Top 14 Best Free Galaxy Watch 4 Apps For Wear OS

Top 14 Best Free Galaxy Watch 4 Apps for your Android Smartwatch. Need a few Galaxy Watch 4 app suggestions? Check out this list of apps most users find helpful.

Top 14 Best Free Galaxy Watch 4 Apps For Wear OS
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Top 14 Best Free Galaxy Watch 4 Apps For Wear OS

The Samsung Galaxy watch is a really exciting watch with great Fitness features. Great style. But what makes it really significant? What makes it one of the most significant watches in the past couple of years is that this is the first time Samsung is moving from its own operating system to Google's. We're heroes. And now that we have a unified platform, we're supposed to be getting more and better apps. So not only do we now have access to Google's apps like Google Fit Google Keep Google Maps and things like that.

But now developers have other apps that don't have to decide between Samsung, Tizen OS, and Google. We're heroes. Now they can just make better and more apps for where OS. But all right, let's say you bought a Galaxy watch form, which apps are you getting? There's a lot out there, and there's a lot of bad ones as well as some good ones in this video. We're talking about my picks for the top 14 best apps.

You can get on the Galaxy watch for and watch for classic. But for that matter, you can get most of these on just about any other where I was watching, whether that's the fossil Gen 6. Then you tick watches or even some older wearing watches.

Now, if you have a watch as powerful as this, and you're not using a lot of these apps, you're missing out on a lot of possible capabilities here, because it's a very powerful witch. And these are great apps. These are apps that I've been using from really all aspects of life, from Fitness to golfing, to even things like making a shopping list for going to the store.

These are things that really helped me get the most out of my watch. Now, with that being said, let's jump into this list number 14 this one's kind of a simple one. So I wanted to put it lower on the list. But nonetheless, I think it's a fun app to have.


This is the Roku app. So if you have a smart TV, if you have Roku, then you might know that losing that little remote, a little controller is really common. But if it's strapped to your wrist, you don't have to worry about that. So you can now control your Roku using your Smartwatch. Honestly, if such a simple app, I don't know why it's so exciting.

But to me, I love having that because you literally can't lose it when it's strapped to your wrist as a side note if you're new here, and you haven't yet subscribed, and you're a fan of Samsung devices, I cover a lot of them. So be sure to go down and click that subscribe button and the bell icon. So you don't miss the next one moving up to number 13 this is one I use every single day.

Google Keep

This is Google Keep. Now, I'm a little disappointed that we don't have Microsoft OneNote on here because that's really my go-to for taking notes. But Google keep is another great way to synchronize across tons of different devices from your laptop to your phone. And now your watch and just take different notes, whether that's a shopping list or writing ideas down, or to-do lists, all types of things to keep your life a little more organized.

I use Google. Keep for that. And having on my watch is so it's fantastic, because a lot of times, I end up going for a walk. And when you're walking, you're away from distractions. You think more clearly, and you just have ideas that you want to write down. And so having a watch to do that makes it so convenient Google keep is a must-have on any watch. Honestly, you should probably even be higher than number 13 on this list. But moving up to number 12.

App in The Air

this is kind of a niche one. Anybody who loves to travel. I love to travel. You know that when you're going through an airport, you have tons of stuff in your pockets, your passport, your phone, things like them. And so having a watch that can really keep you on track helps a lot. And so this app is called app in the air, which is essentially a way to track your flight to make sure, you know, like, when it's on time when it's delayed. And when you're going through the airport, you can quickly glance at that and have a better idea in real-time of the status of your flight is.

I think this is really helpful. Obviously, you can find this information on your phone, but rather than going into each respective app for whatever airline you're using on your phone, having it on your watch, I think, is so convenient number 11 is one that I think anybody could appreciate.

Google Camera

This is a Google camera. Now, especially if you have an Android phone that is not Samsung. You are most likely using a Google camera. And if you have the Google camera app on your phone, then you can get it on your watch. And this allows you to take a photo remotely now the ability to do this. You might wonder, why would you want to do that? Well, if you have, maybe say, a group of people and you don't want to set up a timer, or you want to make sure that you as well as everyone else is in the frame, you can see a live feed on your watch and then take the photo whenever you're ready. It's an easier way. It's a more reliable way to take group photos that you are included in number 10 going back to a little by little the niche thing.

One Wheel

This is what we eat. So not everyone has one wheel. But when you do, it's really easy to see a lot of information as to distance, the scope left to speed up such things on your watch. And this is a situation where remember, it is not always easy to pull out your phone when you are riding and really focused. Clocking can be an easy and safe way to see information quickly. And the kind of affiliation with the number 9 is the biggest app we've ever seen in the World of Fitness.


If you are focused on Trails, be it cycling, mountaineering, running, or just walking on any trail. Then this is the app that might be best for you. And this is Kamut, most famous for many reasons. However, it does allow you to plan different paths and things like that. And so when you leave the forest like Trail Biking, For example, cycling on a mountain, you will want to make sure. that you are on the right Trail. And do you know where you are going? And you can organize that in the right way. So you do not end up cycling longer than you would like or even shorter than you would for a number eight.

UV Index Now

I have to laugh at this. I mean, it comes with the name O'Brien. I have light skin, and I get sunburn easily. So this is called the UV index now, which obviously tells you the UV index. Now, like, when you go out, you look at it and it tells you exactly what it is, which can tell you when the sun is going to burn if it should, maybe what else to protect the sun? And when it is all right to dislike it, I said, not everyone will need this. Anyone with more color on their skin has no problem with this. But for me, I always get sunburn. So it's really fun to have that. It's something I wish we could see in the weather app instead of just saying, like the middle-low, having a straight number, I think it's very useful to me. But obviously, as I said, not everyone needs this. But if you do, it's a very useful app. Trust me, move on to number seven. This is one that I think anyone who doesn't have a Samsung phone probably needs.

Google Pay

Now, the traditional payment app here is Samsung pay, which, if you have a Samsung phone, is native to your phone. It's so easy, isn't it? But if you have any other Android phone, I would bet that the native app you have is Google pay. And so having Samsung's pain here on Google pay on your phone, I'll be a little annoyed to have some kind of discrepancy right there. So Google pay is actually another app that you can get Google to pay with here, which is a lot of fun.

And being able to do that is good because all your payments will be for the same app. You do not need to worry about any kind of software differences. And on top of that, I know that like the bottom right button is set to open Google or Samsung pay by pressing and holding. We can also edit button up when you double press to open any app you want. So if you want to open Google pay, here's what I can set for you.


Number six is ​​a meditation app called calm. Now we have breathing tests here. Sometimes that's not enough. And if you find yourself feeling really down or meditating, or focusing on whatever you are trying to do, then having a meditative meditation can be very helpful to you. So when you go running again at the end of your run, you end up in the pool, and you want to sit down and meditate. Having that meditation focused on your use of the column app can be really helpful.

And of course, you can play it with earbuds that you can connect wirelessly to your watch, or you can use the clock speakers to play it out loud. And I mean, the volume isn't going to be good, but meditation, you don't need the kind of high volume quieter point to that. But calm though, a fun, good app to have here. And I love that. It is also available in many different forums.

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring

Number five is for my golf friends over there. Anyone who has seen my top Apple Watch apps will know that the gap I had was 19. And it's great to see that app also available on Galaxy Watch. So all 19 is a great way to GPS and track points if you like golf. If you play a lot of golf you have that on your watch, that too, is really easy, especially the game type. He looked at the clock like this. I mean, I think again, it's really helpful to have that app, and I recommend it to anyone, at least try it when you play golf, obviously, you don't need to use it if you like it very much. a person with a pencil and paper.


And yet the good number 4 is smart, which is an app from Samsung that caters to many Samsung devices but also works with a variety of other smart home devices. And having it on your wrist allows you to do something really different

items from turning on and off the lights that change the temperature, to checking the condition of your refrigerator.

When the doors open to open and close the security cameras, all sorts of things you can do are easily controlled in your hand with the SmartThings app. Of course, if you are not in the Samsung ecosystem if you do not have smart devices fixed, it does not help much. And you can skip this completely.

Google Maps

Number three is the Google switch. I can't stress this enough. This is one of the most exciting things we have learned from Tizen OS to where this OS really works, really well. You can choose where you go. You can see where you are. And you can walk around to get a bike ride. And I really want to emphasize the feature of travel here, where if you go to a new city and you don't know everything, you don't know where you like your way around town, right? So, instead of looking at your phone and having a map that makes you look like a potential visitor has made you a target for fraudsters, or anyone who tries to steal your wallet, instead, looking at your watch, is very secretive. You look like you know what you're doing.

And at the same time, it helps a lot. So I'd love to have Google Maps on the clock. It also works for driving and cycling as well. So there are plenty of other applications here. But Google Maps is just one of the many favorites I have on this watch.


the second place on the list, Spotify Spotify in the past. In fact, you did not have Spotify offline until recently, we ended up offline Spotify. So now, if you are going to run, you leave your phone at home. You can connect your earbuds to a watch. And now you can listen to music while using your phone at home. And that brings us to the number one.


the best app here because this is a sports watch. It can track your fitness, one of the best ways to show off to encourage your exercise a bit, because it is approved, Samsung helps them play. Is it small, but not nearly as much as the others? So this is the first Strava app number, I think it does your best to work out with the type of association, to encourage you a little bit to push yourself harder and do more exercise because when you walk. when you run or ride a bicycle, for the first time, you are experiencing challenges along the way.

So when you ride a bike there, some speed trails and things like that you can compete with other people, and you have a few challenges as the moon. Maybe you can run like a hundred miles a month or something like that. And the third thing, I think is even bigger, is that your use is shared with your friends. And you also want Strava to be able to see your exercise when you turn that on. And in that case, whenever I run, I have very little chance of being negligence. If I know my friends can see my workout. So you have it.

That's my choice of the 14 best apps. You can get on the Galaxy watch right now, of course, it's too early. This united court has a long way to go. And I’m really excited to see so many apps made for this forum. Some of them I look forward to that, I think they are not here, apps like Audible and OneNote. Anything from Microsoft, in fact, and Uber. Now, we don't have a night sky here, like something just fun to have. And we do not have Google translate, of course, on the Galaxy watch.

And I'm looking forward to getting a Google Assistant. But again, I'll probably do another video in six months or a year to review my top selection of Galaxy bathing apps at that time. But in the meantime, these apps are really heavy. I think these are very effective. However, there are many more out there.

Leave a comment below, and let me know if there are any other apps you like on your Galaxy Watch. I'm always looking for new guys. So definitely leave that comment. If you enjoyed this video, consider liking and subscribing to Mike O'Brien. Thanks for Reading and I will see you next time.