Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion Trends The cold months might seem long on your skin but it’s the time when you can boost your style and take steps to look 10 years younger.

Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends
Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends

Today I'm sharing some styling tips to help you dress and look 10 years younger, even when it's freezing outside. So a few of these tips are just really looking at ways that we can stay looking youthful and modern while keeping warm and cozy and winter-appropriate. And often it's just the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. I think you'll be surprised. 


Now my first tip to looking more youthful, youthful, especially in winter, is just to update a couple of your accessories. So things like hats, scarves, gloves, investing some of those pieces that are in Key new season colors.

This is such an easy and cost-effective way just to give your seasonal outfits a little bit of a modern, fresh, youthful Edge. And it's not about trying to look 20 again. Well, at least it's not that for me, but it is about just looking at a couple of the key color trends of the Season,

incorporating them into your outfits and in a really cost-effective way so that you can look on-trend and fashion-forward, which is always a youthful look.


My next tip is to Simply update your Footwear. Now, I know that Footwear is one of those things that are kind of hard to update because you pull out your winter season boots, and they're comfy with their warning, and they're going to do the trick. But just updating to a slightly more modern version of your winter favorites is a simple way, just to give your outfits a little bit more of a youthful Edge.

Now, this season, the chunky sole boots are in, and they're really in a different style and look for everyone. If you're feeling as though those chunky really heavy-weight boots are not your style, then maybe look at updating your trainers. Whatever your style is, maybe just look and give your Footwear a little bit of a modern update.

It is about just some of those small details that can really just make such a huge difference when you look at an overall outfit. So look at your Footwear. Ask yourself the hard questions: are they modern, sophisticated? Do they look like they are of the time? Could I do better?


Another tip is to Simply find your style Muse, and it's as easy as going online Googling winter. Fashion street style just has a little scroll through, and you will be surprised that you'll find some outfits that you will be able to recreate yourself. But perhaps you just haven't thought about pairing those pieces together.

It's not about Reinventing during the wheel. It is okay to copy someone else's style. You're never going to look exactly like them, but sometimes it's easier to find your winter style Muse and kind of let them guide some of your outfit choices. 


Now, my next tip is to actually update your outerwear. Now I know that we've all got those favorite pieces, those beautiful winter coats, and jackets that we've perhaps relied on for years. Now, I'm not saying to lose those. All I'm saying is that there are some really cost-effective ways just to update your outerwear, whether it's a new season jacket or coat.

And in particular the season, there are some gorgeous puffer Cloud coats, quilted style coats that are really affordable, but they are going to give your overall look and more modern, youthful Edge.

I bought a really gorgeous khaki puffer last winter and absolutely lived in it. It didn't mean that I didn't wear some of my classic favorites, but that was okay for a season. It made me feel great. It made me feel modern. It was new, and it actually made me feel more youthful. I call it the power of the puffer. And if you haven't enjoyed that or discovered that yet, maybe give it a go. 


Another tip is to add some shape. Now, this can be a little tricky when it comes to Winter dressing because those bulky layers tend to make everything look shapeless. But there is that age-old trick of belting something or belting a shirt at the top and wearing a long line cardi over the top.

So if you don't generally like feeling like you cinched in at the waist and belt it in if you feel a little exposed, then we're a slightly longer line piece that just skims your body over the top. So this is an easy way to add some shape, which is always more youthful because I think what happens when we get older, we tend to just sort of want Comfort, we may be extra conscious of certain areas of our body.

So we tend to opt for clothes that are slightly oversized, or just not add any shape. So I think if you add a little bit of shape that can be really flattering, I do know that that can be a little scary as well because we don't want to feel too exposed. But that's where those longer layers come in. You can belt in a top or a jacket, or a shirt, and essentially all your or even address.

And essentially all you then do is add a longer fine knit cardigan over the top. And that does give you that sort of feeling of security. But also it's just giving you that shape as well, which is really useful. So just think about ways that you can add some shape to your outfits because that will always make you look and feel a whole lot younger. 


Another tip, which is also really trending this season. And that is to peer at unexpected colors together. And again, this may require you to go online. Do a little bit of Googling to get inspired. I recently did a video on some unexpected color combinations. I will link that in a card up above and down below.

So you can have a little look at that. But some of these unexpected color combinations are really gorgeous there, perhaps combos that you haven't thought of before, but pairing some of these unexpected colors together can actually give you a really modern, youthful look. And again, as I said earlier, adding a little bit more color is also another really nice way of just giving yourself a little bit of an extra freshen up. For me. Personally, I find that my skin tone has changed a lot as I've got older and where I used to wear a lot of brats black Chief has. I'm getting so tongue-tied here. I used to wear a lot of blacks and gray scarves and accessories over winter. And I do 10 now to wear lighter creams and also some beautiful pops of color, just to give me a little bit of a freshen up close to my face.

So give it a try this season. I'm sure you will be really surprised that it does make a difference.


Now that leads me on to my next trip. And that is simply that the devil really is in the details. Small details really do matter. Making small tweaks to your outfit can really have a big effect on your overall look and just adding little things like maybe updating your sunglasses, updating your eyewear.

I really find that what I wear is a really easy way to think about what I left behind. You know, obviously, for me, I have my reading glasses here, which I can't live without. I've had this pair for years, and it's hard to update them because we get really reliant on them. But they do give our finished look just that little extra Edge. So the devil really is in the details.

Look at your accessories, look at things like handbags I wear, and where you can modernize those pieces just to give yourself a more youthful look. 

Anyway, that's it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. I'll catch you in the next one. Bye for now.