Top 10 EASY Ways to Make Your Everyday *Jeans & Tee* Uniform Look More Stylish & Chic

Are you on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear on your next workday or weekend? Check out these 10 easy ways to make you everyday *Jeans & Tee* look more stylish and chic.

Top 10 EASY Ways to Make Your Everyday *Jeans & Tee* Uniform Look More Stylish & Chic
Top 10 EASY Ways to Make Your Everyday *Jeans & Tee* Uniform Look More Stylish & Chic

Title: 10 EASY Ways to Make Your Everyday *Jeans & Tee* Uniform Look More Stylish & Chic 

I'm showing you very simple ways that you can elevate it. What I want to talk about is one of my favorite go-to outfit combinations, jeans, and a t-shirt. If you're anything like me, you love your jeans and t-shirt uniform. I literally live in jeans and a t-shirt. I want to take that combination and elevate it and show you these very simple things. He's very simple tweaks that you can make to really make that combo much more polished, sophisticated, elegant, classy, and modern. Are you ready? Let's do it.

1. Tuck your Tee

Option number one is to tuck in that t-shirt. Some of you are going to immediately go, but I can't go get my t-shirt. Just wait tuck in the tea. You can do a few different things to tuck it in. You can tuck it in all the way that's the most classic elegant tailored look, or you can do the French tuck,

which is just half in and mostly out in the back and the sides. Obviously, I'm not going to use a gigantic black scrunchy to do this. I'm showing you the black scrunchie, just so you can see exactly what I'm doing and how it looks.

Ideally, you would have a lighter hair tie or a clear hairband.

2. Knot your Tee

The next way that you can elevate your basic jeans and Tee uniform is to not your Tee. That's the same or similar concept as tucking it in or doing that French tuck. But it's just a little bit of different detail. And this is one that is going to be tricky. Again, if you're concerned about your tummy, I would highly recommend doing this if you're going to do the not doing it with a pair of high rise jeans or pants in this case, obviously. So we've got high-rise jeans because that's the whole point. But you can do a high-rise skirt. I Rise shorts, high-rise pants, high-rise chance because you're nodding the shirt, it does shrink it up quite a bit.

This is also a great hack. If you have a really short torso, and you have a long t-shirt or a long blouse, and you need to take up some of that hemline. And some of that fabric. Simply not it. It does both. It'll bring up the headline, and it will take up some of the fabric.

The nice thing about knotting your t-shirt is it does create a lot more shape with your tee. So especially if it's no oversized tee, this is a great, great hack to use.

3. Cuff your Jeans

Your next, very easy option to elevate the jeans and the tee, cuff your jeans. Right now in fashion, we're gravitating from the really super tight skinny jeans to more of a relaxed fit gene, or more of a boot cut straight wide cuffing looks a little different. I want to talk about in this blog, more of the oversized leg, which, again, could be bootcut, straight, or wide leg. In that case, what you can do is just one single cuff, which I think looks really cool and modern and hip.

I think it also looks polished and Chic. The other thing you can do, and I've talked about this before, and I've also featured it on Instagram is the old-school 80s Peg roll. You pinch a little fabric on the side, and then you roll at the bet.

Now, that's a great option. If you do have a wider leg Pant or jeans, and you want to highlight a great shoe where you wanna kind of change the silhouette of your jeans, that Peg roll can work in that situation. I also think it just adds a cool factor to your look. It's a little bit unexpected. It looks thoughtful, looks interesting. No one's going to go. Oh, my God, had that in the 80s. What is that? And if they do, they really, have some problems other than your peg roll.

Try it out, give it a whirl.

And by the way, it doesn't matter if you wore it in the 80s or not. I know some people like to wear that one time already, and I'm not going to wear it again like another decade ago. Why? Why would you like to shut down all of these things just because you wore them back in the day? I think it's fun and nostalgic, and it brings back memories. And you can remember the first time you did the peg roll. And you can remember the first time you wore those ridiculous mesh fluorescent pink gloves probably won't you like those again? 

4. Wear Jewelry

Next up, we've got jewelry. Jewelry can take anything up to ten notches. It adds so much interest, pop excitement, sophistication, Elegance, insert your adjective here. It's just a beautiful pop to your look. And with that jeans and t-shirt combination, it's very casual. When you add something that's a little more Glam-like, let's say I'm adding this necklace.

It's not just jeans and a tee anymore. It's like a real, thoughtful outfit that has some Polish and interest to it. It really makes a huge difference, and don't be afraid to try something a little more dramatic during the day, or just with something more casual. In this case, I added this glamorous multi-strand necklace, some earrings. These are some gold-like oval shapes, oops. I added a bracelet. This Julie Vos bangle just really adds a lot to the T-shirt to the look.

5. Belt It!

Of course, you can add a belt, always belt it belting it does so much. It adds a really sassy accessory, defines the waist, or creates one.

If you don't have one like me, it draws your attention to the waist. The placement of the belts is important. So if you do have tummy issues, you probably don't want to put the belt right on the biggest part of your tummy. But what you can do, which is really cool, is you can cheat. You can cheat it up or cheat it down, depending on how your shape is. So if you're like, I can't do it because of my tummy, like maybe try it lower. Maybe try it higher and play around with it. I promise you, you can do it. The next few tips are also very easy, but definitely a lot more dramatic in terms of transforming the jeans Tee combo. 

6. Try a Jacket

First up, we've got to add a jacket. And in this case, I'm adding a black leather moto jacket. This is one I've had for many years by Joie. We will link a similar one below. The other one that I have that I love is my treasure and bond. You guys may remember that jacket from the Nordstrom sale. It's a beautiful black leather moto jacket.

If you are looking for a moto. Personally, I prefer a moto that doesn't have really strong Hardware, because I feel like it looks a little more refined and elegant. But I do think the ones with Hardware are cool. It creates a different look. It's a little edgier versus, you know, minimal Hardware. It looks a little more refined. So you can see that the jacket adds so much to this jeans and Tee combo. Before I skip ahead to the next tip. I did want to mention these booties because I didn't add this as a tip.

But obviously, when you throw on a pair of very chic black suede pointed toe stiletto booties that are going to elevate your jeans and Tee look as well, this pair by shoots, and it's a very lightweight pair of booties, and I love them so much.

These would be great for travel because they are so light, so they're not going to weigh down your suitcase, and they're very comfortable, especially for this kind of heel. And it has a wide toe box, so pointed toes are normally super narrow. And you're like, I can't walk in these. This pair is really awesome.

7. Do wear a Blazer

Bring it on the drama with this tip. Try a Blazer. This Blazer is a massive Splurge. It's by Bellmen. But there are a zillion versions of this Blazer at every price point where I featured all of the double-breasted blazers at all the different price points. This exact double-breasted blazer with the gold buttons you can find at any price point. But it looks so good.

The shoulders, you see the strong shoulders, like even this t-shirt, has a strong shoulder. If you're petite, and you have narrow sloping shoulders as I do, and you add the broad shoulder, it really adds so much. If you're looking at an hourglass, the top of the Hour Glass is wide. The middle of The Hourglass is narrow and the bottom, the Hourglass is wide by adding those sharp shoulders to your Blazer.

8. Throw on a Cardigan

You're in contrast, making your waist look smaller along the same lines as the jacket and the Blazer you can throw on a cardigan. There are all different types of cardigan sweaters. You've got the Duster or cardigan. You got the midi-length cardigan that comes to your knee. You've got the one that comes to the mid-thigh. You've got the shrunken, cropped cardigan, and then you've got this style, which is a little bit longer than waist-length.

This cardigan, by the way, is by Mage boucle.

Beautiful looks very Chanel-esque without the Chanel price tag. Still expensive, not cheap, but a beautiful piece. And I plan to wear this a lot.

This fall because it's warm number two, it's cool. Number three, I love yellow, I think blondes and yellow. It's just a good combination that has to be the right yellow, though not mustard, more of a lemon yellow.

9. Sport some Sunnies

Next up on our easy tips to transform your jeans and t-shirts is Sport Some Sunnys. This is one of those tips. I know you already know you like it, but it's just worth repeating and showing you how much a pair of sunglasses take your whole look up a notch. It just looks cooler. Yeah, just you're pulling the whole thing together. It looks so much better when you add a pair of really cool sunglasses.

And in this case, I'm wearing a pair of key black aviator sunglasses that I love, and we're all time. They are also a very good price point. These genes, by the way, are a new purchase. They are Isabel Marant, and I love them personally. But I would say the fit is a little weird, so don't buy them unless you are boxy like me, which means, what do I mean by that boxy? Rectangle-shaped. I am a classic rectangle, which means I don't have a clearly defined waist. And these jeans are great because they're fitted through the hips, and they're a little roomier in the waist. But if you have a tiny waist, these jeans, the specific pair, are going to be no good on you.

10. Add a Scarf

Next up is to add a scarf. I love scarves. I don't wear them enough. I feel like they're there, but you don't ever wear them. And I don't know why I just feel like it's always tricky to style them.

Look, this could be in lieu of an accessory. It could be an addition to an accessory. It does keep you warmer. So if it's getting chillier, it's fall, it's crisp air.

That's a great way, just to add a little warmth to your outfit. And the nice thing too, about scarves, you reach your destination. You want to take it off your little bit warm, you just take it off. That's it. It's just very easy to throw on and very easy to take off. Also, very sophisticated, also, very chic, and definitely elevates your look. 

That's it from me today. Bye for now.