Top 5 Must-Have 2022 Fashion Trends

Find out what the top 5 must-haves are for the best Fashion Trends in 2022 that you desperately need.

Top 5 Must-Have 2022 Fashion Trends
Top 5 Must-Have 2022 Fashion Trends

Top 5 Must-Have 2022 Fashion Trends 

We all know that fashion trends come and go, but some styles are truly Timeless. And in today's blog, I'm sharing some of my best online finds of pieces that are not only on-trend now but are pieces that you will be able to wear for years to come. What I did tend to notice was that there was a bit of a theme going on that a lot of the pieces were not only on Trend now, but these styles that will look great and stand the test of time, and they will look great for years to come. So I thought I would share some of these Fab finds with you because I'm sure you're going to find them as great as I do. 

Now, it doesn't mean that I'm going to buy all of them, and I certainly don't expect you to either what I am hoping that this blog does is just encourage you to look a little bit harder at the clothes that you already own because I'm sure some of you were actually owned some of these pieces. So maybe it will spark a little idea, and you will think I'll grab out a particular item that I'm mentioning in today's blog, and maybe resurrect it and breathe some new life into it. Hopefully, this blog inspires you to have a second look at some of the pieces that you own, and maybe even fall in love with them again.

For now, it's time to share some of my fab recent online finds. 

1. Tailored Pants

The first Trend that really is a Timeless classic is tailored pants. Now, there are a lot of really gorgeous options when it comes to slightly oversized man-style tailored pants.

There's everything from the elasticated waist, Stu, more form-fitting waistbands. And there's kind of a lot of options there.

The great thing about tailored trousers is that they just don't date, and you can also wear them with a chunky sole boot, or they look equally as cool worn with a little summer flat sandal or a strappy sandal with a heel. They're the perfect pair of pants that are just a go-to when you've got nothing to wear.

So if you need to dress them up, or wear them a little bit more casually, you can do exactly that. So now that there are so many options out there for real, gorgeous, tailored trousers, I think now's a great time to invest, or, as I said earlier, though, into your closet and dig out a pair of tailored pants that you perhaps used to love and see if you can work them into some of your outfits that you're wearing.

Now maybe you might need to pair them with a little logo tee, or just whatever it is. One of your favorite knits looks at a few different ways that you can maybe reintroduce them into your lineup and come up with a few different outfit options. And I think you'll be surprised at how handy they are.

2. Cargo Pants

Next up are cargo pants. Now, cargo pants are trending in a very big way. And the fact that that is happening now doesn't really mean anything at the moment, except for the fact that there are plenty of options around.

Now, cargo pants a little bit like tailored trousers just don't go out of fashion. Yes, sometimes they're more popular than others. But for now, they are popular. They're having a little bit of a moment again. But again, that doesn't mean anything.

The fact that cargo pants are around is fair, because they like tailored trousers that give you the option of an outfit that's a little bit more dressy, or they can also be worn really casually. So you can pair a pair of trainers with your cargo pants. And equally, they will look just as great warm with a pair of high strappy sandals.

And for that reason, I think that they are a timeless piece that you can include in your lineup. And the good thing is that they're super comfortable as well. They're almost like track pants, but not so they're just a little bit more elevated.

Then you're sort of a standard sweatpant. And for that reason, I think they are well worth having in your closet. 

3. Padded Jackets & Puffers

I've written a lot lately about padded jackets and puffers in my last few blogs. And what I have seen are a couple of really cool options, and they're on. And again, these pieces do fluctuate a little bit in terms of their popularity, but they never truly go out of style.

So for that reason, they've made it onto my list. And the other reason they're here is that they are super practical.

If you Choose Wisely, you can get a little bit of a Modern Edge with them and a little bit of a feel of fashion. But they are always going to keep you super warm.

And usually, they're pretty lightweight as well. So you get warmth without that heaviness, which I think is always a good thing. 

4. Classic Knitwear

Another item that really does never, ever go out of style. And that is just classic knitwear.

And you might be asking, well, what kind of qualifies as being classic knitwear? And in my mind, I think it's any sweater or cardigan that doesn't have anything kind of wildly crazy about it.

So beautiful, chunky knit sweaters to fine knit Kashmir, turtleneck, too little cropped Cardis knitwear is one of those items I sort of fashion items that, as I said, unless it's kind of wildly connected to a particular look or Trend, or it has some sort of embellishment that dates it. Knitwear is one of those pieces that is really Timeless.

And for me, I always tend to shop out of season, and my motto has always been never paid full retail and certainly shopping out of season and shopping the sales. Yes. And sometimes they're sneaky sales like we know when the big sales are on. But sometimes there are sneaky sales during the season. And that's what I've seen happening now. So some of these knitwear pieces that I'm showing you are pieces that I truly believe will be absolutely Timeless and will be great additions to your wardrobe. And of course, if you own some of these pieces or something similar, or you've got knitwear that you haven't sort of pulled out for the current season, urge you to dive into your covers. Let's pull some of these pieces out and come up with some interesting ways to reincorporate them into some of your outfits because knitwear really never dates. 

5. Faux Shearling Jackets & Coats

Now, the other Trend, which I am seeing a lot of at the moment, is sherpa and shearling, or faux shearling jackets and coats. Now again, these are pieces that never tend to date the usually quite expensive to buy as well.

So they are pieces that you would always want to pick up on sale. But they are items that you know that you can wear and love for years to come, because they, again, are a little bit like your puffers and quilted jackets. They are just practical. They're going to keep you warm and that shearling into the sherpa also in this is almost the teddy coat as well.

I suppose I could include that in this lineup because those sort of chunky wooly fluffy, Teddy coats are almost on that sort of edge of timelessness now as well. So but definitely shearling coats and jackets are going to be investment pieces that will get a great return on your fashion investment.

And for me, that's really important. 

Anyway, that's it from me today. Bye for now.