Top 10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fashion Trends 2022

Top 10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With. Luxurious leather shoes, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and the most perfect red lipstick to accent a plaid t-shirt top the list of wardrobe must-haves.

Top 10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fashion Trends 2022
Top 10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fashion Trends 2022

Title: 10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fashion Trends 2022

A new year is a perfect time to give you a closet, a little bit of a makeover. But you do need to be careful because there are some classic pieces that may fluctuate in terms of popularity, but they never ever go out of style. And these are the pieces that you need to make sure you hold on to.

A new year is a perfect time to revisit our closets and kind of have a little bit of a look at the pieces that we own and ask ourselves whether they're actually serving us or not. And if they're not, now is a good time to move them out. But you do have to be really careful that you don't move out some of the good core Basics. And these are the pieces that you may not be that excited about, but they are pieces that deserve to stay in your wardrobe for the Long Haul. They are the pieces that when you do move them out and get rid of them, you will regret. So to avoid any new year regrets, I thought I would share some of the classic pieces that, regardless of what happens in fashion, are worth holding on to. 

1. Blazers

First up. The one-piece that I think is a real essential. And of course, this is only if you are into this particular style. Blazers, regardless of the fact that they are very on-trend at the moment, do obviously fluctuate in terms of popularity.

But they are pieces that you can pull out years down the track, and they will still work. They will still look modern. And of course, with all of these classic basic pieces, you can give them a modern, fresh, updated Edge by pairing them back with some Trend pieces.

So these pieces are very much the basics that you need to hold on to. So if you have Blazers in your lineup, whether they are fitted cropped or oversized, which is the current look at the moment, hang on to them, don't part with the Blazers that you own already. And of course, if you don't own any Blazers, maybe it's worth considering adding one to your lineup. And just seeing whether it's a look that works for you. A Blazer is a great finishing piece to a lot of outfits. So they are well worth giving a go. 

2. Denim Jeans

Now, denim jeans are the next piece that I think we have to be really careful about before we actually part with our denim. Now at the moment, the trend and denim are for slightly oversized looser baggier wide leg, denim jeans. But that doesn't necessarily mean that our skinny jeans, our slim fits, are gone forever. We know that fashion is cyclical and denim jeans, regardless of what is on-trend at the moment, are always going to work.

They're always going to help you create some really cool outfits. So if you love your skinny jeans or whatever style, you're into really thinking twice before parting with your denim jeans, because they can be modernized really easily, just with some fresh current updates.

So hold on to your denim. It really doesn't date.

3. Knee-High Boots

Now, I learned this lesson the hard way, because I moved out a lot of my knee-high boots a couple of years ago when I moved house. Now, my thinking was that I wasn't working in a corporate office, and I didn't actually need those knee-high boots. Most of them had heels, although no hang on a couple of them were Flats, I tended to move them all out.

And now I would love to own a couple of pairs of those exact boots that I moved out of. So for that very reason, I have learned my lesson the hard way. I think knee-high boots and the same goes for ankle boots as well, regardless of the heel, the toe shape, these sorts of pieces are items that you really need to hold on to.

And I know that heels and Toes change on boots, but if you hold on to them for long enough, you are going to get that wear out of them. So really think long and hard before you move out some of your good quality Footwear.

4. Retro Sneakers

The other classic that I think you should really hold on to is retro sneakers. And obviously, every season we see sneaker Trends coming and going, you know, some Seasons, it's just all white is some Seasons. It's chunky dead style sneakers, some Seasons.

It's just really retro. But whatever it is that you own, sneakers are always going to be a good look and help you create some really Fab casual outfits. So hold onto your sneakers, especially if they're in good condition and still look great.

Hold on to them because they really don't date.

5. Button-Down Shirts

Another classic that's worth holding onto. And this almost goes without saying, but I have included it on my list here. And that is button-down shirts. Now, I'm wearing a little short sleeve one today, and it's not really a classic, because it has this kind of modern print on it. But just classic straight button-down, long-sleeve shirts are definitely worth hanging on to.

Now at the moment, we know that the oversized button-down shirts are trending, but all shirts are going to be a piece that you can pull out, and you can wear them on their own, wear them as layers in cases where they, as little beach cover-ups with the sleeves rolled up. There are so many different ways to wear a versatile button-down shirt.

And for that reason, and because they generally don't date, I really urge you to hold onto these pieces before you move them out.

6. Chunky Knits

The other fashion item that is really worth holding onto for the long term, your Chunky knits. Now, I'm sure a number of you are wearing and enjoying your Chunky knits. Now they are amazing for snuggling up, especially when it gets cold outside. So these cozy chunky knits are obviously really practical, but they are the sort of piece that you can pull out year after year after year, and they will still look modern.

And there's just always a good look. In my opinion, supersize chunky knits are where it's at for the season, but any style of chunky knit is going to work no matter what every single winter. So and again, as I said earlier, if you do want to give some of your Classics a little bit of a Modern Edge, you can do that with accessories with new purses or earrings or scarves. But some of these core basic pieces are well worth holding on to.

7. Breton Stripe 

Now personally, I kind of go on and off this trend a little bit, but it's the classic Britain Stripes now, whether it's a striped tee or a long sleeve tee, or a top, or a striped knit that classic Britain stripe is never ever going to go out of style.

And of course, it will. There'll be some Seasons where it's more popular this season. It's not as popular. Although stripes are trending at the moment that classic Britain stripe is one that you can pull out and wear and look fresh and Chic and stylish no matter what.

So if you're having second thoughts about whether to hold on to some of those Britain Stripes, just those classic striped pieces, I would definitely stick with them. 

8. Long Coats

Another classic that is worth holding onto for a really long time, your long line coats. Now, I'm talking about your sort of Maxi or calf-length coats. Now, obviously, these coats are generally expensive, but they don't tend to date either.

So, regardless of what's happening with their lapels, the collars, the texture, the Styling, whether they're belted or not, these sorts of pieces are really Timeless, and they are the kind of finishing piece to an outfit in Winter.

And not to mention they are warm and cozy and super practical. And you guys know I'm all about being practical. So really hold on to your good quality winter coats, because they will serve you for many, many years. 

9. Puffers

Now when it comes to keeping warm. The other classic piece to hold onto is your puffer coats, jackets, and vests. And of course, we've seen lots and lots of puffers currently and in lots of different colorways.

And I wonder what happens with puffers. And I did move one out a number of years ago. And I think the reason I did that was that it was so bulky and took up so much space in my closet. Now, what I needed to do was just to move it out and pack it away until the following winter, because it is a piece that is going to be really versatile and lightweight so easy to travel with.

There are so many pluses to a puffer, or as we've seen this season, quite a few quilted coats as well, or Cloud coats as they tend to have been called. But these pieces really are Essentials that are great for just keeping you warm and adding a little bit of a fun session Edge, especially as I said, some of the colorful puffers that we've seen around this season. So hold on to those puffs of pieces. And if you don't already own any, now is a good time to invest, because there are some great sales happening at the moment so have a little look.

10. Slip Dresses

Now the next one is a personal favorite of mine, and it is a slip dress. Now, I have a couple of slip dresses in my lineup, and they've gotten me out of a bind so many times when I've kind of had nothing new to wear. And the great thing about them is that they really are a trendy seasonal piece.

So slip dresses and also camisole slip tops as well, because they're a great layering piece with the option of either layering something underneath them or layering something over them. And a slip dress can look more like a skirt if you layer over a chunky knit and pair it with some knee-high boots.

I love the fact that they are just so versatile and so Tran seasonal as well. And if you don't like showing off your arms, then use layers to disguise some of those areas of your body that you don't like to show off the classic slip dress in any colorway, or a slip camisole. Two pieces that will always remain in my closet, no matter what. the last classic that's really important to hold onto. And these are the pieces that are really kind of easy to move out, and we tend to regret them. And that is our favorite dress.

So it's all too easy to get caught up in the trends and think that this particular style isn't trending. Anyway, that's it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up I'll catch you in the next one. Bye for now.