Top 10 HOTTEST 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About If You're Over 40 (My 10 FAVORITE Picks!)

Get 40-things-to-know facts about the top shoe trends of 2022 now, and make sure you're up to speed with current fashion trends for the next 5 years.

Top 10 HOTTEST 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About If You're Over 40 (My 10 FAVORITE Picks!)
Top 10 HOTTEST 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About If You're Over 40Top 10 HOTTEST 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About If You're Over 40

Top 10 HOTTEST 2022 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About If You're Over 40 (My 10 FAVORITE Picks!)

I want to talk about fashion trends for shoes, and also talk about some of my Heavy Hitters. These are going to be the shoes that I love the most. I reach for the most. I wear the most, because I am all about that mix and marriage of fashion and function, like if it's pretty, but it's on the shelf, and you can't wear it except the car to the curb. It's not functional. It has to be something that's absolutely functional. You can walk in. You can function in it. You can live your life comfortably in it. These are the types of shoes I'm talking about. 

But I want to start out with Trends. Trends are really interesting and I choose right now. I do think that you see Trends on runways that don't necessarily Sara Lee translate into real life. That's always possible. And sometimes Trends emerge simply from street style. We'll talk about those Trends. And then also, again, my favorites for the season. 

Trend #1: Platform

All right, shall we dive into shoes? On the runways, here are some of the bigger Trends platforms. So remember, in the trends, you should trash blog.

I said those gigantic platforms were on the way out, and they're being replaced with our flat arms. And that means a platform that's totally flat. These are a great way to add height. But while still having that functional component that I talked about before, they can be, I think, a little topsy-turvy.

So it just depends on how you are with your ankles. And if that's something you're concerned about, but I think they are really cute, and maybe we're trying. I actually don't have any flat forms if you try them and you like them. Let us know in the comments.

Trend #2: Puffy Shoes

Puffy is another one, anything just puffy or padded like sandals with straps across the top that are puffy, quilted, quilting, padding, puffy.

Trend #3: Braided Sandals

Next, you've got braided sandals, which I'll show you some of my braided sandals and season. I happen to be a big fan of braided sandals.

That Trend, by the way, carries over into handbags. Braided handbags, woven handbags are also a big fashion trend right now.

Trend #4: Clog Shoes

Clogs, yes clogs. I think there was a period back in the 80s when I wore clogs, but I don't think that's something I'm going to revisit. I don't know. You guys my love clogs. And if you do Clog on.

Trend #5: Slipper Shoes

Slippers shoes, those are exactly what they sound like. They'll look suppers. And all of a sudden it's like, oh, yeah, let's just wear slippers.

I did just buy a pair of indoor-outdoor slippers for our cross-country road trip, because I want to have something that I can wear, like in all the different hotel rooms. And also, we're going to be staying at a couple of campsites. So I want to have something I can just kind of kick around in. So that is something I'll do. But I'm not so sure about the slippers shoes. I love slip-on sandals, though. 

Trend #6: Lug Sole Boots

Another Trend is lug sole boots. So we're veering away from that really streamlined-like sock, tight-fitting booties more to the chunky Doc Martin lug. Sole, heavy-duty boot.

I do have a pair of combat boots that I love. And those have a lug sole. I have another pair of seeing by Chloe boots that have a lug sole that I love. Those are really my only two pairs. I like them for this climate because, you know, it gets slushy and snowing all that stuff. I can wear them here. It's definitely a look.

When you go that route, I feel like you have to think about the rest of your outfit, kind of thoughtfully, and maybe add some femininity into the outfit, because they're quite clunky, chunky masculine.

Trend #7: Sneakers

White sneakers are still going strong as well. I'm a huge fan of each. This is where I can wear closed-toe shoes. I wear them to travel in. I wear them while running errands. They look cute, but they're very functional.

So remember before talking about fashion and function feel like sneakers are where they're at. I will ride this wave as long as I can.

Trend #8: Teva Style

Teva-like sandals are also very on-trend. Do you remember Teva's from back in the day? The new take on TVs is like leather Tevas and different colors and more padding and puffy Tevas.

So they do look a little nicer. You're old school, like black velcro Teva, very in style right now.

Trend #9: Birkenstock

The other thing is Birkenstocks, and this may have evolved with the whole like the love of the seventies, Fashions. The Birkenstocks are very comfortable like this kind of Birkenstock inspired. It's just a sandal with two straps across the top.

But this is more of a modern take on the Birkenstock. Obviously, those are very comfortable. They're very wearable. You could walk for miles in them. It's a great functional sandal if you like the look.

Trend #10: Strappy

And then one last Trend that's still going strong is minimal strappy. So lots of straps but very thin skinny, skinny straps. I have a pair I bought a couple of years ago.

They're white. I don't wear them that often, because they're truly not that comfortable. 

I will see you next time. Bye.