Top 10 best detective movies of 21 century

Top 10 detective movies of 21 century are listed according to their popular ranking.

Top 10 best detective movies of 21 century
Top 10 best detective movies of 21 century

Top 10 best detective movies of 21 century

Hi guys, welcome to a Clever Vulpes Website. This time we decided to prepare a selection of the best detectives of the 21st century. This top includes some films that some of you probably saw. But for the next top, we already prepared some reviews that you might have missed. Stay tuned. So let's not waste any time in begin.

10- The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code, Harvard, professor of religious history and iconography Robert is in Paris for work. And after an urgent call in the middle of the night, he arrives at the Loop, where the old curator of the museum was killed and encrypted. The note was found near the body of the murder, and the keys are hidden in the works of Leonardo DaVinci. Robert mints, a cryptographer Sophie. And together they're trying to uncover a secret that could undermine the power of the Catholic church. This movie successfully binds to generous Thriller and detective.

Therefore, it will appear to both fans of action-packed films with chases and shootings and lovers of detective stories of Secrets and riddles. The movie was not highly appreciated by professional critics, but by ordinary viewers. We're happy to go to the cinemas and watch it at the fees, increase the budget by six times tenth place The DaVinci Code.

9- Zodiac

So deep and Summer of 69 a couple of lovers were shot by an unknown person in the suburbs of San Francisco. Soon A letter came to the local newspaper with an attached cryptogram. The author who signed himself with the name zodiac took responsibility for this and other murders and promised to kill more if the letter was not published on the front page. However, after publication, The Killing continued new letters also came to the additional office inspector. David is professionally engaged in the capture of this killer. A what are Paul and illustrator? Robert is also involved in the investigation. Professional critics liked this movie, but not the ordinary viewers.

The movie feels more like a documentary because of the intensity of the events and the Dynamics of development. It's more about the police work. But if you're interested in learning the story of one of the most famous Maniacs of America and plunging into the special atmosphere were created by the director, David Fincher then this the movie is for you, and it's worth paying attention to if Place zodiac.

8- Wind River

Wind River, a professional Hunter Cory finds the corpse of a local girl, a former friend of his deceased daughter near the Wind River Indian Reservation. The local police can't find the culprit on their own and ask for help from the FBI. They sent Edge and Jane Brenner to the reservation.

However, the girl quickly realizes that she can't cope without Curry's Hill and ask for help in her investigation. This is a fluid atmospheric film in an addiction to the Intriguing detective story also is a strong dramatic one. The movie definitely leaves an impression and will appeal primarily to those who Loft off dark and partly depressing movies. Eighth place, Wind River.

7- Prisoners

Prisoners during Thanksgiving the to close families Dover and breach, lose their young daughters. The eldest son of one of the victims remembered seeing an old park vent nearby. And this becomes the starting point in the investigation. However, the father of the doing family can't wait and does nothing and takes out the search of the missing girl.

This is a darkly atmospheric, rather clever detective Thriller events develop quickly. But at the same time, the movie keeps the viewer and suspense throwing you Clues to think about Seventh Place prisoners.

6- Red dragon

Red dragon FBI agent will live the service after he was seriously injured on duty. But a few years later, he is dragged into a new investigation. A serial killer appeared in the city to catch the many a quill has to ask Hannibal Lecter for help. The film belongs to a cycle of movies based on the novel of Thomas Harris and tells about the most famous movie, fancier, Hannibal Lecter, nickname, Hannibal this film, the third in a row.

But it's about the earliest period of canonical along with before the events shown a masterpiece Silence of the Lambs, an excellent Thriller with an interesting detective story. Vivid acting work and tense atmosphere 6 Place Red Dragon.

5- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

In the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there are two excellent adaptations of the novel of the same name by Stieg Larsson. But at first, I want to mention the Swedish one now, because David Fincher's version is bad, but because in the production of Neil top left, there is more of that Scandinavian glue, a special Northern atmosphere that is so combined with the aura of the detective about mysterious murders. So, according to the plot, a very rich man lost his knees a long time ago. The murder was never properly investigated, and the killer managed to send flowers once a year there, by wounding the old man hurt. The millionaire hires a journalist known for a scandalous investigation.

But the truth is that the court loser in one of these cases, a very peculiar hacker girl come to his Aid together. They're trying to figure out a case that is already several decades old. Fifth Place The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

4- Gone Girl

Gone Girl on the fifth wedding anniversary. Nick discovers that his wife and I have disappeared, and in their house, located in a small town in Missouri traces of his struggle are clearly visible. It can be clearly seen that their marriage full of romance and unbridled love.

This is an incredible, high-quality movie that successfully combines a romantic story, deep, personal drama. And of course, a cool detective story. Fourth place, gone girl.

3- Momento

Momento, the plot of the movie unfolds in the reverse order, Leonardo's looking for a murderer and rapist of his wife, everything that came before this fatal event and the murder itself forever stuck in his head. But then the brain crashed after the shock experience. The hero is unable to remember what is happening to him for more than a few minutes like a madman. He rushes in his luxury car to cheap motels, wonders in a vicious circle, making the names of suspects and Witnesses on Paulo red photographs and scarves of paper and the most important conclusion with the Tucson, his own body.

This film by Christopher Nolan was not the debut of the work of a talented director, but it became the first movie that brought great popularity and opened the way to big-budget films and cooperation with large movie companies. Nolan was able to present The Familiar genre of detective in their Regional matter of reverse storyline. And it turned out very testing. Third place, momento.

2- Nights Out

Nights out, novelist Harlan Trump turns 85 on the occasion of the holiday, he gathers the large family in the Mansion the celebration is called, but at the end of the day, the old man is found with his throat cut in his room. Suicide is evident. The next day the police arrive in the house and take turns gating each of their relatives of the deceased during the conversation. It turns out that almost everyone's relationship with Harlan was ruined, and anyone could commit the murder.

But the detective Benedict plunk was hired by an anonymous author with a request to find the Killer is connected to the investigation. The film has a lot of humor and cost, and some really unexpected twists and turns. This movie is bought, stylish dramatic comedy and a smart detective in the style of classic Works called who did it January? 2nd Place Knives Out.

1- Shutter Island

Shutter Island, the middle of the last century to Federal Marshalls dead in chalk, float through the folk, did the Shutter Island, where the hospital for the most dangerous madman's is located. They were sent to the island to find out about the patients who drowned her four children. However, for Teddy, she is just an excuse. In fact, he had been looking for an opportunity to visit this prison for a long time. The culprit of his I've said is sitting here somewhere. However, the heads of the hospital don't like their investigation.

This movie is one of the brightest works of Martin's car says, which attracts attention from the very first minute. And the further, the more it drowns into the atmosphere of Madness, a fascinating detective story with a gorgeous psychological Thriller. Definitely one of the best representatives of the transient first place shatters Island. Well, this is it. Thanks for watching share.

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