can also store water and foodIt weighs little and can be easily moved. But that does not diminish its strength. This product has been made for several years, and many famous and important people bought it.

If you have not bought this product yet, and you care about the survival of yourself and your loved ones, it's better to buy it as soon as possible. Double its price is around $15,000.
9. Icon Hydrojet Cleaner

Not satisfied with the normal pressure of water in your blood. Would you like to be able to wash dirty objects more easily? You don't even have to go to the car wash anymore. Are you surprised? No wonder this product makes your work easier using a high power pump and a connecting crankshaft.

The icon drives a high-pressure piston pump to increase water pressure. The water pressure Rises so much with this product.

If you hold the water on the watermelon at a distance, it'll be sliced. When it's at its strongest mode, its battery lasts 60 minutes.

And when in spray mode, it lasts 90 minutes, you can easily wash all your equipment, such as cars, stairs, pull, Etc. It may be surprising to you that the price of this product is only $315
And that concludes our list for today, like always, if you enjoyed it, be sure to give us a big thumbs up and leave us some love in the comments 

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