Top 10 Weirdest Pictures That Are Far Ahead Of Their Time

Top 10 Weirdest Pictures That Are Far Ahead Of Their Time. 10 cool photographs that are just not on the same level as everyone else.

Top 10 Weirdest Pictures That Are Far Ahead Of Their Time
Top 10 Weirdest Pictures That Are Far Ahead Of Their Time

Top 10 Strange Photos That Are Way Ahead Of Their Time

A picture can say a thousand words, but what if those words are curse words? But if you're a little confused, what if these photos are a bit odd? to say the least. Here are the top 10 strange photos that are way ahead of their time. Let's do it.

1. The First Photo Of Machu Picchu

It is currently a wonder of the modern world, and it's kind of a big deal. Let's talk about it. Machu Picchu was built around 1450 ad. It was first discovered in 1911 by archaeologist, Hiram Bingham, when he and a small team were originally heading out to find the ancient city of Vilcabamba, but during their commute from Roscoe, they found this Landmark instead, and I bet they're pretty jazzed about it. Yeah, sitting at 2430 meters above sea level Machu Picchu as a 14th century in Casa del built from thousands and thousands of stones with many weighing over 50 tons, and with Machu translating to Old Mountain. But this seemed like an impossible built back then, hence the fact that it's a modern Wonder of our world. We barely had animal power back then to all we had were llamas. So, I mean, I really don't know how we did this.

They designed a perfect City with their bare hands. These slap these giant rocks into each other without any problems at all. I mean, after 500 years of foul weather, nothing has yet to destroy this ancient city. I wonder if, when Hiram Bingham took this photo, they knew over 100 years later that we would still be blown away by it. We know nothing about this. Still, this photo.

2. Ice Mask 

Today. You can go to Amazon and get a therapeutic gel face mask for like $20 if you're stressed, or if you're trying to avoid puffy eyes, throw this in the freezer for a hot minute. And then you're set. You can make your own aloe vera, Honey Gel mask. If you feel like just click any vlogger that says the word Wellness in their bio and then you're set. Back in the 40s Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor Junior created the first face mask to reduce facial puffiness, and it looked way cooler again, pun intended. They didn't use freezer gels. Instead, just a bunch of Ice Cube-shaped containers that froze individually then there were stuck onto your face. It was an ice cube tray mask. Rather, it was actually invented to fight hangovers.

That's one of the main reasons, how fun. It's a shame of this design never caught on because the ones today, they're no good, they don't work. They're not cold enough magic-busting this thing out during a lecture. Imagine having this underneath the isolator God, you could do anything you wanted.

3. Portable Holding Cell

Prisoner transport is always a risky game. When out in public, in any way, the odds that something goes wrong, or they escape back into the real world go up significantly. And we don't want that depending on who or what is in the back of that truck. The movie Conair is about this exact situation action unfolding a Timeless classic. He asked me Nicolas Cage, so good, and Dave Chappelle. Yeah. Good One. Well back in the 1920s, we didn't have SWAT teams move around the worst of the worst. We had bike cops with cages. This portable jail cell is an early version of our police car, except doesn't work. The concept was perfect, but the fact that this guy in the cell can just reach out and grab the officer driving the motorcycle at any time. That's not ideal, the fact that he's less than a foot away that's not relaxing in the slightest bit.

A motorcycle sidecar, those are fun. Those are great times. If I had one of those I would not be here right now, nor would Chris, we'd be whipping around the town. You know, I wouldn't take around town this guy, he's up to something that he looks suspicious. You can see on his face. He wants to grab them off the book.

4. The Isolator 

This image might seem haunting at first, definitely, but it's actually pretty ahead of its time. The isolator came long before noise-canceling mode or Low-Fi beats to study and relax. Do this. A goofy-looking helmet was intended to block out noise and finally concentrate on finishing that paper due at midnight. This was back in the early to mid-1900s, when inventor Hugo Gernsback worked hours and hours to create this study buddy, to block out the distractions in life.

This is a powerful image, because the things that distract us today, like Instagram, messenger, dating, apps, phones, anything, really none of those were even a concept back in 1925 when this device was needed when it was revealed to the public. Focusing as hard if you're working at a loud office and you're thinking, it's your problem. Um, it's not. This guy had like three pencils at a wooden desk. And even so is like, oh, come on, man, Focus block these pieces of wood out.

He had nothing, and he was still distracted. That's crazy. This device was useful. But of course, it wasn't practical. Some light reading in the park. Yes, let me just pull out the isolator.

5. The First Aerial Photo

With technology, today, we can map out our long commute easily. Google Street View is it's honestly witchcraft. The fact that I can float around virtually, or see the top of any building with a click of a button, like on Google Earth. That's a privilege, even if it's slow or glitchy. It's amazing. Also, drones that bowling alley drone video, going to get me started. That's crazy. The first aerial photograph that was back in 1860, James Wallace Black, took this one not by using drones, but rather by using a hot air balloon.

This lovely landscape is the town of Boston, and you're looking at it from around 2000 feet. Another Milestone and aerial photography, of course, is the first photo from space. This was much later in 1946 so next time you use a selfie stick in public, don't take it for granted, and also don't use a selfie stick in public.

6. Worldwide Selfie

This selfie Ellen took at the Oscars. I'll admit that's out there. That's pretty good, of course,

right next to the astronaut. Michael Collins, photo of everybody in the world. Yeah, your parents were in this photo. How fun is that. They don't even know it. And this photo, we have everybody alive at the time photobombing the main center of attention. We have Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong returning after their successful Apollo 11 Mission back in 1969. When thinking of the astronauts who first went to the moon. We often forget about Michael Collins, but this photo we took is still underrated.

I can't even get four of my friends together for a single photo. And Michael got everybody in the world in one shot.  

7. Time Travelers

Yes, we love these most amazing. It's a common theme in movies. Back to the Future Looper, Avengers. Time travel plots are fun, but of course, they're mainly nonsense. So when we see a case like a cape Scott story, we can't help but be intrigued. time travel or not, this is an interesting photo. It comes from Ray Peterson's book, “The Great Capes Scott Story”. That book was from 1974 but the actual photo in there was taken over a hundred years ago.

And in the photo, we see this modern-looking guy, rocking shorts, messy Surfer morning hair. He doesn't look like he's from this time period at all. And this has happened more than once, as the time-traveling hipster. That was also a fun time. That was a photograph from the forties. Again, it seems to feature a modern man. Now that one was debunked, but this first guy with the shorts in the hair, like I'm pretty sure that's my cousin.

This guy looks familiar. What the hell? That's not an early 1900's man at all. No chance time travel confirmed. Let us know in the comments.

8. The Sun

While it's not recommended that we stare at it, the sun is pretty beautiful. As of today, we have one of the most crystal clear photos of the big red Fireball photographer. Andrew McCarthy layered together 150 thousand different photos of the sun to create this 300-megapixel image for us. Now we could look at this, and our eyes don't melt out of our heads. Now, of course, there are many steps that come into the picture pun intended in order to not go blind or light any fires, and Drew required a special telescope with numerous filters to do so.

So if you're thinking of pointing your phone at a telescope, and then pointing that at the sun, just don't do it. It's not going to work.

9. First Photo Of A Black Hole

Okay, at first glance, you may think this is a blurry photo of a distant star, and compared to some shots we have today of Nebulas, this black hole doesn't seem impressive at first. But back in 2019 around 200 scientists from 20 different countries, I'll put their big brains together in order to get a photo of a black hole at the center of the Messier 87 Galaxy 55 million light-years away. But just how do you do this? How do they get a photo of something that sucks in light and all of the matter? Well, the Event Horizon telescope shows us the dark Center here. This hole swallows all matter. It looks like a ring that you can maybe look around.

But the light that we see in this photo of these radio waves that are represented that's coming from all around the black hole behind it in front of it to the side. It's actually impossible to see. But after the team made a virtual telescope the size of Earth, yeah, they were able to see the radiation surrounding the black hole, therefore, get this image. Black holes are something we barely understand in the Science World alone. The fact that we can see a blurry photo is more than we deserve, really. 

10. Motorized Roller Skates 

Okay, this first one they've been working on for a very, very long time, motorized roller skates What a dream this would be. This photo was taken at the Seneca station in Hartford Connecticut.

Context aside, this is an odd one, and it's pretty dangerous. A dude with a briefcase is filling up at a gas station, and he's wearing roller skates. That man is Mike Dressler. The year was 1956 and the motorized roller skate Company of Detroit really thought they were onto something here. The roller skates only cost around $250, which today is around $2400, and its Max Speed was 17 miles an hour. So it's not really a great deal at all. Now, obviously, this isn't a good idea. The image alone of the man pouring gasoline into Mike's backpack.

No, that's we don't do that. The biggest problem here, aside from the, you know, everything about it was that they couldn't figure out brakes. Honestly, I'll take Heelys any day over these much safer.

And that concludes our list for today, like always, if you enjoyed it, be sure to give us a big thumbs up and leave us some love in the comments 

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