Top 5 Wearable European Fashion Trends You'll LOVE

5 European fashion trends you'll LOVE. Discover the latest trendy European fashion styles that are trending in the market. These are wearable trends with a strong European influence.

Top 5 Wearable European Fashion Trends You'll LOVE
Top 5 Wearable European Fashion Trends You'll LOVE

Title: 5 Wearable European Fashion Trends You'll LOVE

I'm going to share the most versatile, wearable fashion trends that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. I want to talk about Trends, but from a little bit of a different perspective. You know, just your overall fall fashion trends based on runways. We did another one about wearable fashion trends. This one is more focused on wearable fashion trends that are also inspired by my life and my time. So in this blog, I'm going to talk about the trends, but from a European angle. 

Trend #1. Suit Up

So let's talk about number one, which is to suit up. Suits are definitely having a moment they've been, you know, really having a moment for a while now, I would say for like the last eight to ten years, but they've really changed in terms of silhouette. We went from this tapered ankle trouser with the tailored Blazer, more toward what is now, which is more of pleated trousers that are more oversized and slouchy with a more of a long line oversized Menswear Blazer.

If you want to be the absolute most current, it's wearing a suit that is very slouchy and almost oversized. And those really look good, believe it or not, with sneakers or booties versus like the more traditional ballet flats are pumps or heels. I do think this is one of those Trends. It's so comfortable, especially if you're in an office. Oh my gosh, that oversized suit is so comfortable, and you can make it a little, you know, more feminine with the blouse that you wear underneath the suit and all with your shoe choice. So that's where you add in your feminine touches. Of course, your hair, your makeup, and your styling as well. I bought a couple of suits since I have lived here in Spain. One is this suit by mango, which is a Tweed set.

I think this suit is special for so many reasons. I mean, number one, it's affordable. Number two, the color is really vibrant and beautiful. Number three, it's Tweed. So it looks more Luxe and expensive and has that whole Chanel Vibe on a budget.

I just also think it's unique, right? The color, the cut, the fabric that the whole combo is very unique. You're going to do something a little more traditional like where some black trousers and a black blazer do try the oversized Trend. See what you think about it.

There's a lot of Versatility to you can always wear the Blazer, but the genes or the pants with the T-shirt or the blouse, you know, you can always separate them.

Trend #2. Luxe Leather

The second trend that I'm seeing a lot of here in Spain, and of course, in the United States to is leather, any kind of leather, faux leather, real leather. I did feature a pair of paper Bag waist Faux leather pants. Those are amazing. I love them so much.

So that would be awesome because their very comfortable silky skin is lightweight. The whole thing is breathable. One of the things I love with these edgier pieces like this black leather jacket, for example, is to add it with more feminine pieces. In this case, this is a look that I wore when we were in London. I paired it with this really beautiful black and white printed skirt by mango.

So it gives the contrast of the edgy tough leather jacket with that beautiful flowy pleated skirt is a really nice combination. 

Trend #3. Chunky Boots

The next one I know not all of you are going to love, and you're going to resist, but just share what I'm saying. They're chunky boots, my friend. It's the old big old chunky. So lug, sole, Doc Martin, military combat, all of those big, old thick sole boots are very on Trend.

Also, I also have a pair at home by Steve I Khloe that I love.

They are everywhere in every single store, and not just in Black, by the way, in white, also, all shades of white Ivory beige.

They also have an added bonus. If you can find a light pair of is quite comfortable, versatile, and wearable, even if you're walking, you know, block after block after block, I might consider them. Why not? It's like the sneaker time you remember when the sneaker started creeping back in, and some of us were like, no, we can't because it was worth the program for so long not to wear sneakers. But now sneakers are almost mainstream. Everybody is wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts. And so it's the same with these. I think these chunkier Soul boots, feel a little bit controversial in the beginning. But then you kind of ease into it.

You get more comfortable with them. And then they become just a part of your wardrobe that you wear all the time, like the kind you have for me here.

Trend #4. Bold Prints

The next trend that I would have said, I'm not that excited about. But now I really am, with bold prints. I have talked about it kind of over and over again that I really was a sprint phone before living here. I didn't love Prince. I was more like a solid color girl since living here, just loving print. Here's an example. This Bosch printed shirt is very wearable. Print, very versatile print, black-and-white, great color combo.

I bought a couple of Eero blouses. I bought one bag with John sitting, like all these beautiful prints. And if you get a versatile color combination like black and white, you know, you can wear it for years and years and years to think that go a little higher end.

Here, You want the print to look elegant and elevated. Don't want it to look cheap. So the fabric has to also be good. That's where I would say, you might like to go up in your budget for the printed blouse. But, you know, just some of the things that I bought while I've been here is this mango pleated printed skirt that I just showed you this blouse by Bosh. I have an ear or skirt blouse combination that I also wear with a separate switch. I've got a dig and Voltaire or Paisley dress. I've got a saloni salani and I say it. It's printed. Another Bosh blouse that I bought was black, brown and white. I've just really been on a tear, and I'm not mad about it. I like it.

Trend #5.  Logo Love 

The last one I wanted to share with you, which might be a little bit of a surprise, especially since we're talking about European trends, is logo love. So that is huge right now in the US. And I thought, coming here, it's not going to be as big. And guess what? Ding ding ding ding. I was right. It's not, they don't walk around if big logo belts and logo bags, there's like the tasteful, like, a little bit of a logo on your bag, and that's it.

But one thing I found that I wanted to share with you, they felt such an elegant, very European-inspired way to interpret this trend is this dress. And this print is the Dig and V are.

So this dress is like olive green. It's a maxi dress. It's very elegant. It's very high-end. But there are blouses in this print and skirts in this print. So dig in Volterra as a bunch of options in this exact print. And then they also have other colors. So thank you so much. Thank you all, and I'll see you next time. Bye.