The BEST of 2021! Your Fashion & Style Favorites

The trends that are set to be the style of the year in 2021 are found right here.

The BEST of 2021! Your Fashion & Style Favorites
The BEST of 2021! Your Fashion & Style Favorites

The BEST of 2021! Your Fashion & Style Favorites

Cheering the best sellers of 2021 these are those pieces that you absolutely loved. So these are those pieces that really intrigued you the most that you clicked on the most that you bought the most of. And I am in this very unique position where I have tons of data. So I can see exactly what those pieces are. Now, there's one caveat to this. Hmm. The caveat is that these pieces are all still in stock. I didn't want to show you the best sellers that are sold out. Others know about bestsellers that maybe you don't think about that much if you're not a regular Shopper or do this, like actually for a living as I do. Best Sellers tend to be the basics. And you all know how much I love the basics because your wardrobe doesn't function without them. You need them. Your house needs a solid foundation to work. So does your wardrobe. 

Category 1: Tops

Princess Sweater

The first category wants to talk about our tops. And the first product I want to feature is the princess sweater. This beautiful Free People, the white fuzzy sweater was definitely one of your favorites. It was definitely one of my favorites. It is cropped, which makes it ideal.

This one does not shed, however, I would say it does look a little bit worse after you wash it. So you have to be really careful with the wash. You gotta wash it in the cold, I would hand wash it, and I would lay it flat to dry.

Evereve White Sweater

Next, one is another white sweater I wanted to show you that is another basic, and this one is by every.

So every year, you know, I'm, it's a brand that I partner with quite a bit. I really enjoy every bit. They really do elevate casual like nobody else. So this is one of the pieces that they design, which is this ribbed white thin lightweight sweater. So it's great if you run hot, or you're having hot flashes or whatever, it's beautiful on its own. It's also beautiful for layering.

So I want to show you that piece because I think this one is definitely one of those pieces you'll wear again and again and again.

Bloomingdale’s Cashmere Sweater

The next one probably isn't going to come as a huge surprise for you all certainly wasn't for me. And the year before that, the year before that, we would see one of Bloomingdale's cashmere sweaters on this list.

Every year, Heavy Hitters. There's a very clear, obvious reason for that: it's because they're modern. They're beautiful. They're high quality, but they're also affordable. If you don't know about Bloomingdale's cashmere.

And then a couple of others that are our favorites. They really are versatile pieces, because you can wear them alone. You can wear them under things they're lightweight, they're fitted, but not too fitted.

They're just right. 

Resa Paige Blouse

The next stop is the Risa blouse by Paige. It is a black v-neck blouse that does have some elevated little details that I really appreciate more of a fluted sleeve.

And also, it has buttons at the neckline, which are really lovely. I love a v-neck. I love the silky blouse.

This is another one of those Basics that you could have in your wardrobe. And we're all falling all winter. Actually, you really could wear this depending on your climate all year. It's just a beautiful blouse perfect for layering lightweight, sophisticatedly lovely. This was one from the Nordstrom sale. So few of these are from the Nordstrom sale, which, again, is not a big shot shocker.

1 State PinTuck Camisole

Next up, we've got the pintuck camisole by one state. These were another Nordstrom sale favorite.

What I loved about these camisoles is that they were a great basic number One, the number two, they have this special detail with that pintuck detail at the neckline, which makes it really beautiful, gives it that little extra something special, and they come in black and white and other colors as well.

I would definitely get one in white and one in Black. 

Category #2: Bottoms

AG Slim EX-Boyfriend Jeans

There are only two in this category. The first is this pair of jeans by AG. It's called The Slim ex-boyfriend. I love these jeans. And I think what you loved about these jeans is that they are more of a modern silhouette that looser fit a little bit more of a straight leg, but not crazy.

So still flattering, still tapered to the body still giving you shape. I know a lot of you are struggling with the shape of the straight-leg jeans, or the boot cut jeans, or the wide-leg jeans, or the flare jeans because you're worried about them making you look larger. Overall. These jeans are a great way to kind of ease into that more modern Jean silhouette without diving in.

Spanx Black Pants

And then the second is actually a pair of pants, black pants by Spanx. I've had them for a while. They're wonderful pants. I mean, just wonderful. They feel like you're wearing yoga pants.

They're wonderful pants. I mean, just wonderful. They feel like you're wearing yoga pants. They have that same kind of compression. And the tummy area that really Slim's the tummy and the hips in the butt. But then they look elegant, the office trousers, so you can wear them to the office.

You could wear them to an event. You could wear them to a party. You could wear them casually. I think they're just a really great versatile pair of pants that are also very comfortable and functional. So I think that's why you all have been drawn to them for the same reasons that I am always talking about why they're so great.

Category #3: Coats & Jackets

Ralph Lauren Camel Wrap Coat

In the coats and jackets category, we have two the first one is this gorgeous camel wrap coat by Ralph Lauren.

I've talked many, many, many, many, many, many times about how camels are one of these colors. It's not only neutral and versatile but also very luxurious. If you're looking to step up your wardrobe and make it look more luxe. Camel is a beautiful color to do that. But this color is beautiful.

And then, of course, the wrap coat detailing gives you the waist gives you the shape. It's a great length, beautiful color.

It's a great quality all around, Just a beautiful piece. 

Balmain Blazer

And then the second piece is actually a Blazer. This one is a black blazer with bold gold. It's double-breasted by Bellmen. This is an investment piece. So sometimes you may want to save a bit more to buy a piece that really is quite special and is going to also function beautifully in your wardrobe.

But I think it's wise to start thinking about that as we get older to have a couple of these really special pieces. So this would be an example of a really special piece. I wear mine all the time.

Category #4: Shoes

Steve Madden Lug Sole Chunky Boots

In the shoe category. We have three, the Haley Chelsea Boots, these are by Steve Madden. They are the boot trend of the moment. This chunky lug, sole combat-inspired booty.

I've seen these literally throughout all of Europe like I've seen them in London. I've seen them in Amsterdam. I've seen them here in Madrid, seen them in Barcelona. They are everywhere here in Europe. And I know people are wearing them in the United States too, I think that it can be a pair of boots that you might shy away from, because they are pretty trendy, and they are a little bit more on the masculine side.

But if you feel that way and just offset that with something a little more feminine, right? Like wearing your tie-neck blouse or lace blouse, or wearing something with puffy shoulders or puffy sleeves just offset that with some femininity, and I'm sure that you'll feel better about wearing them. They're insanely comfortable if you get the right pair, just pair, in particular, is very comfortable. I think they're really cool and edgy. I like them.

Schutz Boots

Next up, We have these shoots booths, which now come in, also just regular leather. In addition to sway, I've talked about these booties a lot. I brought them here with me to Spain.

I've worn them a ton here. What I love about them is that even though it looks like they have kind of a high stiletto heel, they are really comfortable and very wearable. I've walked blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks in these heels and had no issues whatsoever.

Let's give the disclaimer, they are comfortable for heels. I think now they're only available in plain leather, which may actually be better because it's easier to care for and you can just wipe them down. 

Golden Goose sneakers

The third pair of shoes are Golden Goose sneakers. The pair that actually sold the most is a more neutral pair, which makes sense to me again along the same lines and the same theme that I talked about before. Everything is really a basic more of that white leather sneaker with that neutral-colored star on the side.

Category #5: Accessories

Monica Vinader Alta Textured Chain Necklace

Alright, the next category wants to talk about our accessories. The first accessory that was a bestseller is the Monica Venator Alta textured chain necklace. It actually is very similar to this one.

This one's thicker, the one that was the best seller a little bit thinner than this. What I love about their necklaces is they do have the, 14 karat gold Vermeil so that they don't tarnish.

It looks very luxurious. It is of higher quality. You can add charms to these. You can layer them. They're just really beautiful pieces that add pop to your look each and every day, very wearable.

Gorjana Crescent Necklace

And the next necklace is the Gorjana Crescent pendant. The Crescent pendant is a lot more affordable. It is a longer necklace. So that one just sort of hangs right under the bust, just kind of a sweet spot for a pendant necklace.

Again, it just works beautifully every day. It layers with other pieces. It's easy to wear. It's easy to throw on. It adds a pop, just a really great piece. 

YSL Handbag

The last accessory is the YSL black bag that I featured a lot because I have two handbags here with me. So I figured that one in my Boutique needed a bag.

Both of those were bestsellers, the black bag I wanted to feature because I do feel like right now, this is such a great bag. If you just need something for every day for your Essentials. This is kind of a tough bag meaning. It can withstand the abuse. The YSL bag, the texture of it, make it really durable.

And I appreciate that I particularly love the pocket in the back, which you can easily take your phone in and out of. So this bag has been really handy for me to have here, especially when traveling. And it's just a very gorgeous bag to boot.

Do you have a favorite on the list? Is there anything there that you did buy? And you do love? Let us know in the comments we'd love to hear. I will see you next time. Bye.