Top 5 European Style Secrets to Always Look Effortlessly Chic

Be dressed to impress from head to toe with these top five European-style secrets.

Top  5 European Style Secrets to Always Look Effortlessly Chic
Top 5 European Style Secrets to Always Look Effortlessly Chic

Title: 5 European Style Secrets to Always Look Effortlessly Chic 

Do you want to dress more Chic and elegant like a European? If yes, then this is the blog for you. I want to talk about European style, specifically, Spain style. It's really interesting. It's been very fascinating for me, and I think you guys will find it fascinating too. So let's just get into it right. Let's do it. 

1. Adios Activewear

The first thing that I noticed that was kind of surprising, but not too surprising is adios activewear no activewear. Nobody is walking around in Lululemon leggings, no one has Spanx faux leather leggings, no one is walking around in their exercise clothes all day.

In Telluride, I would literally walk around all day long and activewear like I would work out in the morning most of the time, sometimes not be in my, you know, leggings, sports bra, and tank, or whatever I'd throw on like a sweatshirt or sweater, put on a coat, and then walk around, like go to the grocery store, grab a couple of things in town, grab kids from school, all in the leggings and the same activewear that I wore from the morning. Nobody Does that in Spain.

They take the time to, if they're going to the gym, they'll change. If they work out, they go in the morning, and then they go home and change. You might see him kind of catch him between. But no, the women here are not walking around in activewear. It just you just do not see that which I thought was really interesting. And I don't see the same level of athleisure and that whole athleisure movement that's very popular in the states here.

They're not doing that Jim to Street kind of style like we do, which, again, they're just dressier in general, so that was a big change that I noticed straight away. So let me give you an example like I have a Monroe sweatsuit that I bought, I don't know, a year ago, two years ago, who knows, really love it. It's very streamlined like a nice lounge or set sweatsuit that is in Colorado and wouldn't even hesitate to wear outside like I wouldn't even blink about it .

Here, like let's say a traveler needs to go outside, I would probably change before I took her outside. Like actually, I do change. I put on jeans and something a little more elegant, like a jeans t-shirt and a blazer, and go take her for a walk.

So that's one of the big differences for sure that women, in general, are just dressier. I did want to go out and shoot a bunch of women on the street for you, kind of like the way Karen Brit chick does. She's a YouTuber. I love her work. But what I discovered is that I felt like I was a Paparazzi, and I just felt really uncomfortable with that. So I kind of throw in the towel like, you know, what? I was like walking around, like trying to pretend I'm looking at my phone, but I'm really like te, te, te snapping pictures like, what am I doing like you guys, I can explain it to you. I can show you a little bit. You can get the point. Okay? To summarize, if you want to look more European, the first step is to say goodbye. Adios activewear

2. Skirts & Dresses

The second thing that I've noticed is that women here wear a lot more skirts and dresses than we do, and it's actually inspired me. I've actually purchased more skirts and dresses here than I have in a very long time, skirts in general like I don't wear skirts ever. I know some of you, right? And you're like, I need skirts like, why don't you feature skirts? I'm just always like, I don't like skirts. I don't wear skirts, you know. But like, oh, sure, that's a great idea of it. Like secretly. I'm like now, I don't really like skirts. I don't know how many skirts I bought here. I bought a narrow leather skirt that I absolutely love.

I bought an arrow floral skirt that I absolutely love.

I bought a tulle Ivory skirt that I absolutely love.

And then what pieces that I brought that were my favorite. They really do just button everything up a little bit more here. And I've also noticed that it's not just, you know, a certain generation doing that. It's across all generations. So it's little kids are so dressed up, and then it's older People are so dressed up. And, you know, as you see, they get their hair done, and it's just it's a whole thing, and it's much more elevated and dressier than anything I know I'm used to seeing in the states.

3. Color & Print

The third thing I've noticed is that they wear a lot more color and print, I think than we do. Like if you're in New York, you've got a war or a wardrobe of black and gray, probably. And maybe you've got a couple of colors popping in there. But here I see color every day all day, and it's really lovely to see there's a shop I walk by all the time, called Uterque, and it's just tons of colored prints and beautiful things like print mixes and vibrant pinks and reds.

I love it So much. Prints and color are a big deal, and I've noticed that I, you know, I've told you guys before like I really didn't wear prints before. I was really like, kind of a print though, but it's just so he's like eh, prints are scary, prints can be aging, they can look cheap. And that's all true. But I feel so drawn to Prints here, and I have purchased a few kinds of investment Prints while I've been here. Mostly buy actually French Brands, Eera, Bosch, oh, and Ulla Johnson.

I don't know where Ulla Johnson's form should be American. But anyway, but by the way, if you just want to know more about just general fashion trends for the season.

4. Effortless But Evolved

The fourth thing I noticed in this is that this might be the most important thing of the bunch. And that is this effortless Vibe among Spanish women. It's everything, Okay It's not just one thing. It's a whole thing. All right, let me call on delineate. So it's a more natural hair color, more natural hairstyle, more natural makeup, more Natural Nails. Everything is natural, but elevated. I think that's really different than we are in the state. It's like we go all-in with the hair, and we get the bear waves going, and we get the nails going, and we get the makeup going. And I am wearing little magnetic lashes right now. Like Spanish women aren't really doing that. I am just doing it for you guys. 

5. New Inspiration

The last tip, I wanted to share in terms of looking more European and really elevating your style is to think about new inspiration. I talked about, you know, if you have a designer or, or a brand that really works well for you like why reinvent the wheel, why fix something if it's not broken? But it's also important to step outside the comfort zone.

Once in a while, it's also important to push the envelope a little bit every now and again. And it's also important to discover new things. And that was one of the things I talked about with the trends like you really should know what's going on with trance. You feel modern and current with your style. Well, it's the same with Brands, right? Like step outside and find new brands like you always go to this brand. This brand, this brand, or this store, this store, this store, try some new ones, see what happens it? It's sort of like breeds new life into your wardrobe, and it adds a level or a layer of excitement that may not already be there. It has for me since we've been here, you know because I'm seeing all these designers, I wouldn't ordinarily see, like the other day I saw a Lizabeth affranchise who's an Italian designer, and I am now obsessed with her pieces have, and the store and everything.

And I'm looking every day like and And the tailoring is just so, so Exquisite. And so it's I'm fired up. Do you know what I mean? Like it's at its infusing excitement into my wardrobe. So I bought a sweater and some stirrup pants, believe it or not, do you remember those?

Yes, I bought some stirrup pants because European women are rocking them over here. And I was like, why not? Yeah, like finding something new like that can really breathe some new life into your wardrobe and just bring the joy in the fun back into it because that's what it's really all about. I mean, I don't want this to be just something utilitarian where you're like every day, like I just need to get dressed. I need to throw something on. You know, I wanted to be something that you actually look forward to and feel good about.

I'll see you next time. Bye.