Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead

Ditch these 5 trends over in 2022 and what to wear to step your style game.

Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead
Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead

Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead

In today's blog, I'm looking at six fashion trends that are over in 2022 and what I think you should wear instead. We all know that you can actually make any outfit look great if you've got the right attitude. But what I have noticed is there has been a bit of a shift away from some of our tried and true fashion faves. And so today, I wanted to talk you through what has been happening. Okay? It may be a bit of a stretch to say that these trains are over but what I am saying is that perhaps it's time to push pause on a couple of them and just shift our focus a little bit so that we can give our current outfits a little bit more of a modern update.

So here are the six trains that I'm phasing out, and that doesn't mean that I won't be wearing them. It just means that I won't be buying them and focusing on these pieces as the core of my outfit. Let's get on to these Trends. 


Now, this first trend is going to be a little controversial, because I know a lot of you really like it, and that is the trend for wearing neutrals. Now, just bear with me for a minute. We have been wearing neutrals for a really long time.

And while these earthy tones are still on Trend, what I am seeing, that's kind of taking over from that is beautiful, bright, vibrant pops of color. So don't keep focusing on those neutrals. I'm sure you probably already own enough of those pieces currently.

But maybe if you haven't got into color yet, maybe focus on finding a color that just makes you feel alive and happy and vibrant. And of course, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere spring is just around the corner. So there is no better time to incorporate some color into your outfits. And one thing that looks really good is some of those neutrals pared back with bright vibrant colors. So that's a way of incorporating those pieces into your current lineup but giving them a little bit of a freshen-up by adding a bright pop of color.


Now, the next Trend, and this almost isn't a trend, it's just something that many of us own, and that is skinny jeans. Now, what I'm suggesting, we swap our skinny jeans out for is more slouchy oversized, almost low-waisted trousers. Now they're with me again, because I just think that these trousers make getting dressed so much easier.

The great thing about them is that they are universally flattering. They're also really easy to wear, but the tailoring makes them look a little more sophisticated, a little more pull together, and they are so easy to dress up or wear more casually.

And that makes them a super versatile piece. Not to mention they're Timeless, and they are comfortable to wear. So if you haven't got your head around these sort of trouser slouchy, almost-boyfriend style pants, then definitely consider giving them a go. Skinny jeans will always be in fashion. So all I'm saying here is perhaps, move them aside for a bit.


Okay, we've all been living in comfy flats, and that makes perfect sense when you're in lockdown, and you're working from home, even if you're commuting. Flats are fair. But what I am seeing more of them, what I potentially suggest that you swap out your really extra comfy flats for is some flatforms or platforms.

Now we all know that flatforms and platforms give you a little bit more height You still have the same Comfort levels as wearing a straight flat shoe, but you get that a little bit more elevation.

So you get that high. You also get a shoe that helps to kind of balance your proportions with an outfit and just gives an outfit a little bit more Edge.


So let's get on with these Trends. Now, there's been a big push towards crafty cottage-style dressing. And I totally get that, I know a lot of you are not really into that look. So what I'm suggesting is that you trade the sort of crochet and embroidered type Trends and swap them out for more of a preppy look.

Now preppy looks are really in my mind. They are fairly Timeless. Yes, they sort of come and go in terms of popularity, but always a really lovely pull-together modern look.

And obviously, we've seen a lot of knitted vests over the last couple of years. What I have seen is a quirky little name for I think it's called schist, which is basically a shirt worn under a vest, which is very much a preppy Vibe.

Now we don't have to go full-on preppy, but just a little bit preppy and pull together. And I think that's what I really like about this trend. After so long, wearing sweats and really comfy oversized baggy clothes, preppy styling is just a little bit more pull-together. So what I'm suggesting is, to move aside the sort of the crafty crocheted kind of real boho Vibe and in its place look at preppy styling. 


Now we have seen a bit of a return to cowboy boots, and I'm always in mixed Minds about cowboy boots. I do think they look good, but I also think there is time and a place for them.

Obviously, if you live in cowboy country, you're going to wear them all year round. I totally get that, but they're not an easy boot to incorporate into a modern outfit for most of us. So for that reason, I'm suggesting that you swap out the classic cowboy boot and instead trade it for more of a Chelsea-style flat boot. Now that can be an ankle boot.

It can be a three-quarter boot. I've seen a lot of chill-see-style boots in this sort of three-quarter length, which is really versatile. But these boots are certainly Timeless.

And they also just give a little bit of a unisex/masculine vibe to some of the pretty dresses and the floaty outfits that are very on-trend as well. And I personally love that sort of high-low dressing.

So that's definitely what I'll be focusing on for 2022. So I'm moving out of the cowboy boots and just enjoying more of a classic Chelsea-style boot.

Anyway, that's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. I'll catch you in the next one. Bye for now.