Spider-Man | No Way Home Ending Explained

Spider-Man | Spider-Man Ending Explained. Ending spoilers for Spider-Man's No Way Home and Homecoming movies.

Spider-Man | No Way Home Ending Explained
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Spider-Man | No Way Home Ending Explained

This office is Dusty. It's an older office. It's definitely old. I should stop wearing black shirts. Okay, what's going on guys? This is Faisal. It's 5:00 in the morning. I have not had coffee yet. I wouldn't say I'm running on fumes, but I would say that I am still waking up. So first things first, this article is going to have spoilers. And the second thing, thank you, guys. I misspoke yesterday in the video that I made, I meant to say the spell that was cast at the end of the movie made the world forget about Peter Parker in Genoa, right, that you know who Peter Parker is at all. Instead, I think I said that the spell was like the completed version of the original spell, which is the world forgot that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

Regardless, think you guys are correct me on that. Yes, the spell that was cast at the end of the movie basically removes the world's knowledge of Peter Parker. Period. No one knows who Peter Parker is, right? No one's ever heard of this guy. And anybody he meets, he will have basically been meeting for the very first time, right? It's why happy Hogan doesn't know. Peter Parker is it's me and then leads don't know who Peter Parker is. And so this is a really, really important thing because, in the world of comics, we call this a soft reboot.

This is not new. Mother Comics does this all the time. And in fact, that's what the original one more day one moment in time and brand-new days storylines were they were basically a soft reboot of Spider-Man, right? This guy Joker sauteed come in as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and the aftermath of like, they're near bankruptcy in the 1990s. And he was like, clean slate spider net. He didn't like the idea of Spider-Man being married to Mary Jane Watson and stuff like that. He felt like an aged him and didn't keep him eternally youthful, which is kind of what you need if you're going to be able to sell Spider-Man comics for any real length of time. Otherwise, people will expect him to just kind of age out of the roll and then eventually leave.

And so you got basically one more day, which got rid of the marriage between Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson. And then you got one moment in time in a brand new day that was designed to remove the world's knowledge that Peter Parker was Spider-Man. Of course, the world knew that because in the comics Peter Parker, he'd reveal his identity publicly during the Civil War storyline as a display that he trusted Iron Man and his statement about superhuman registration and all that kind of stuff. And so again, it's a soft reboot, right that basically, it kind of restructures and reworks the character in such a way to where they are basically starting over. And in fact, that's what we were told. And the movie that when the spell goes through right when the spell happens, and basically, the world forgets that Peter Parker exists, Peter Parker's going to have to start over. He's going to be starting from scratch.

And that that's really kind of the nature of the ending of this film is that Peter Parker becomes the Spider-Man that we always expect him to be the Spider-Man that we know your eyes are probably noticed over the course of homecoming and far from home. And even to a degree, at the beginning of this movie that Peter Parker wasn't really Spider-Man, right? The Tom Holland wasn't really the Peter Parker that we know from either the comics or just the films or a combination of both. The Peter Parker's usually broke. Peter Parker sells pictures to the Daily Bugle and makes just enough money to live. Right. He's surviving paycheck to paycheck.

Not really even living paycheck to paycheck, right? Just surviving, right? That's the nature of Peter. It's called The Parker luck. The things just don't work out for, right? The things just did that anytime things could take an upward Trend, and his life could get better. Something happens. It just stops it from happening, though. The Parker looks kind of just an honor running joke, right? So, like, if you guys remember the old Tobey Maguire movies when he was like, yeah, man, like I've got this date, I'm going to go. I got flowers, and I think I'm going to go see Mary Jane Watson or someone.

And they're like Harry Osborn comes swooping in like a taxon, you know, in Spider-Man 3 that's an example, right? That's the Parker luck. I just anything bad that can happen will happen. And so is one of the kinds of Hallmarks of his character, the fact that he's broke the fact that things just don't really seem to work out in his favor. And Tom Holland has officially become that Spider-Man. Now, right? He's going to take his GED. Now, there are a couple of possibilities on what you could see here. A really good possibility is the introduction of the Fantastic Four. Not in so far as this on his face, right? Like, you know, Johnny Storm, riding a giant for in the sky. Peter Parker's like, wow, I want to be a part of that team. Know what I could see happening is that we know Peter Parker's taking his GED if he has already done it so lightly.

When he gets into his apartment, he's got like a stack of books. And one of them is the GED. And so it looks like he's getting ready to take it right. He's gonna study for he's gonna take it. We know it's gonna crush it. The guy was going to be accepted into MIT, right? I mean, we know he's gonna crush a GED test, but I wouldn't be surprised if whether it's because he crushed that test, or because he applied to maybe various colleges, or what have you. And his intelligence was just tested off the charts that he gets an invitation to join the Future Foundation. And that's the extent of it, right? That's all you get, right? He just heated while he's going through his mail.

And there's an envelope that he throws on the table, and you're cordially invited to join the Future Foundation. And that's it. Why does that matter? Because the Future Foundation was a think tank of the world's smartest young people created by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. So while it may not necessarily be that read is like officially Mr. Fantastic. And like Susan Storm is the Invisible Woman. And Ben Grimm has become the thing.

And Johnny Storm is, you know, Johnny Storm. While that may not it happened yet. Why the trip into space and the cosmic rays that Reed Richards does exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And he's noticed Peter Parker again, it'd be a small little Cameo thing. That's the kind of stuff that you could see if I'm being honest with you guys. What I think will happen over the course of the future of the MCU is that we know what the new Trilogy coming it can kind of go a couple of different ways. We know that, for example, that Sony is building up the Sinister Six right now, things are a little murky. I mean, we kind of got the Sinister Six in the movie, but not really. They want really The Sinister Six.

I mean, they were in name only, but in terms of the role they played, what made the Sinister Six? The Sinister Six is that they were a group that was brought together by dr. Octopus for the sole purpose of destroying Spider-Man, right that each one of them had been defeated by Spider-Man over their time as a criminal, and that unifying their efforts and trying to kill Spider-Man was the best chance they had of pulling it off. And finally, I know way home this really more. The Sinister Six by circumstance. What is that? What the Sinister Six is just six villains who happen to be in the same place.

That's really all it is right and release nothing Sinister about it. I mean, maybe the Sinister 3 is the closest you get right, like Electro in Sandman in lizard, and then like the Sinister Fourth Kind of, but not really, who showed up at the last minute, right at the 11th Hour, which is the Green Goblin, you know, when he comes swooping in, like at the very end of the battle and destroys the Box, this holding the spell. So it's not really sinister six. But we know that Sony's working on sinister six more. So then that, Sony's developing villains. We know that there's like Michael Morbius, right? We know that Venom kind of seems to exist out there. But now we've basically confirmed Venom is in his own Universe, right? Like Tom, Hardy Venom is out there doing his own thing and a universe that's totally separate from the MCU.

But Michael Morbius showed up, and you've also got like Michael Keaton, who is in the trailer. So presumably Michael Morbius is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. And then there's whatever else happens to come out of that right. We know that they're working on a Kraven, the Hunter film, and things along those lines. So this direction, the future of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could go a couple of different ways. Maybe they kill him off. He's killed by The Sinister Six like he was in the Ultimate Universe. Maybe he retires will make a video on that in the future, right where we think the actual series that's going in the new Trilogy, because I've got a few ideas, and I think one of them is the most plausible idea. I think it's a really, really good idea. All we really know right now is that Feige, at least according to movie web, in an interview that he did recently about Lisa was posted like 11 hours ago is, he's like, we're definitely working on the spot. No man for. I think they made that determination. I think they were a little iffy.

They were a little unsure because of the way the movie ends, they could just stop. They could just be like, okay, like we're done with Tom Hollands Spider-Man early. That's it. Right? Like we'll have like Spider-Man what, you'll see Spider-Man in future movies, but like, you won't see him as Tom Holland, or something like that, or they're like, we're done with solo movies like that's basically it. And then, like the only time you ever see Tom Holland again, it's something akin to like Iron Man when you just see him in other movies, right? Like after Iron Man 3 you never got a solo Iron Man film again, but he appeared in Infinity War, Civil War, orbiters, in-game things like that. And maybe they, you know, they could just do that with Spider-Man, such as it is five.

You were like, Nah man, we're going to make a lot of money here. So we're definitely doing a Spider-Man for, and we would be foolish not to ask for it, right? I mean, we want more Spider-Man movies, especially now, when you look at the fact that I, Tom Holland, as Spider-Man, was basically spoiled over his entire tenure, right, everything was just given to him. Tony Stark's just like, here's everything you need to become an effective Spider-Man, and he didn't really understand the lesson that with great power must come great responsibility T until Aunt May dies, the fact that his actions have consequences and what he did basically got Aunt May killed. The Green Goblin wasn't lying when he said that what it really said, I may have been the one that dealt the killing blow to me.

But you are the one who put him in this situation in the first place. She wouldn't be dead. And that's an accurate statement, right? It's not him messing with Peter Parker. That's God's honest truth. And so that was really kind of Peter realizing I'm the one who got my aunt made killed and him kind of becoming Spider-Man, right? Then, the character that we all know and love is that we expect him to be. And so when you look at the three movies, right? This is kind of an origin story for his character. The question now is, what are we going to see in this new Trilogy? The one thing I will say about this idea that I have, I think, at the end of this next Trilogy rights with I guess, like Spider-Man six, they're gonna kill him.

We're going to kill off Tom Holland. You know, another question that has to be asked here is, are we going to see like MJ and Jacob battle on, again, the nature of their characters, and the way they were written week could never see them again. And that would be it right again. We kind of have some ideas on what's going to happen with them, will talk about them in future videos.

But there's a lot of cool things. I think, that the way this movie ended in terms of like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, I think they're setting the stage for future appearances in Marvel Cinematic Universe projects specifically Secret Wars or spider-verse, right? We know that like, Beyond spider-verse is coming out the new spider-verse movie, where they gave us a little bit of a teaser. We're like, basically Miles Morales. The animated version met like Miguel O'Hara Spider-Man 2099 know that kind of thing was going on. So we know they're building up the concept of the spider-verse. I wouldn't be surprised if at a future point in time, you end up seeing some kind of massive crossover event between what's basically the end of the spider-verse cast and like toad Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

And I think it'd be great if it was, you know, having this kind of giant spider-verse brought together for the purpose of uniting all these different Spider-Man. I think this was kind of a taste, right? Because if you notice, it kind of happened on both sides, right into the spider-verse was animated miles meeting like Spider-Gwen, despite her hand as Spider-Man, the war and all those different versions of Peter Parker. But then, when you look at like Spider-Man, no way home, it's Tom Holland meeting, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield is basically the same thing, right? Like to team despite him in coming together to face off against the singular threat with that singular threat, basically being a very human eyes threat, write something on those lines. It's kind of cool to see.

I'm excited about the idea, the prospect of what may come with all this stuff because it very unites those two things together. And then you got animated miles and animated, Gwen and animated, you know, Spider-Man, the war teaming up with like Andrew Garfield, which would be kind of weird to see Andrew Garfield Mackin on like animated spider-Gwen, but then like Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire, and that kind of a thing, I think it'd be great to be a great concept. But let me know what you guys think down in the comments section. Let me know if you guys are really if you guys think this is all kind of leading upright? Like the ending of this film, the fact that like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire were left alive, as opposed to being killed off the fact that it's like, we'll see you around like let me know if you guys think that's leading into like a future spider-verse event where, like all these characters are going to come back for a huge crossover storyline.

Let me know you guys think down in the comments section.

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