Top 10 Simple Style *Secrets* to INSTANTLY Make Your Legs Look Longer! 

How did you get those long, beautiful legs you've been wanting? Learn four super simple ways to look longer in seconds!

Top 10 Simple Style *Secrets* to INSTANTLY Make Your Legs Look Longer! 
Top 10 Simple Style *Secrets* to INSTANTLY Make Your Legs Look Longer! 

10 Simple Style *Secrets* to INSTANTLY Make Your Legs Look Longer! 

I want short Stumpy legs, said no one. I'm going to show you how to dress to make your legs look a mile long. 

Secret #1: Skip Shoe Straps

Now let's get to the game's style secret number one to make those legs look longer. Skip shoe straps. What do I mean by that? If the goal is to make your legs look as long and lean as possible, you want to avoid straps with your shoes, straps across the ankle, straps around the ankle. Those will truncate the legs.

You want a deeper front shoe. Instead, let me give you an example.

On one side, I've got a pair of Castaner espadrille sandals with the strap across the ankle. Cast inner, by the way, is a very popular brand here in Spain. They are known for their espadrilles. I love these shoes worth noting. I'm not saying, don't wear your strappy shoes. I'm just saying, if the goal is to make your legs look longer, then don't do this. But I wear these all the time. I love them. And then you've got another example here where it's just one strap across the top.

And that lengthens the leg. As you can see, I definitely could have also shown you a pump, or like a U-shaped booty. But I don't have those with me, because cuz we're in Spain, and I don't have my usual arsenal of clothing.

Secret #2: Skin Colored Shoes

The next tip is to wear skin-colored shoes. Those are the shoes that would blend in nicely with your skin. So if you are wearing a skirt or a dress like I have on here wearing a skin color, shoes will elongate the legs.

Now I don't have nude pumps or beige pumps here with me in Spain. So I wanted to show you a pair of seeing by Chloe wedges. These are really comfortable for the size, especially for the size of the heel.

I love them so much, but I do realize these have a strap. So I just wanted to note that. I don't have nude heels that have a deep front. But you get the idea. Here you can see the nude wedges versus the black wedges.

The black wedges kind of call attention. They truncate the leg a little bit more, whereas the skin color shoe elongates and lengthens the leg.

Secret #3: Pointed Toe Shoes

Sticking with the shoe theme. When you wear pointed-toe shoes or booties, or booties that will lengthen the leg. So here's an example. These are suede pointed-toe booties by shoots. They are awesome. They are new. I love them. They're very lightweight. They're great for travel because they don't weigh down your suitcase.

They also are insanely comfortable for this style of heel, surprisingly comfortable, and they have a wide toe box if you have a narrow foot, and you're worried about the pointed toe situation. They're great. So that pointed toe creates the illusion of an extension of your leg and elongates that like. So let's just take a quick look at the pointed toe booties on one side. And then the open-toe sandals.

On the other hand, you can see very clearly, the open-toe sandals. It sort of just draws attention. It doesn't lengthen the leg as much as it truncates the leg. Where is the pointed toe? Bootie definitely does that lengthening.

Secret #4: Match Shoes to Pants

Along the same lines. You should match your shoes to the pants. Going back to that example I just showed you, here are the shoot's black pointed-toe booties with the black flared, Veronica beard pants.

It's very elongating, very sophisticated, and contrasting. Here's a pair of black jeans with white sandals. And you can see, see the white sandals are like boom, they just draw your eye.

They draw your attention. They break up the line, your legs don't look quite as long. My legs don't look quite as long. So matching your shoes to your pants or jeans is key.

Secret #5: High Rise

The next secret to making your legs look a mile long is high-rise everything. It is high-rise shorts, high-rise skirts, high-rise pants, high-rise jeans that will actually give you more inches.

Okay, so let me show you an example. Let's go back to the black Veronica beard pants that are very high rise.

The rise goes up to the belly button and compares those with my AG genes, which are mid-rise. So in this case, the AG jeans go to about two inches below my belly button.

So basically, with that higher rise, I'm buying myself two inches of leg. The other nice thing about the high-rises. If you have a really long torso, it definitely truncates your torso. But when you want to make your legs look really long, you gotta go high-rise.

Secret #6: Longer Pants

Next tip, long pants. That is exactly how it sounds. You should wear long pants if you want your legs to look as long and lean as possible. So let me show you an example.

Here on one side is me wearing, you know, the high-rise jeans that add some inches with a long pair of flare jeans. On the other side, you've got the AG cropped jeans I showed you before they are about ankle length. The nearly floor-length flare jeans add about four more inches to the legs, and especially if you have heels underneath, that can really, really make your legs look super duper long. So if the goal, again, if the goal is to make your legs look as long as possible, look at me along go with the longest pants possible, where the heels underneath go with the highest rise, and you will achieve that effect. No question.

Secret #7: Wide Leg Pants

And along the same lines as long pants, I want you to think about the silhouette of the leg as well. Wider leg pants are going to elongate the legs.

They often are very long, almost dusting the floor. And I recommend half an inch to three-quarters of an inch off the ground for maximum length. So let's go back to the example of the AG jeans, comparing those to those wider leg Isabel Marant jeans, you can see clearly that the jeans, my legs, look shorter, much shorter.

Even with 4-inch heels on. It makes a huge difference.

Secret #8: Tuck IT IN

The next tip is to tuck it in. Tuck in that shirt. Tuck in that blouse, tuck in that camisole. And if you're thinking, I can't tuck anything in because of my tummy, just wait. I got something for you. Okay, be patient. Tuck in that camisole, tuck that to you tuck in that blouse.

And that will definitely highlight the waistband, which highlights the waist and make your legs look longer. Okay. So if the whole point is to make those legs look as long and lean as possible, you want to make sure that everyone can see where the waistband is on your pants.

Now, what if you can't tuck in? Because you're just feeling self-conscious about your tummy that there's just a zillion reason why you don't want to tuck it. Okay, in that situation, what you can do is you can leave your shirt out with your high-rise pants, because your high-rise pants are also going to act like a little Spanx action to kind of suck things in, and then add tip number nine, your crop jacket.

So the cropped jacket will help Define the waist. And the T-shirt of the blouse out will help conceal the tummy. It enables you to create that same effect, but without having your shirt tucked in. Now, if you want to tuck in your shirt or your camisole and add the cropped jacket whoo, that's great too. That'll definitely elongate your legs.

By the way, if you need an easy way to tuck in that shirt, like a Fail-Safe way, just grab a hair tie. Bunch up the shirt at the end, and then tuck it in.

So in this case, I'm using a black scrunchie, a silky scrunchie. You don't do that right, because that's too big. You can use a clear plastic one or a lighter weight one or lighter color one. I just wanted you to be able to see exactly what I'm doing. And that's why I use the black silky one. But this is a really easy way to tuck in your shirt and get it right every single time, especially when you want to do the French tuck

Secret #10: Monochromatic

The last tip is to we're all one color or a monochromatic look. So obviously wearing all one color is very slimming along with gating in general head to toe. But it will also add that link to the legs that you're looking for. There's one caveat to this. Okay, I think that if the goal is to make your legs look longer, instead of doing something like this,

where you have the black shirt under the black blazer with the black pants and black booties. And that's true, monochromatic. I would go with this option, which is the white camisole with the black jacket, black pants, and black booties.

Why? Because the white camisole actually highlights the waste it draws the eye toward that waste, and it highlights the legs. So your legs look a mile long. If you can't get enough of these types of tips to help you look slimmer and longer and taller and leaner and meaner. I've done a bunch of these videos, but I wanted to mention a couple of one that is specifically Geared for petite women that would be women under 5 feet 4 inches. Thank you so much. I'll see you guys next time. Bye.