Top 6 of the MOST Wearable Fall 2021 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40+ HOW to Style

Wear the MOST PRACTICAL yet STYLISED fashion throughout the fall this year with these simple-to-wear pieces.

Top 6 of the MOST Wearable Fall 2021 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40+ HOW to Style
Top 6 of the MOST Wearable Fall 2021 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40+ HOW to Style

Top 6 of the Most Wearable Fall 2021 Fashion Trends for Women Over 40+

HOW to Style When you see runway images like this, it's no wonder some of us are scared of fashion trends. I'm going to share some stylish, simple, subtle ways that you can rock the trends no matter what your age. Today. I want to talk about fall fashion trends again because we love them. So in this blog, I want to talk about some of my favorite fall fashion trends, but then also show you some subtle, effortless ways that you can wear those Trends. I feel like especially as we get older, we're walking this fine line or doing this dance, if you will, between wanting to look modern, current, sophisticated over here, and then not wanting to go over here into the like. I'm trying too hard. I look desperate to reclaim Youth. And I look like my teenage daughter like this is the Zone we don't want to be in. But we still want to be here. There's this happy ground in the middle, and that's what I want to talk about in this blog today.

Trend #1. Strong Shoulders

Let's get started. Trend number one is strong shoulders. So on the runway, you may see something like this and go no way am I doing that is.

But I want to show you that subtle version. So let's start out by taking a look at one of my favorite t-shirts: t-shirt lines Nation LTD. This is a black T-shirt. It has a very subtle puff shoulder. There's a lot of the top puff shoulders going on right now. Here is a very simple way to do it, that you really can rock no matter what your age, or even what your body shape is unless you're an extreme, exaggerated, inverted triangle with white shoulders.

It's a very subtle puff shoulder. It adds a current twist to an otherwise very basic piece, a black T-shirt that's really what I'm talking about here is taking the trend and really dialing it down so that it integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle.

And then with this fabulous, very subtly Puff shoulder T-shirt, I paired it with some really cool olive green level 99 joggers and a pair of Croc-embossed loafers by Vince Camuto.

Trend #2. Sweater Vest

Let's talk about the next Trend, which is definitely one of the trends that might perplex you or feel like it's not you. It's the sweater vest. The sweater vest is making a comeback this season, and I wanted to show you just how wearable and versatile it really can be so that you don't take a look at it and go, oh, I can't do that ooo it's too preppy. Ooh, it's like clueless and 1990.

I want you to see it in ways that are very attainable and wearable. The first look I want to show you is simply by wearing the sweater vest alone, you don't have to wear anything under the sweater vest. You can just wear it on its own and then style it with some jeans, some great jeans, and some tall boots.

So I chose skinny jeans in this outfit because I wanted to really highlight these boots and wear them over the jeans. And then there is just a really great yummy brown tan belt with some gold Hardware.

A second option for your sweater vest is to wear a long white button-down shirt underneath it. Now, here's an example of a white button-down that actually covers your bum a little bit. So if you are wearing a tighter-fitting Jean, you can have a little more coverage in the back with your white button-down shirt. It's also a way to extend the hemline of your sweater vest.

But the sweater of us as I've talked about before, especially in my recent video, we talked about looking Slimmer in the waist. The sweater vest creates the waist, and then the shirt underneath gives you the coverage that you need, or want to kind of cover the hips in the bum. These are the same boots. By the way, they are a brown suede boot by Vince Camuto. They have a square toe. They have a stacked chunky heel making them really easy to walk in. They have a side zip, so they're easy to get on and off. I will say they are a bit narrow. So if you have a wider calf, I probably would skip these boots. But if you want a pair of just gorgeous brown boots, these are beautiful.

Personally. I love how kind of fitted they are. I feel like these looks so good with dresses and skirts to make them a little more versatile. 

And then one last option for your sweater vest is to layer it on under something. In this case, I layered it under a Ponte Knit black blazer with a zip IN zipping out, Dickie hoodie underneath this Blazer.

By the way, you guys may remember from the last, every video I did was very similar to that jacket. This jacket, though, is by Ever Eve. They for the first time ever have launched their own line of clothing based on what you love, what you buy, what you need, what you want. And this jacket is in their collection, which I'm so excited about, because the last time I featured it, it sold out and was like a hot minute.

Trend #3. The Loafer

The next Trend I want to talk about is actually a shoe Trend. Loafers are also having a moment, have made a comeback, and are incredibly wearable, comfortable, and functional.

That's another one, like, why wouldn't you embrace it? Why wouldn't you? Embrace sneakers were dresses? Because that's a no-brainer or the chunky sneaker to add height. Here you are. Loafers, Flats, comfortable, easy to get on, easy to get off. Like, go for it.

These are by Vince Camuto. They have Croc-embossed leather and a gold chain across the top of the shoes. So they look very luxurious again, very comfortable, very easy, very wearable, effortless. So I just paired those with some straight-leg jeans, which I'll talk more about in a minute, and also a sweater with some subtle cutouts at the shoulder.

Trend# 4. Luxe Leather

The next trend is definitely one of my favorites. And that is Luxe leather. And it doesn't have to be real leather. There are tons of vegan leather options. These pants by Commando are a vegan leather option for you and Well Done Commando because these are like my new favorite pants. They are so wonderful. They feel silky on your skin somehow. They're more breathable than every other vegan leather garment ever put on. They are stretchy.

I know you're like what vegan leather stretchy you just pull them on. It's no problem because they're so dang stretchy, you can just pull them right on. Then you tie the paper bag waste. In this case, I like to put the tie off to the side a bit. I like it off to the side. I think it's more elegant. And then I paired these beautiful vegan leather, stretchy pants. He's with another every piece. This is a white sweater. It is ribbed. It also has a wide neckline or boatneck line. So it looks great on the shoulder, or it looks great off the shoulder.

It does have some room. It's a dolman sleeve. So it has some room in the sleeves. And the nice thing is, you can tuck the sweater, and because it's so lightweight and thin, no problem, taking it in doesn't add bulk, or you can wear it out, which is really great. Wait for it.

For those of you who are busty. Yes, this is a  lovely piece for those of you who are busty, because it gives some room around the girls, and then it's a little more cinched under the empire waist and at the hips and the waist. 

Trend #5. Straight Leg Jeans

Now I want to go back to that. Look. I showed you before with straight-leg jeans. These jeans are a little different than the baggy jeans that you're seeing. More and more of now, these are more of a fitted Jean. They fit more like skinny jeans, but they have straight legs. That's a great way. A much more wearable, subtle way is an effortless way to dip your toe into the more relaxed fit Jean Trend without going all out.

If you're not dunking yourself into the water, you just dip in the toe-in. And so this is the way you can do it. Ease yourself into the water, just that fitted silhouette, but just more of a straight leg versus the real tapered leg.

I'll see you next time. Bye.