Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Fired Paul Heyman

News broke this week that currently WWE Champion Roman Reigns has fired his manager, Paul Heyman. Jim Ross broke the news on his official Twitter account.

Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Fired Paul Heyman
Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Fired Paul Heyman

Real Reason Why Roman Reigns Fired Paul Heyman

On Friday Night Smackdown, we witnessed Roman Reigns firing Paul Heyman, there is breaking news concerning the real reason why this happened and many fans are wondering, is this firing part of a storyline, or could Paul Heyman actually have been fired from WWE? So we're talking about all that and more. So let's get into it. What happened on Smackdown was, Paul Heyman was patiently waiting outside for his tribal Chief Roman Reigns to arrive. And then all of a sudden, in one of the SUVs that pulled up Brock, Lesnar got out. And Paul Heyman was very shocked.

As we all know, there's been back and forth for the last few months is Paul Heyman on the Roman side, or Brock's side? Should you trust him, or should you not? And tonight, it all came to a head. So then, later on, Roman finally did arrive and look like that. He and Paul Heyman were still together, so they walked to the ring, and they look like, always good. But then once they got into the ring, Roman confronted Paul Heyman Roman said that he has witnessed a lot of strange things happening involving Brock Lesnar over the last few months.

And Roman alluded to the fact that Paul Heyman is still Brock Lesnar's Advocate. And that's when Paul Heyman said to Roman, the reason why all this stuff has been happening is that I've been trying to protect you from Brock, Lesnar, and that's all Roman needed to hear, because obviously wrong. Roman feels like Brock Lesnar's one who has to be protected from Roman and not the other way around. So after Roman heard that from Heyman, he fired Paul Heyman live on Smackdown. He then Superman punched Paul Heyman and knocked him out. Brock, Lesnar came out to the ring, and F5 'd:wz rains, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Jin's as to what exactly is going on? Is Paul Heyman actually fired? Is Paul Heyman now officially back with Brock. Lesnar is Paul Heyman fired from WWE is this real, is it fake is it a part of a storyline.

The truth is that Paul Heyman was not fired from WWE, and he will still be in the company. And then the other thing is, it is true that Paul Heyman will now, once again, join forces, and he will, once again, become the advocate for Brock Lesnar. However, this will only last a couple of weeks. This is because the day, one pay-per-view on January first, 2022 is going to be Brock. Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. And now Paul Heyman is going to be in Brock Lesnar's Corner. The only problem is Paul Heyman at the pay-per-view is going to double-cross Brock Lesnar, and it will be revealed that the whole firing was a charade.

It was a setup to trick Brock Lesnar. So Roman Reigns can defeat Brock on day one, because during this match, at day one, Paul Heyman is going to somehow interfere in the match and distract Brock, Lesnar. And then Roman will be able to do something like chair shot or something when the referee isn't looking, and then it gets the 123 on Brock Lesnar. And then at the end of that day, one match, Roman and Paul Heyman will stand in the middle of the Ring arm and arm, and reveal that it was all a setup to full Brock Lesnar. And it worked perfectly because Roman was defeated Brock, Lesnar, on day one, and he was able to retain his Universal championship.

Paul Heyman will officially get back together with Roman Reigns as they become even more powerful than before. And this is all just a setup to make the Roman versus Brock Feud last even longer because they want to WrestleMania match out of it. They want Roman versus Brock at WrestleMania in 2022 to be the main event of the show. And they want this to be like the build-up to be gigantic. Because, oh, now, Paul Heyman, tricked Brock, Lesnar, and now you got to have the big third match of this current Feud. So the big takeaway from Smackdown is that Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman have set a trap for Brock, Lesnar. And unfortunately, Brock is walking right into that trap. And at day one, the Trap will be sprung rung. And Roman and Paul Heyman will show that they are truly an Unstoppable force in WWE.

Now, many fans have been hoping that at the day, one pay-per-view Brock, Lesnar will be able to defeat Roman Reigns and then become the universal Champion that, unfortunately, will not happen and really cannot happen. And the reason why is because Brock Lesnar has a part-time contract. He only has to do maybe 15 20 appearances a year, whereas Roman Reigns out of 52 weeks of the year. He's probably on 48 or 49 episodes of SmackDown and wrestles at every pay-per-view, where I was Brock Lesnar. If he became Champion.

Well, he would only be on the show, maybe once every month, once every six weeks, and he would probably wrestle it every other pay-per-view, probably five or six pay-per-views a year. The Fox network just will not tolerate having a part-time Champion where he's not seen on TV for over a month. He just doesn't want to be on the show every week. He doesn't want to wrestle every pay-per-view. And also, he's in half do. He has enough average enough star power to have a part-time contract and make a lot of money to, unfortunately, for Brock Lesnar fans. Roman Reigns is going to defeat Brock Lesnar and retain the universal championship. And he'll do this with Paul Heyman secretly in his corner.

Obviously, as a pay-per-view goes off the air, it will be revealed that Paul Heyman has secretly been in cahoots with Roman Reigns is the whole time. And this whole thing with firing Paul Heyman on Smackdown was all a big ruse to trick Brock Lesnar. What are your thoughts about Roman Reigns firing Paul Heyman, leave a comment below and give me your opinion.See You In This Next One Thank You Have a Good Day