Top 10 best action movies of 2021

Top 10 best action movies of 2021. These movies have 2.8 stars on Netflix. These movies have 4 out of 5 stars on IMBD. These movies have 4 out of 5 stars on Wikipedia. These movies are rated PG-13 on Google

Top 10 best action movies of 2021
Top 10 best action movies of 2021

Hi guys, welcome to a good movie channel. And this is the second part of the best action movies of 2021 the selection includes action films of different genders, criminal, fantastic comedy, and even elements of horror. Don't forget to check the first part of the selection. We left the link in the descriptions below. So let's not waste any time in begin.

Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves, Sebastian works as a bank clerk during his free hours, runs a YouTube channel about the hacking. Once the lucky blogger is noticed by professional thieves, they offer him to become a part of the team and together open a series of legendary safes scattered throughout Europe. In addition to the difficulties with robberies.

Sebastian also has to fit into a difficult team. This film is a prequel to Army of the dip by Zack Snyder and tells us about the life of a bird before he decides to go to Vegas. This is also a Greek movie about robberies and the hunting tactics of a team but without zombies and frequent gunfights. Netflix develops The Cinematic Universe Army of the dead, and the new film came out quite well, tenth place Army of Thieves.

Raging Fire

Raging Fire, honest and principal police officer Bond refuses to bend under his Coleman and make a deal with his conscience. This is why his team is not taken in a separate operation to capture the longhorn to criminal, but a gang of known facts in a mask appears from nowhere and kills almost all the cops, not a bad police action movie, which in addition to fights, shootings, and chases can offer some kind of drama that raises the question of police arbitrariness in the perfect justice system and Richie button for the inflicted.

The film has everything that is required of a Morton action movie and is uncomplicated, but not the worst plot and spectacular stunts. First of all, the movie will appeal to fans of Asian Cinema. But it can also interest fans of the January 9th Place Raging Fire.

The forever Purge

The forever Purge, the events of the film, take place in the United States, where the large-scale economic crisis rains to deal with the poverty and disconnect of the population. The government creates doomsday one day a year when any crime is allowed from 7 pm to 7 am. Thus, people are offered to let off steam and restore Justice on their own. Every time everything turns into a mess slider without rules.

The new film came out Dynamic with a lot of action since. But some shootings are not very, especially after movies like John week, which took this done and action center next level. But despite the short comments, the film leaves a pleasant impression, at least it is not boring. Its place, the forever perch.

The Protege

The Protege in 1991 in Vietnam, the killer, pick up the girl decided not to kill her, but to make her his Protege and took her out of the country 30 years later and I moved our excellent Killers for work all over the world for a considerable reward. The next task doesn't seem difficult, just find the information you need.

However, those involved in the case are killed one by one, and I was left alone. The director of the film is Martin combo, known, primarily for staging James Bond movies. The story is not so original, but at the same time, vigorous and dynamic, the director's experience in staging James Bond helped turn a rather formulaic script into a Seventh Place protege.

The Ice Road

The ice Road, a methane explosion, occurs in a mine of Northern Canada. A couple of dozen miners are locked in the stone captivity. They have a little are left for a date. It is possible to deliver the necessary rescue equipment only by tracks on the ice of the lake. But the season of such roads is over. The ice is rapidly melting. Literally, a few people agree to take the suicide mission and experienced driver Mike with his young brother. Young drivers tend to, as well as the head of the Transport company and the representative of the insurer ahead.

They have a day of the deadly dangerous path. There are some minuses of the movie script, miscalculations, and the obvious impossibility of some sense. The inappropriately drone special effects in some action shots are also striking. But despite all that, this movie really captivates and keeps you in suspense until the end. And Liam Neeson is experiencing a second Youth in Action January, and in 69 still convincingly demonstrates the silence and courage, not a bad choice for one time viewing 6 places, the ice Road.

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky flies from Germany to the USA on board, among other passengers, is a young woman, Nadia, with her eight-year-old son. She flies to an advanced clinic in the United States, where there is a chance to cure her very rare blood disease. Unfortunately, the plane is hijacked by terrorists, but soon the Invaders realized that they are forced with an inexplicable force and inventive German horror movie.

The combines an action movie about hostages on an airplane in a trashy horror film. The Horror gender has certainly pulled the movie into category B, but it doesn't mean that it's a bad movie. The main plus here is a well throughout the script. The in the trick is perfectly sustained in the beginning. And the narrative is well built. The movie is worthy of watching if you like, the world's fifth place, Blood, Red Sky.

Kate 2021

Kate one of the best assassins on the planet who dreams of retirement and living a normal life is Poisoned With radioactive material. There is no medicine, no antidote. And the killer has only one day to live first. The main character freaks out as expected. But then she decides to live this life rightly. And to hunt for her own Killers. The movie resembles a hybrid of two films, Cronquist Statham.

Do you do a concept of the movie and John week due to the visual and staging of action? Since there is also some drama. The strong point here is the Furious action, mind-blowing stunts, fights, and shootings. The author of the movie fully copes with this task delivers in an excellent hour and a half of adrenaline charge time, fourth place, Kate.

The Tomorrow War

The tomorrow war on an ordinary evening in 2021 a Detachment of solid tires lives to opened intertemporal portal guest from The Future, announce that exactly 30 years from now, Humanity will be on the brick of extension. The governments of all countries are beginning to gather groups of volunteers ready to fight the alien monsters over the world. A biology teacher and former realtor named Jane Foster is the one that comes first.

This is a bright fantastic action movie, the so-called summer blockbuster, expensive entertainment cinnamon, which released to a large extent of the visual part. The movie received some criticism for blood inconsistencies. It is not difficult to find references to aliens in the Terminator Age of Tomorrow and Starship Troopers. But the movie turned out to be interesting and fascinating a great Blockbuster that shouldn't be missed. Third place, the tomorrow War.

Red Notice

Red Notice, the top FBI special agent, John Hurley, arrives in the capital of Italy to support Interpol in the capture of the thief, Works a fart no long both, and to prevent The Disappearance of one of three golden eggs once presented to Cleopatra. However, some of the FBI agents themselves Behind Bars, along with the boot. It comes obvious that the agent was framed From This Moment. The former enemies will have to join forces to get out of and find you the offenders. This is a Great Entertaining movie.

Sometimes it is downright stupid and ridiculous. And places are spectacular and exciting. But mostly finding an entertaining from the very beginning, the movie takes a fast pace and doesn't stop until the very end. This is a large Destiny Advanced movement. The action sends and funny jokes. The cinema doesn't try to seem smarter than it is. And this makes it looks easy. Charming, Blockbuster Adventure, a great way to spend two hours of free time. Second-place red notice.

No Time to Die

No time to die. Five years have passed since the events of Spectre. James Bond has retired. He's no longer an agent along with the callsign. The past is also behind now. James only wants to enjoy a peaceful life in Jamaica, where he has a chick Bungalow or roofless softened dozen of bottles of whiskey. But duties call it only former MI6 agent is able to cope with a new thread in the person of Lucifer happen. He's a terrorist who found in you type of biological weapon, great action-packed film. And it's not even about the number of action sense.

There are enough of them here, but about the same amount of time spent on working out the image of the protagonist and his relationship with other people. James Humanity has been a key them since the very first movie would pray. And in a new film, this character trait is emphasized even more. This is the final film with Daniel Craig as an agent. The area ended brightly in Ali's first place, no time to die. Well, this is it.

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