Top 7 Late Summer Must-Haves | Fashion Trends 2021 

Pair any number of accessories with these great fashion finds so you'll be ready for the first days of fall!

Top 7 Late Summer Must-Haves | Fashion Trends 2021 
Title: Top 7 Late Summer Must-Haves | Fashion Trends 2021 

Title: Top 7 Late Summer Must-Haves | Fashion Trends 2021 

When it comes to fashion, it's usually accessories that I get the most excited about. And in today's blog, I'm sharing 7 very cool accessories that are worth taking note of. Accessories are often really underrated, and it's such a shame because adding an accessory to an outfit really does take it from Zero to Hero in an instant. Accessories are also a really simple way, just to give you outfits, a little bit of personality, and add your own Flair to them.

The other great thing about accessories is that they are often an affordable way to dip your toe in a trend and kind of update your look without spending a fortune. Buying a whole new outfit is generally going to be pretty pricey. But just adding some on-trend accessories can give you an updated, more modern look, but you're not going to spend a fortune to do so. 

1. Bold Hat

This first trend is one that often gets overlooked. But it is a really practical and also colorful way to update an outfit. And that is a bold hat. Now, I'm not talking just a simple straw hat, but there are so many sorts of oversized bucket hats if you will, and colorful patterned floral hats.

And I do tend to think that hats are an accessory that we often forget. We tend to just save them for the winter months, but they are really practical and also Trend seasonal because a great hat is something that will see you through as the weather starts to cool down as well.

So when you are thinking about accessories, think about investing in a big bold hat because it will keep the sun off your face, which is going to be good for you.

But it will also just add a really fun, vibrant Finishing Touch to your outfit.

2. Oversized Totes

This next Trend I'm particularly excited about and is oversized totes. Now, I could never really get behind those tiny little purses that were in fashion. They just were so impractical in my mind, and they may have looked cute and dainty, but you weren't going to be able to carry anything other than some coins and maybe a lipstick with you, which, in my mind just doesn't cut it.

So what I have seen is lots of really low large tote bags. Now they kind of spill summer to me, because you can put in a sarong and a beach towel and sunscreen and load them up with all of the summer Essentials.

So we're going to see larger bags continuing that momentum into fall and winter and Beyond. So if you're thinking about upping the size of your handbag, now's a great time to do it.

3. Comfy

Now, this next trend is one that I'm also here for because it focuses on comfy feet, and I like to be comfortable no matter what I'm wearing. So during the lockdown, I know a lot of you were wearing slippers and really comfy shoes for a really long time. And I think designers have taken notice of that. And it's interesting because the likes of Birkenstocks and Crocs are selling out.

So it seems that most people are enjoying continuing to have that Comfort, even though they may no longer be in lockdown.

So this trend wearing side Birkenstocks and comfy slides will actually be continuing on into the cooler months as well. Obviously, you'll be teaming them with socks. Yes, socks and sandals are going to be a Vibe for the cooler months.

So if you do think about grabbing yourself a pair of Burke, he's or dares I say, Crocs, you are going to get some really good. We're out of them. And I think the thing that I love about them the most is that you get that cool Factor, you get the comfort, and you get that longevity as well.

4. Baseball Caps

This next Trend I really love, and it is not new. And I'm sure a lot of you will be saying, this is not even a trend, but baseball caps are being worn for all sorts of reasons, and not just in the traditional sort of athletic way that you would imagine.

So baseball caps are being teamed with just cool sort of streetwear outfits. So not what you would imagine, just worn with activewear and workout gear. They're definitely sort of the final piece of the puzzle that is bringing an outfit together or just adding a little bit of a cool street style edge to an outfit. The other great thing about them is that they're the perfect way to mask a bad hair day.

So I'm sure many of you have got baseball caps sitting around, bringing them out and trying to reintroduce them, but in a slightly different way.

So take them out of that active realm and put them more in a kind of street style cool funky outfit. 

5. Phone Accessories

This next trend is one that really excites me, and it's a trend for all sorts of interesting phone accessories. And it's kind of about time that we blow up our phones. I mean, we've done that with phone cases, but we're almost moving into the next phase of accessory rating, accessorizing our phones.

And that is with really cool chains and Beads and sorts of accessories that just give our phone not only extra Focus but just give it a little bit more of a fun Factor.

Also, there are some very cool phone cases that hang around your neck that basically look like an oversized cool necklace and really add a final cool accessory to your outfit. It's like, as I said, a final piece of the puzzle to an outfit. And they just sort of give a little bit of a wow factor. But again, they are super practical. So phone accessories are increasingly popular, and they're just getting more and more quirky and more and more fun. 

6. Sunglasses

This summer has seen a real 70s Vibe when it comes to sunglasses. And that sort of tinted really interesting large framed sunglasses are here, and they're here to stay.

So not only are they practical, they will protect you. The larger the sunglasses, the more they will protect your eyes, but also they are going to continue on into fall and winter.

Those large oversized tinted I wear that really is sort of reminiscent of the seventies. They are cool. Look, I actually haven't seen anyone that they haven't suited. So they do seem to flatter most people, which is always really handy, especially if you're purchasing online

But the real sort of 70’S oversized sunglasses with tinted frames. Great for summer. They're everywhere right now, and they will continue on into the coming Seasons. So again, this is a trend worth taking note of now.

7. Belly Chain

Last but not least, is the trend of wearing belly chains. Now don't switch off here because they're not all bare midriff belly chains, but chain detailing worn around Slinky dresses is definitely where it's going to yet.

So if you are showing off your tanned midriff and enjoying wearing some belly chains now, then they will be a look that you will be able to incorporate into the cooler months as well. It'll just be a little different as to how you actually wear them.

Anyway, That's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, please consider giving it a big thumbs up. I'll see you at the next one. Bye for now.