Top 10 Out of Style Items You’re Holding Onto, But NEED to TRASH! 

It’s time to #RipOut your Out of Style Items that aren’t serving your life any longer. How many of these are in your closet? #RipOutYourOutOfStyle!

Top 10 Out of Style Items You’re Holding Onto, But NEED to TRASH! 
Top 10 Out of Style Items You’re Holding Onto, But NEED to TRASH! 

Top 10 Out of Style Items You’re Holding Onto, But NEED to TRASH! 

Today. We're talking about Trends. And part of that in the style department is knowing what's on Trend. And also, in contrast, what isn't? Because there's nothing worse than feeling like you look dated. You're getting called out by your teenagers or your grandkids. My goal is to make sure we all collectively look as modern and vibrant and energetic as possible so that we look on the outside the way we feel on the inside.

Trend To Trash #1. Overly Ripped Jeans

Let's get started. The first Trend you might consider throwing out or donating is those overly ripped jeans. This one I'm sure many of you will be relieved by because you write me all the time you don't like them. So I know that most of you don't like ripped jeans. I happen to be a huge fan.

But what I mean by overly ripped jeans are the ones where it was like rips up the thighs and rips all through the knee and just extensive distressing, not like little tiny rip here and there. Those are still very much on Trend. It's the gigantic holes that are just totally out. No one's wearing those anymore.

Trend to Trash #2. Rounded Toe Shoe

Yeah, you may wanna zip around town in booties or boots that don't have a rounded toe. It's very confusing because people are saying the square toes out and the rounded toes out. It's mostly the pointed toe that is on Trend, the rounded toe, although a classic feels a bit dated right now.

So this would be an example of a classic rounded toe bootie. These are by Rag and Bone, by the way, I love these, but cats, they're going out of style. I'm going to hold on to them because I've watched in my life go from brown to square to pointed back to round. I've watched The Evolution. And so if you're around my age, you know that what goes around comes around.

If it's a really good pair of booties or boots, and they're in great shape, just store them, you don't need to toss them. 

Trend to Trash #3. Platform Heels

Another Trend that you need to trash and get rid of is our extreme platform shoes like these. Okay, here's an example. These are white as hell.

Yes, I'm like, did I ever actually walk in these? Actually, they're more comfortable than the Christian Louboutin heels I have and the heels on these are much higher. It's just because of the platform. They were quite comfortable. This is what I'm talking about when I'm talking about an extreme platform shoe.

So we wore them. There was a moment, and now they're out. Here's another example of an extreme platform shoe. I'm going to keep these because they're so comfortable for the size of the heel, and I feel like it would be a great 70s Halloween costume.

I also kind of love them. I can't get rid of them, but this would be an example of an extreme platform shoe that is out of style. See what I mean. It causes emotion. You're like, wait. But I like those shoes. What do you mean? They're out of style? No. 

Trend to Trash #4. Wedge Sneakers

Okay, the next shooter, and makes me really sad. And I also kind of feel guilty, because I really pushed on you guys. Please forgive me. It's the wedge sneaker. I love my wedge sneakers so much because I'm 5’ 4 and I love wearing them, especially traveling, because it adds height without sacrificing comfort.

However, the wedge sneaker is on the way out. I know I love you wedge sneakers, goodbye. My friend, by the way, the sneakers that are on Trend are white leather sneakers like Golden Goose or the P 448 if you're unsure how to style your sneakers, which can be very tricky.

Trend to Trash #5. Skinny Jeans

The next Trend that you need to trash doesn't do skinny jeans. I'm talking about the painted-on Second Skin jegging type skinny jeans. The jegging was the gene legging hybrid. So those that are just literally painted on your likes. Those are the type of jeans that are out. You can still wear skinny jeans.

You can still wear tapered jeans. 

Trend to Trash #6. Cold Shoulder Tops

The next Trend that's on its way out is another one. You guys are going to be upset. I know it. I feel it cold, her tops. I had to say it. I had to say, I'm sorry, sorry, I'm just the messenger cold shoulder and off-shoulder, especially the cold shoulder. I personally am in favor of the cold shoulder going bye-bye.

But I know some of you are going to be really upset by that. 

Trend to Trash #7. Animal Print

Here's another one. It's going to cause agitation. I know it. And I feel partially responsible for you guys getting pieces in this print because I've talked about it for like six years animal prints. Animal prints are on the way out. It's not as popular as it was. It's always classic to wear like an animal print belt or an animal print pair of shoes.

You just not going to see as much of it. And it's not going to be as prevalent as many pieces. No animal print blouses and Blazers and pants. You know, we were doing all of it for a while.

Now it's just calming down. We're going back to like a little pop here and there. 

Trend to Trash #8. Micro Bags

The next one will be no surprise. And frankly, I could really care less about this one. It's those teeny, tiny micro bags, which I don't know anybody that would have carried one of those anyway.

It would be like enough to fit a credit card and lipstick, And that's it. So if you had a micro-mini bag, you might want to consider consigning that or selling it on Poshmark or something.

And getting rid of that. 

Trend to Trash #9. Tie 

The next Trend that is dying and that word are chosen strategically is tie-dye. It feels like it just got here, right? But yeah, it's on the way out. It was a fad. I still have a tie-dye sweatsuit that I wear around the house, which I'm fine with that nobody really sees that.

And then I also have a Ulla Johnson orange, very subtly tie-dye dress that I will still wear that I love.

I just wouldn't go out and buy anything tie-dye. So if you're looking at a tie-dye T-shirt, or a tie-dye set, or tie-dye shirts, or anything like that, I would just skip it now, because I don't think it's a good investment, 

Trend to Trash #10. Bike Shorts

Last, but not least, I'm happy to end on a positive note because I'm pretty sure most of you are in favor of this trend going, but by our bike shorts, just like I never quite understood it.

It's like activewear with the Blazer. It was always confusing to me.

And it was one of those things I truly felt like you had to be young and very skinny to pull off. 

Which one of these Trends are you just like, yay, I'm so glad it's gone, and it's going away. And which one are you just like me where you're like? No, don't say it. Which one causes that kind of reaction in you? I know there was one on this list that did so share that in the comments, let's have a little fun with it. It's not meant to be super serious. That's it for me today. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see you next time. Bye.