Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

We talked about celebrity cancellations a lot on the channel, but sometimes celebrities don't just get canceled. They lose almost everything in their lives as a result of a really bad scandal...

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021
Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

We talked about celebrity cancellations a lot on the channel, but sometimes celebrities don't just get canceled. They lose almost everything in their lives as a result of a really bad scandal. 

1. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood during their on-and-off-again relationship. The pair even had a child together named Kai. But that was all taken away from him after 

reports that he got physical was mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid.

According to an Insider quote, 

“Gigi and Zayn had a very destructive relationship when they were together romantically”. 

According to a lawsuit, Zayn quoted, “shoved you, Lana, into a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain”.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

At the time, the altercation Gigi was not home, but you came back immediately from Paris Fashion Week to deal with the situation. Zayn plead, no contest to the charges, but later sent a statement that he adamantly denied Yolanda's claims. The bears have now split for good, and are fighting for custody of their daughter, along with Yolanda fighting in lawsuits.

2. Chris Harrison 

Before his huge Scandal. Chris Harrison was known as the legendary host of The Bachelor Franchise. But he was caught up in a major scandal in 2021 after contestant Rachel Carcano was exposed for racially insensitive actions. And in the midst of this Harrison took part in an interview with fellow Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, where he spoke about the Scandal. During that interview, Harrison was very aggressive towards Rachel Lindsay and defended Carcano for seemingly no reason. One of Harrison's controversial statements included quotes 

“I've heard a lot of, I think she should. I think he should. Who the hell are you? Who are you to demand that?”

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

People found his comments to be insensitive and many said he was too quick to defend a contestant accused of racist actions. Chris ended up apologizing but was later cut entirely from the franchise, which was a huge deal to The Bachelor fans.

3. Jen Shaw

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just seems to be getting better and better. And the drama with cast member Jen Shaw is not going anywhere anytime. Soon, weeks ago, we saw Jen get arrested during the show. Now we get to see Jen fighting for her Freedom. Charles was arrested by the feds on March 30th of 2021 for allegedly ripping up elderly people in a telemarketing scam. She's facing charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering with a Max sentence of 30 years in prison if found guilty.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

Initially, it seemed that Jen was tipped off that the cops were coming for her, and that's why she suddenly left the planned trip. But now she's claiming that she's completely innocent, and the cops have gone after her for no reason. But the cops just don't choose someone to investigate for months and then arrest in a sting operation. So clearly, they have some serious dirt on her that might put her behind bars.

4. Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett was best known for his role on Empire at the time of his scandal, although he wasn't a household name, his Fame exploded to new heights when he alleged that two white men who were wearing Mega hats attacked him, shouting racist and homophobic slurs. The whole world supported him, and he became somewhat of a figure against racial hate until it was real. It was all a lie, and he actually paid two men to attack him after he was exposed. He was served several lawsuits from the city themselves for faking a police report and wasting the city's time.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

On February 11th of 2020, Smollett was charged by a Cook County grand jury on six counts pertaining to making false police reports. And he was, of course, blacklisted from the industry. He was just found guilty of his crimes, and we'll be serving time behind bars. So his career and everything he's worked for is now gone over a stupid lie.

5. Travis Scott

Following the tragic Astor World Festival, it will be shocking if Travis Scott continues to have a career. At first, it looked like Kylie Jenner might be leaving him following the incident. However, she's apparently standing by him ahead of their second child's birth. But fans are speculating this could be all for show. And Kylie just might leave him after the birth.

It's clear that Travis is taking no responsibility for the festival that took the lives of ten concertgoers and injured hundreds of others. As he recently said, “he was not responsible whatsoever”. 

And it's an interview with Charlemagne and claimed that 

“he didn't know of anything that was happening”.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

As of now, Travis is looking at billions of dollars worth of lawsuits. So the very least he will be going broke following the tragedy. After the festival fans realize his problematic behavior was not a one-off. And Travis had encouraged Rowdy and dangerous behavior multiple times in the past. This has caused a lot of longtime fans to turn on him.

6. Erica Jayne 

Erica Jayne truly had it all. She was filthy rich, had a loving husband, and a phenomenal career as a real housewife. But that all came crumbling down this year when she filed for divorce from her husband and was exposed that her entire life was basically a fraud. Erica's husband was All-Star returning Tom Girardi, known from the Erin Brockovich case. But then police and lawyers got involved, and it was exposed. That Tom was a fraud and achieved their lavish lifestyle by stealing from his clients. The fact that Tom represented orphans and widows made things even worse as he was stealing from people that really needed the money.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

Erica is now being sued Left, Right, and Center, and she might even be facing jail time. She spent the entire season of the show Fielding Accusations about her involvement. But over time, the fans and fellow cast members have turned on her. As of now, she's basically alone fighting off lawsuits and criticism on the internet. And the fans of the show have definitely turned on her after the last reunions.

7. R Kelly

I've avoided talking about our Kelly for as long as possible on the website because his crimes are so terrible they're hard to talk about. But after years of being in court, battles on September, 27th of 2021 are Kelly was officially found guilty on 9 charges, including charges of kidnapping, bribery, and many counts of exploitation. Kelly will remain in custody pending sentencing, which was set for May 4th of 2022.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

For decades people have been coming forward against the rapper as incredibly problematic Behavior, especially towards women. Some even claim he ran a cult where other men along with Kelly, would take advantage of women in a vulnerable state. As of now, he's facing decades Behind Bars and is entirely blacklisted from the industry. 

8. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin's career is on the verge of being over after you accidentally shot two people on the set of the movie, rust killing cinematographer Helena Hutchins. Following the tragedy, the movies have been trying to piece together what exactly happened to cause this to occur. Alec Baldwin has been placed on the assistant director, along with the armor. But it seems that the set was full of safety concerns almost as soon as it started. And it was later discovered that other cast and crew members walked off the set before the shooting because of safety issues. As of now, the movie itself and I like Baldwin, are being sued by a number of parties.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

It's difficult to say how at fault he was in the situation. At the end of the day, he is the one that fired the bullet until things are sorted out, he should not work on another project again, although now he is claiming that he didn't even pull the trigger, which some people are debating.

9. Gary Busey 

Gary Busey was exposed this year for being in financial ruin. He's essentially bankrupt. And the government, thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. Thankfully, his legal battle has determined that he will not have to pay creditors that have been pushing him for payment, which amounted to roughly $57,000. He also got to keep $26000 worth of assets.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

However, BC will still have to pay the roughly 450,000 dollars that he owes to state and federal taxes as they are not taken away in bankruptcy cases. Busey told TMZ about going bro quote, 

“ When you have too much, it's a good feeling to let go. My new hobby is just breaking even ”. 

10. Josh Duggar

This year, Josh Duggar was found guilty and will be sentenced to jail for his heinous crimes. And not only is his career gone, but his entire family has turned their back on him rightfully so. As of now, he's not been given a sentence, but he's facing up to 40 years in prison, the former reality TV star, known as a sibling on the show 19 Kids and Counting what sentence 2 will be charged in Arkansas. I can't exactly tell you what his charges are, because they are truly that terrible. But he was charged with receiving and possessing illegal content of minors.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lost Everything In 2021

After the guilty verdict Duggars lawyer so that they intend to appeal it, which I hope does not get accepted. Dugger has since been taken into custody, but a sentence has not been determined since the guilty verdict. Josh's sister, Jana Duggar, has also been arrested on similar charges.

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