Top 10 Most Worn Items While Living in Europe

The top 10 most fashionable worn outdoor items in Europe. Whether you're backpacking or just on vacation, this article will make you savvy about the best items for your needs.

Top 10 Most Worn Items While Living in Europe
Top 10 Most Worn Items While Living in Europe

Top 10 Most Worn Items While Living in Europe

These are the 10 pieces I've worn the most while living here in Europe.

The lifestyle here is a lot different than when we're back home. You know, you have to think about Footwear choices a lot more, and just functionality and outerwear. I wanted to share the top 10 pieces that I wear the most because I think those are not only interesting but also probably the most practical and functional to share with all of you. So if you're considering a purchase, that would be both the two things. I love fashion and functionality. Then I think this is definitely the blog for you. Shall we get started? 

Let's do it. Number one. I just talked about Footwear, right? And how important it is, especially if you're walking for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks. I see some women. And I remember this is New York City like you see some women walking in, like really high heels, and you're like, how is that possible? I could not do it. I'm just telling you I could not do it. I could do a chunky stacked heel that was low. Maybe I could definitely do a wedge heel. But no, I couldn't do a big, high heel here unless it was maybe a block away or something. Then I can handle it, or we're ubering somewhere. But walking blocks and blocks and blocks and heels, mmm, no, I can't do it. Frankly, my heaviest hitter and the shoe department have been these. 

Heavy Hitter #1. Sneakers By Gola

These are a pair of sneakers by Gola. I think the reason why I've worn these even more. So then my Golden Goose sneakers because now that we're in the fall season, I feel like these just work better with most of the clothes that I have in my fall wardrobe since they are both this kind of baiji brown and also black. So I can wear this blazer with these sneakers. As in jeans, I'm done. I can wear my leather jacket with these sneakers and jeans, and I'm done.

I can wear my black blazer with these sneakers and jeans, and maybe a camel sweater, vest underneath. And I'm done. You get the point like they're very, very versatile. And then I can also carry my black bag with them because they have black and brown.

I think there are more elegant, sophisticated fall sneakers that go with everything. And I know there's not a ton of sizes left. So few like them scoop them up and they're not super crazy expensive. They're not Golden Goose expensive. 

Heavy Hitter #2. Mango Blazer

The second heaviest hitter, I would have to say, is this Blazer? It's by mango. I love it. I think it's beautiful. I'm going to stand up and show it to you. It's longer. Do you see the hemline? I don't know.

It just feels more current to me because of the length of the jacket and the silhouette. I like how the sleeves are great for me there, right at the wrist there. Not too long, which a lot of the time Blazers are too long in the sleeves. For me, this color is just such a great neutral. So I'll wear this black bag. Those sneakers are done. I can wear this with a T-shirt and skirt done.

I have a lot of options with this, and I've worn it a ton. This is also very affordable.

Heavy Hitter #3. Black Leather Jacket

The next heavy hitter is my black leather jacket. I knew from the last time that I went to Europe, everyone was wearing a black leather jacket. So I knew that was going to be a staple here in Spain. And sure enough, the women in Spain also love wearing black leather jackets.

I see them every single day not to harass Bonafide. Spanish women, I can tell because of the way they speak, right?

Heavy Hitter #4. EverEve White Sweater

The next piece is one that I featured in a fairly recent video that I did with every Eve. It is this white ribbed sweater. It is so versatile. It looks good on its own. But it also looks great under something I can wear under this Blazer.

I can wear it under a puffer I could wear under a Repco. It's lightweight too. So I don't get really hot, because sometimes you're like, ooh, it's chilly outside. And then you walk 10 blocks and you're hot. So I love that the sweater is lighter weight and not super thick and chunky plus hot flashes. So it's great for that too.

Heavy Hitter #5. Sandro Trench

The next one probably will not come as a big surprise to those of you who are regular readers. It is the Sandro pleated trench coat that I bought here in Spain, at El Cortez in the glaze. It is Sandra, which is a Parisian or French line. It is a beautiful piece, and I absolutely love wearing it. I wear it when we go on our weekend trips traveling, I wear it.

If it rains, I wear it to class. I wear it to the grocery store. If there's a chill in the air with a scarf and jeans, and I wear it all the time, then your average coat. But it also packs a big style punch with those pleats. I love it. So pretty.

Heavy Hitter #6. Mango Jumpsuit

The next piece is kind of a wild card, but I love it. It's a jumpsuit and green denim, by mango, very affordable. The length for me works perfectly. I'm 5'4 for those of you who don't know. So it's actually probably better if you're a little on the petite side, and I just feel like it's in one and do an easy thing I can throw on and still wear sneakers with, and still look like, put together polish cool edgy.

I don't see a lot of Spanish women rocking jumpsuits, but I don't know when I put them on. I feel like I'm American. You know, like, I want to be American today. If you are living in a foreign country, you just have those moments where you just want to be American. This is like my American moment. This jumpsuit also is a bit thicker. So it's great. Like covering lumps and bumps. It doesn't have to be. So it's warmer right now. It is cooler outside. So it's a great piece to throw on and feel like you've elevated your style game that day. When you want to look edgy, it's not like a classy pretty look. It's more of a masculine. 

Heavy Hitter #7. Printed Blouses

Next, I have to give a shout-out to my printed blouse. But now all of a sudden embracing Prince, I don't know. I'm on a kick. I love, oh, my love. A printed dress I bought a printed blouse.

So I have kind of Three core printed blouses that I absolutely love. One is by Eero, and two others are by Bosh, be a and Sh Bosh and both French Brands, and they're just so elegant and Chic and sophisticated, and the print feels so accessible, wearable, but also beautiful and luxurious.

I think sometimes, you know, prints are tricky, and that's kind of why I've additionally stayed away from them. I think these prints are beautiful. And I love that they're all Black and Whites. Because, again, very wearable, versatile, and accessible.

So I just think, you know, if you've been kind of teetering like I was on the edge of do I do the prince, do I not do the prince? Here are three solid options that I firmly stand behind, and I think that you will absolutely love these two brands are definitely on the higher end side of things. But I think the neutrality of the print and the colors will mean that these pieces stand the test of time. So they're quite classic too.

Heavy Hitter #8. YSL Bag 

Two bags I want to share. The first one is this bag by YSL. I like it because it is very durable. I wear things hard. All right, they're not going around, they're bumping. Also, it's a good size. It's not too big. It's not too small. I can fit all my essentials. This is the crossbody strap, which a couple of you Bast is too long for Petites? It's not adjustable, it is on the longer side. So that's a consideration.

If you're any shorter than 5’4 I wouldn't do it. But I think 5’4 and up, you're fine. 

Heavy Hitter #9. Hereu Bag

The other one that I bought, it's not a line that I've seen in us. It's a line I've seen here in Spain. It's called hereu. I don't know how you say, H E R E U you about this bag for school, really. And I love it.

I just love it. So easy to get in and out of. I use it when I go to the grocery store, and I put all my like crap in it. It's just a great bag. So we will try to find something comparable because I don't think this brand is available in the States. 

Heavy Hitter #10. PE Nation Workout Set

Be sure to stick all the way to the end, because I have a bonus piece that I want to share my workout set. So when I came here, I had one workout set. It was my Beyond yoga set that I bought during the Nordstrom sale, and I needed another one because I literally couldn't wear it every single day.

So I did go to a Tracy Anderson class here in Madrid, because there is a studio, and it was interesting. I enjoyed it. They have a bouncy floor. So I was bouncing up and down, but you have to wear a mask, and it's a heated room. So it's like you're in a hot yoga studio with a bouncy floor doing this kind of higher impact dancing and Matt working with a mask on it was just like suffocating. I was like, I can't do it. I just can't do it. Man. Next door to the Tracy Anderson Studio, there was this activewear shop. 

And so I picked up a set by pe nation, which, frankly, I had not heard of before. And I'm so excited that I discovered it, and they do have it at Nordstrom and have it on the other side too. And I love this set. I just love it. I love the colors. I love the fit.

I love the fabric. I love how it has these really cool snazzy straps that are different colors in both the front and the back of the sports bra. I love the way the pants have a side panel that kind of Slims down your legs and makes them look more svelte. I think it's just a solid workout outfit. And also look at the length of me.

I'll see you next time. Thanks. Bye.