Top 7 Most Wearable Fashion Trends 2022 

Find out what's on the fashion horizon when looking into these top 7 trends most wearable brands are placing their bets on.

Top 7 Most Wearable Fashion Trends 2022 
Top 7 Most Wearable Fashion Trends 2022 

Top 7 Most Wearable Fashion Trends 2022 

What I tend to do with these blogs is focus on the more practical trends as opposed to the top trends that we saw on the runway. I like to hand-select some of the most practical trends that we can expect to see and more importantly, we can all expect to wear. Let's get on with these top trends for 2022. 

Trend #1: ORANGE

Now one of the hottest trends for 2022, and one that I am so here for is orange. So I thought that I would wear my favorite new orange shirt today because this is not a color that I've worn very much before at all if at all, come to think of it, but I'm really loving the vibrancy of this.

It makes me feel alive and fresh and happy if I'm honest. So bright orange is a color that we can expect to see a lot this year. What I have kind of seen when I looked at some of the runway shows was this bright vibrant orange being worn head to toe.

But if that's a little much for you, it's probably easier just to sort of dip your toe in the trend and grab an orange tank or shirt, or even just use orange as some of your accent piece aces in perhaps a purse, handbag, or some of your accessories. But bright orange is definitely a happy color, and one that I'll be wearing more often this year, because, yeah, it just makes me feel good. 


What we can also expect to see this year are maxi skirts. Now, yes, we have seen maxi skirts in the last couple of years, what we will be seeing this year, more sort of straight longer line maxi skirts, with split detailing, just to sort of giving them that little bit of extra movement.

And again, they tend to be quite a few maxi skirts that are in an outfit. So like a sort of a suit, a maxi skirt suit, if you will, like a little tank with a matching Maxi straight skirt.

Now, I just think that these maxi skirts are super practical they’re a really good easy piece just to have as a foundation piece in your wardrobe sometimes it's just comfier and more practical to wear a skirt and they’re also really flattering. So think about adding a long-line Maxi straight skirt to your lineup. And these are also really good if you feel that Maxis tends to swamp you if you're a little more petite, a straight, more fitted silhouette of a maxi is going to be perfect for you. 


Now on the topic of color, the colors that we can expect to see this year are really vibrant, which is super exciting, because we've seen lots and lots of earthy neutrals for a long time. So it's really nice to see a bit of color creeping back in, and we've kind of gone from those earthy neutrals to bang bright vibrant colors, which is super exciting.

And I Wore a kelly green shirt a lot last season. I've actually been wearing it still over the summer here in New Zealand. So Kelly Green was kind of the first real bang of color last year.

And what we will be seeing is more kelly green and just beautiful, vibrant Hues. So I definitely recommend looking at a color that's right for you, or even being bold and dipping your toe in a bright color that you perhaps haven't worn before you haven't even considered before. And like me, you might discover that bright orange makes you feel great and is a color that's going to work for you. So now is probably a great time to really have a look at some colors that are going to make you look and feel great.


Now, when it comes to trousers this year, we can expect to see a continuation of the sort of slouchy trousers that they are tending to look like a little bit more this year is a little bit more tailored. So instead of them being kind of distressed and just oversized man-style trousers, they've been pulled back to a little bit more shape.

There's a little bit more of a sort of a clean line silhouette to them. They're not quite as oversized. The crotches aren't dropped. They're very much a man's style tailored trousers, but they are definitely very loose and slouchy and forgiving.

Trend #5: DARK DENIM

We're going to see every style imaginable when it comes to denim jeans this year. So there's everything from skinny, two straight legs to mid-rise mum style high-rise.

But if I had to pick out one particular denim Trend that we can expect to see this year, that is the return of dark denim. Now I'm here for it I feel like I've distressed denim and sort of distressed and really light wash denim for a long time. I'm ready for a bit of a change. Dark wash denim is definitely really flattering, and it's easy to wear.

And it's just kind of a bit of a modern take on denim. So if you're looking to upgrade any of your denim jeans, don't worry so much about the cut and the style.

But dark wash denim is definitely where it's at for 22. 


This year there seems to be a real sort of retro look coming back. And what I particularly love about this whole vibe is that there is a return to what I like to call optical illusion Print. Now, when it comes to Print, they are the best pieces for illusion dressing, because what tends to happen with Prince's is that your I just gets confused and isn't drawn to any one particular part of your body.

So if you're looking to minimize a particular area, print is going to do that really well and these optical illusion prints do it even better.

Now they're not exactly psychedelic Prints, but they do have a real sort of 70s retro-futuristic Vibe. And they are really grateful, just illusion dressing. For instance, if you have a fuller bust, these prints are going to work really well to minimize your bust. So have a little look at them. Don't completely write them off before you've had a chance to check them out.

Trend #7: PREPPY

And last but not least, there's a real preppy vibe that you can speak to see this year. And it's still early days, but it, to me, looks like it's going to be a bit of a preppy style makeover with some crops pets, jackets, and pieces returning and that really sort of buttoned-up, preppy styling, which I think we expect really well with the beautiful sort of slouchy man style trousers.

And it's actually an easy look to put together because most of us own pieces that work really well and give off that preppy Vibe. So if you're into preppy, keep your eye out for how it's going to manifest itself this year. But I'm picking it's going to be preppy with a little bit of a touch of cropped detailing in perhaps sweaters and vests and jackets, but it's still early days, and we will see how it unfolds, but definitely expect to see a bit of a preppy Vibe this year too.

Anyway, That's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one, look forward to seeing you all again, real soon. Bye for now.