Only 1% Of Money Heist Fans Will Get 100%. Can You?

If you love Money Heist and you're not a true fan yet, this quiz will help you find your true identity.

1. What rousing anthem do the robbers sing throughout money heist?

Born To Run
Bella Ciao

2. Who is The First robber to die in the royal mint heist?


3. what does Berlin Steal In Copenhagen with support from his son?

Viking Gold
Conflict Diamonds

4. what is the Name Of the scheme used to free Lisbon from the police?

The London Switch
The Paris Plan

5. How Much Money did The Gang Steal from The Royal Mint?

978 Million Euros
567 Million Euros

6. which sporting superstar makes a cameo as Joao The Monk?

Lionel Messi

7. what is the of the Marseille's pet Ferret?


8. Which Of The Following Has The Professor Not Disguised Himself as?

A Clown
A sheep

9. what song Berlin Sing at his Weddings?

Ti Amo
Bella Ciao

10. Where Do Stockholm and Denver Live After The Royal Mint Heist?