THE 2022 Fashion Trends YOU NEED TO KNOW! WHAT TO WEAR IN 2022

Discover the Fashion Trends in the year 2022. Whether you're looking for fashion trends in Men or Women, this is something you need to know.

THE 2022 Fashion Trends YOU NEED TO KNOW! WHAT TO WEAR IN 2022
THE 2022 Fashion Trends YOU NEED TO KNOW! WHAT TO WEAR IN 2022

THE 2022 Fashion Trends YOU NEED TO KNOW! WHAT TO WEAR IN 2022

You Need To Know About Fashion trends come and go, and that's just the way it works. But there are a few good old trends that are back that you need to know about.


Now, the first Trend to make a comeback in the one that I'm probably the most excited about is the return of colored jeans. Now, colored jeans were a big thing. I think it was if I'm sort of thinking back to when I wore them. Probably the early 90s was when colored jeans really sort of hit their stride.

I remember having a pair of bright, red tight colored jeans, and I thought that I was in those chains. Now, colored jeans have made a comeback. The colors are a little less vibrant, so they're a little more muted than what I've noticed. And also the jeans are a little more relaxed and not quite so skin-tight.

We know that genes Trends have changed, and we've moved away from that super skinny jeans. And that's what's happened with these colored jeans as well. So they're a little bit more of a straight leg. Some of them are quite a relaxed fit, but I think it's a nice way, just to incorporate a little bit of color and add a little bit of Interest into your what can sometimes be an otherwise dark winter wardrobe.

So have a look out for some of these colored relaxed-style jeans. I think they will make getting dressed this winter a little bit more fun.


Now, the next trend that I've seen popping up more and more, and I really couldn't have predicted this one. And that's the return of wedge heels. Now again, I think, think this is a goodie because it's we just a comfortable. We know that they are really comfy. You get that height, but you also get that Comfort, because your foot is completely supported.

I've seen quite a few wedge ankle boots, and also knee-high wedge style boots as well. So I think we're just could be a really good option for winter, especially if you like a little bit of height. And you also like comfort. And that seems to be a theme that is going through a lot of these trainers. Comfort seems to be key, and I'm not mad about that.


And this is one that I absolutely love. And it is our more MERS, or what I'm seeing is arm warmers, which has basically the arm kind of half glub version of the leg warmers cheapest that sounds convoluted. But you know what I mean, I'll throw up some pictures. The other thing that I'm seeing is sleeves. So basically sleeves with a little bit of a neck. So I like the super tiniest, cropped sweater, imaginable. So basically, they're just sleeves. And I'm seeing both of these things gaining so much momentum.

And every time I scroll on Instagram, I tend to see them. I love the practicality of them. I remember having a pair of these Woolen sleeves or woman, Woolen arm warmers, and I love them. It meant that I could wear a sleeveless top or something a little bit more summery. And the arm was just kind of gave me that warmth and made me feel a little bit snug. So I'm definitely here for the arm warmers. I am a huge fan. I haven't actually ventured into wearing the sleeves. It's basically like a tiny, little sweater that sort of finishes here. But I actually think I'm going to be dipping my toe in that Trend next time when two rolls around here in New Zealand.


Next up is a goodie, and that's the return of leg warmers. I'm having flashbacks of God Dole Flashdance days, and that must have been the 80s. I think I must have a little bit of a Google and check and see when a Flash Dance really hit its stride. But leg warmers are back, and I'm sure they are going to divide you let me know in the comments below. Are you in the leg warmers camp or not?

I'm undecided as to whether I would venture into wearing leg warmers, but I know that they would be absolutely perfect if you like wearing miniskirts. And I have actually seen this look many as warm with tights and leg warmers over the top. So I love the Practical side of leg warmers. I'm just not sure about the execution for me. But let me know what you think. Okay, leading on from leg warmers.

But let me know what you think. Are you into the arm? Warmers? Leg? Warmers, sleeves any of those none of them? Where do you sit?

That's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up.