Top 5 Fashion Trends To Slay Winter

The Top 5 Fashion Trends To Slay Winter. From warm outerwear to shoes that bring the heat, there's always something new and interesting to suit your personality.

Top 5 Fashion Trends To Slay Winter
Top 5 Fashion Trends To Slay Winter

Title: Fashion Trends To Slay Winter 2021

Winter is just around the corner now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces that are going to give you lots more options when it comes to creating outfits. Today we're talking about some fashion Essentials that really will help you open up your wardrobe to a whole lot of new outfit opportunities. And sometimes it's as simple as that, just investing in a couple of these essential pieces that are perhaps missing from your current lineup. Let's get on with these key pieces. 

1. Cloud Coats

The first item on my list too is the cloud coat. Now, I'm sure you've actually seen plenty of cloud coats out there. They keep popping up on my Instagram feed, and I absolutely love them.

My favorite fashion YouTuber Karen brick chick kind of introduced me to these coats, and she has an amazing one, which I think looks super cool.

Now, the reason the cloud coat is on the top of my list is that it's practical, it looks great.

And it's also timeless. It is a piece that you're going to be able to wear for years to come. So it's a really simple, sensible investment. The fact that these Cloud coats are on trend at the moment just basically means that there are plenty of options out there.

2. Knitted Collars

Next on my list are these super handy knitted collars. Now, the season there seems to be a lot of these colors around, and they tend to have this little zip detail, which I think makes them extra versatile.

Obviously in winter, when we want to layer up, sometimes it gets tricky when you're adding too many layers, especially if you're layering winter Wally's World thick slaves in two coats. Now, that's where these colors really come in handy. They're also going to give you that little bit of warmth around your neck if you choose to zip them right up, or you can kind of unzip them and wear them open.

So it depends on the weather, really. But also, I think they're great for wearing over some of your favorite button-down shirts, which makes them more winter-appropriate. I really love them. I think they just add sophisticated Edge to an outfit, and not to mention they are super practical.

So some of these winter collars may be the piece that you are missing, just to help you be extra snuggly and warm and kind of give you a layer without giving you bulk. 

3. Classic Cargo Pant

The next Trend piece that I think will be great added to your winter. The wardrobe is classic cargo pants. Now, unfortunately, I missed out on buying Karen Brit chicks, Amazon drop cargo pants. I was devastated. And I know a lot of you guys were to miss shouting.

It was so sad because I loved her cargo pants. And the reason that I love cargo pants particularly is that they're forgiving. So if it's really cold outside, you can layer some tights or fine Merino leggings underneath that are also generally nipped in at the ankle. So they're perfect for wet weather, or for snow. Karen recently wore hers.

I hope it's not weird, but I saw her wear it recently with some really cool combat boots. They team perfectly with those chunky-style combat boots that are so on trend this season. So cargo pants are going to give you an extra edge to your wardrobe, your winter wardrobe, and they will give you some versatility.

So think about investing in a pair of new season cargo pants, because I'm sure they will definitely help to give you lots of extra outfit options this season.

4. Sweatshirt Dress

Next up, I've included the sweatshirt dress. But what I tend to do at the moment, as I'm sure a lot of you can relate, is I have been living in my sweats, my sweaters, and sweatpants.

And I love the fact that these sweater dresses are kind of an extension of our comfy clothes that we've been wearing at home, but they're a little bit more feminine, and they're just a really easy and comfortable dress to wear. I've also seen a couple that is longer in line as well. So if you really want to snuggle up and keep warm, there are these longer-length sweater dresses as well.

But I love the comfort factor of these. I love the fact that they are going to still keep you warm, but it's tricky, sometimes wearing dresses and skirts and still being warm and winter. And I think these sweater dresses, especially the longer line ones, are going to make that achievable.

5. Knit Sweater

Winter is obviously Sweater Weather, and I couldn't include the sweater style of the Season, which is the classic cable knit sweater. Now, I say classic, because essentially cable knit sweaters are always on-trend in fashion.

They're always a good bet, but this season is really trending. So that basically just means that there are plenty of options available. There are lots of really super chunky style cable knit sweaters, some finer cable notes as well. So there really is something for everyone. A cable knit sweater is unprofessional like I'm almost speaking to, or preaching to the converted here, because I'm sure you guys notice that a classic cable-knit can be thrown over basically anything, just to give your simple outfit a little bit of edge.

So if you are needing to update your winter, he's a cable knit sweater, maybe the perfect option. They are super flattering. They're fun, they're Timeless. And that is why they've made it onto this list. Anyway, that's it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this one.