Money Saving Shopping Secrets You Should Know

Everything you need to know about saving the most money when shopping on the internet - the cheapest prices, the most coupons, tricks on saving time, and the best app to achieve these savings.

Money Saving Shopping Secrets You Should Know
Money Saving Shopping Secrets You Should Know

Money Saving Shopping Secrets You Should Know

So today I just wanted to highlight some really simple steps that you can take to make sure that you get the best deal possible.

TIP #1. Write a Shopping List

My first tip is actually really basic, but I also believe that it's really important. And that is to write a list. It's so easy just to get swept up in the hype and to get, I think, carried away with the excitement of sales and saving money that you can easily get sort of off-track and potentially to get lowered into buying things that you don't actually need, or that ultimately you don't want. So it's really important just to start with a little bit of a list.

This just gives you a bit of framework and really helps to make sure that you don't make some hasty decisions for all the wrong reasons. And certainly, when it comes to buying fashion, I really urge you to think about three or four different ways that you can wear an item and how you can actually incorporate that into your closet.

Again, a bargain or a sale item isn't worth the money if it's not going to be something that you're going to use a lot, or where a lot. So with fashion, think about a couple of ways that you can wear it. And with other items, really put a bit of thought into it. Writing a list is the best way to do that. So that's how I suggest you start at this point.

TIP #2. Focus on the Price, not the Discount

My next tip is to look at the price of something, not the saving. And what I mean by that is there are lots of ads shouting out to us that, you know, save 50% save up to 80% ain't.

But the key really here is looking at that price with that saving. So yes, you may be saving 50% or more. But if that price is still too much to pay for that particular item, then it's not really a bargain. It's really easy to get swept up in the huge potential savings without focusing on that actual dollar value or a dollar figure that you'll be paying. Now, I'm not saying that all retailers do this, but some retailers do get caught up in the Trap of exaggerating those sale prices? Pretty much banking on the fact that a lot of consumers won't know what the original price was, or what the ticketed price was a couple of weeks ago. So just have a good look at the actual price. You'll be paying and try to avoid getting caught up in the percentages that you'll be saving.

Because at the end of the day, that's relevant. If the price that you're paying is too high.


My other tip is to use technology. And the way we can do this is to help us research what some of these prices are, and who is offering the best price. There are some really good sites that I would recommend just to check on a price and check on an item before you purchase.

Those sites include Google shopping. That's a really good one, just to kind of gauge where things are at another good one is PriceGrabber. And thirdly, I think Shopzilla is also another 
really good way of just making sure that the new sale price is actually a bargain.

Also, if you are in-store, there are some really cool apps that can help you scan barcodes and check on prices and check on where that price started, and whether that discount really is accurate. And some of these apps are just simple to use. Won't take much time, and we'll give you a clearer picture of whether that item really is a good price. The smartphone apps that I recommend are shop savvy, which is a great one. Shopkick is another real Goodie and is another app called BuyVia.

And these are all just really quick and easy ways that you can scan barcodes and really check to see that the price you're paying is the discounted price that is being advertised. Also, the really good thing about these apps is that they can actually also show you whether they're coupon codes that can be attached to some of these items so that you can save even further, or whether you are whether there are any other particular store discounts on offer for these items.

So yes, it does take a little bit more time, but it really does make the difference between saving money and making sure that that you don't get taken advantage of.

TIP #4. Shop Online

My other tip is to potentially look at shopping online this year, more so than going into the store. I suspect this year the stores are going to be absolutely crammed full of people, and that will make shopping a little bit harder. But there are also real incentives to shopping online that most stores seem to be offering a lot of online stores are offering more free delivery options and also ship to stall programs so that you can just organize a curbside pickup, which makes it really easy.

So check out those things and really investigate whether shopping online is going to be a better option than fighting the crowds. Also, surprisingly, buying online actually gives you more rights as a  consumer. If you shop online, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to cancel an order. And you also have are further 14 days to return it for a full refund.

Not all stores offer this if you're actually shopping in-store, which may be surprising, but it is what it is. So it is worth checking some of those still policies beforehand, and that may help you decide whether you will shop in-store or online.

TIP #5. Stick to a Budget

My other piece of advice is to actually have a budget and stick to it. Now, remember that all of these stores and retailers are desperately wanting to sell you things, and they'll do whatever it takes to push you over the limit and to encourage you to buy things that you may not have otherwise thought to buy.

But if you set yourself a budget and be committed to sticking to that, then you do prevent yourself from running the risk of overspending and over-committing yourself. Because again, you might get swept up in the excitement of it. So really set yourself a tight budget and commit to not going over that. The other reason it's really important to set a budget and stick to it is that online shopping makes it so easy just to spend money, and it doesn't even feel like we're spending it. It's just an online transaction that doesn't actually feel like much at all.

But the reality hits home when you have to pay those credit card bills so commit to a budget and make sure you stick to it. Don't get swept up in all the hype next up.

TIP #6. Follow Stores On Social Media

I think it's really important to follow some of your favorite brands and some of your favorite retailers on their social media, channels because what they do tend to do is offer more up-to-date discounts and special offers, and last-minute deals that aren't advertised anywhere else. And sometimes if there are extra products left over at the end of the sale period, This is where they will be advertised.

So make sure you are following some of those favorite retailers and Brands where you're likely to purchase from check their social media, follow them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, and that's another way of potentially getting a really good deal.

TIP #7. Do your Research First

If you do have time, it's really worth doing a little bit of research, and looking at some of the store policies where you think you are likely to shop some retailers, offer price matching, which could be really beneficial so that you can buy more items from the one store. Instead of having to go through various retailers. That certainly works when you're shopping online. It can help with shipping costs. But doing a little bit of research up front can really help with these sorts of things. When you're doing that research, you can also find out whether the store is offering any price adjustment. For example, the target has already announced that Shoppers buying anything from October, the 10th through to December, the 24th will be able to request a price adjustment if the price drops later in the season Target also says it will continue its policy of matching select competitors pricing within 14 days of customer purchase.

So that basically just means if you purchase something, and you see it at a better price up to 14 days after you've purchased, they will match that price. So it really is worthwhile doing a little bit of research on some of those price matching policies and return policies, just so that you can make sure that you get the best deal.

Anyway, that's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. And if you have any of your own shopping tips, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.