Top 5 Fall's Quirkiest Fashion Trends To Try | What to Wear

Our list of the Top 5 Fall's Quirkiest Fashion Trends To Try. Check out what you need to know about these trending fashion categories as the season gets closer!

Top 5 Fall's Quirkiest Fashion Trends To Try | What to Wear
Top 5 Fall's Quirkiest Fashion Trends To Try | What to Wear

Title: Fall's Quirkiest Fashion Trends To Try | What to Wear 

There are some gorgeous fall fashion trends around at the moment, and there are a couple that is really quirky too. And even though they're quirky, I definitely think they're worth trying. So in today's blog, I'm sharing some of the quirkiest fall fashion trends that I think are worth giving a go. Now they're not quirky in a weird way, they're just quickies in a sort of an interesting way and for that reason, I think that they're definitely worth trying. And I'm sure some of you will actually already own some of these pieces. You may not have worn them for a while, but they are worth bringing to the fore and incorporating into some of your fall fashion outfits. So if you'd like to see what I think are some of the cool and quirky trends for fall, then just keep reading. 

1. Single Earring

Now. This first one is actually an interesting one because it's the trend for wearing one single statement earring. So essentially you wear one earring. And perhaps in the other ear, you might just wear a little tiny stud or nothing at all.

Now I remember years ago when I was editing a fashion magazine here in New Zealand, a designer sent me one long drop earring.

And I remember sort of looking in the bag thinking, where's the other one? Has it fallen out? Have they forgotten to include it? But that was the beginning of the trend a number of years ago. So it's kind of interesting to see that as we know, all trains are cyclical, and this one has come back to the fore. And it's one that I just think is quirky. It's fun. It's interesting. It's something that we can all easily incorporate into our looks, because it's really simple, obviously, but I just think it is a quirky fun Trend.

And that is why this trend for one drop is slight yes you would probably call it a statement earring, but it's nothing kind of crazy, but one earring that kind of makes a little bit of an impact and either wearing nothing or just a tiny little start in the other is Trend. Number one. And I am very here for it. But I'd love to know what you guys think. Do you think that this is something that you would incorporate into your new season looks or not? 

2. Fanny Packs

Now, this next trend is a little bit of an interesting one. I personally love it. But I know when I've talked about these particular pieces in videos gone by it seems to be quite a polarizing trend. You either love it, or you don't. And that is the trend for fun bags, fanny packs, whatever you call them. Now they are definitely back or belt Bags now built bags is the other name for them. And I think a belt bag is almost a little bit different from a fanny pack because it's essentially an actual belt with a little tiny purse/bag attached.

But I have seen the return of these and I think that they're fantastic. I think that A really lovely belt bag or Fanny Pack is a great way to give shapeless pieces, whether it's a dress or a top, just to give them a little bit more shape.

But it's adding something practical and just an element of interest to the outfit. And yeah, I also think that a number of them are quite versatile. So you can obviously wear it around your waist as a sort of traditional fanny pack.

We call them bum bags here in New Zealand, but you can also wear them as a crossbody bag, which is practical and also gives an outfit a little bit of shape. And you can I have seen some of them that are actually you can turn them into shoulder bags as well. So I love this look for all of those reasons, and I definitely think it's a cute little Edition. And it's not an expensive addition to your wardrobe.

3. Maxi Dresses

Now, this next trend is not quirky as such, but I suppose it's just quirky because it's the time of year that it's being worn. And that is maxi dresses. And in particular, long sleeve maxi dresses. Now, I recently saw the lovely Karen Brit chick wearing one of her Amazon drop maxi dresses.

It was a shirt-style dress. I'm sure you guys have seen it. Have you seen it? Did you actually end up getting to purchase any of her pieces? I tried really hard. I ended up getting one shirt, which I'm super excited to arrive.

I'm sure it's going to take forever to get down to New Zealand. But she was wearing that beautiful green printed shirt style dress, worn open over gorgeous, little denim cutoffs shorts. She was wearing it over her cargo pants. So I have included these maxi dresses. This long sleeve maxi dresses into this kind of quirky line-up. Just because a maxi dress isn't something that we would typically associate with all winter.

But they are super versatile, and they're perfect for a trendy seasonal time of year.

4. Long Line Pendants

Now, the next trend is for a return to Long pendants. Now, I particularly love long pendants because I love wearing accessories and necklaces, but I do tend to get a little bit lazy when it comes to changing them out and wearing seeing the necklaces that I actually own.

But pendants are great because you actually just slip them over your head. You don't have to go looking to try and unclasp them, especially like me.

If your eyesight's getting a little bit dodgy, there's no fiddling around. They're just simple on and off. And they also make a lovely statement. They elongate your body because they draw the eye down your body.

You do have to be careful with pendants. If you have a fuller bust, you can still wear them. But I would advise that the length is just shortened a bit because what you don't want happening is their sort of coming together in the middle of your bust. But otherwise, pendants are here. They are a cute little accessory that is easy to add to an everyday outfit.

5. Conversation Coats

Now, the next Trend I'm calling conversation coats because basically, there are so many statement coats out there which I think create conversation, and they are just made to be noticed.

Now, there's a lot of animal print coats, beautiful bright colors, textures. There are some really interesting statement coats. And I do think if you don't go too crazy with them, you can invest in a coat that's actually going to be something special that you wear for many seasons to come.

But these conversation coats are here because so many of them are super quirky and really fun. And it doesn't actually even matter what you're wearing underneath, because pop that coat on, and you look stylish and ready to go. So these conversation/statement coats are definitely worth having a look at. 

Anyway, that's it from me today. I'll see you real soon. Bye for now.