Learn English with Disney+ | Top 10 Series

Learn English with Disney+ | Top 10 Series. Get started by watching and enjoying series like Marvel's ULTIMATE...

Learn English with Disney+ | Top 10 Series
Learn English with Disney+ | Top 10 Series

Hey everyone, what's up? Welcome to Clever Vulpes with TV series. As you may have noticed, we love a TV series. And today we'll present to you 10 original and well-known series that are available on Disney plus that every English learner should watch to hone their English skills, because we help you to use series movies songs and much more to learn English, which is a fun and entertaining way, just like Stacy, who says she's become addicted to studying for the first time. Have you ever also thought of watching scenes from your favorite series without getting lost, without missing the jokes, And without subtitles, make sure you hit that Like button so you don't miss out.

10- Once Upon a Time

Nothing says Disney more than fairy tales. But for the Once Upon a Time series characters, their happy ending may not come too soon. In this fanciful series. All the characters we know and love are trapped in a place where all the happy endings were stolen, our real-world during Seven Seasons. You can follow the story of Snow, White Prince, Charming, Ariel, see real, and many other characters who were cursed into forgetting all about their past magical lives in the fantasy world.

once upon a time

The best part is you can take your listening skills to a whole new level as the series features actors with the most varied accents.

9- Wanadavision, Loki and The Marvel Vniverse

I tried to choose just one, but I could it. If you are into superhero movies, then you must watch One Division and Loki. That's for sure. For the first one, we have a whole lesson dedicated to it that you can watch next. Now, Loki blew me away with how they play with the good versus evil boundaries. It tells the stories of mischievous billion escaping the clutches of the Avengers after the events of the Avengers Endgame.

Wanadavision, Loki and The Marvel Vniverse

And if you're a Marvel fan, or just enjoyed venturous storylines, you can also find other Marvel series there, such as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Hawkeye, this Marvel She-Hulk, And of course, agents of shield.

8- Diary Of Future President

The story of a Cuban American girl making her way through Middle School while preparing herself to pursue a big aspiration to become the president of the United States. You can learn conversational phrases and everyday vocabulary because the series has a lot of voiceovers, Elena reading from her own diary.

Diary Of Future President

Movie Line

"Hello, world. Or should I say, dear diary, my name is Elena Ofelia Canary. I'm 12 years old, and I live with my brother and my mother. That's Tasha, my loyal friend, and Joey Feldstein".

7- High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

High School Musical movies marked a whole generation. So much so that the movie inspired a series of its own. This mockumentary musical drama follows the members of a drama club in the preparation for a production inspired by the original movies.

We believe that songs are a powerful way to practice pronunciation, memorization of grammar structures, and are also a nice way to learn new words, just like the original movies. This one is full of catchy songs that will get you practicing your English without even realizing it.

6- Disney Channel Originals

Before, There were streaming platforms, and even before Disney concentrated all of its Productions on Disney. Plus the Disney Channel was the place to go for some laid-back teenage themed fun from Phineas and Ferb to Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Disney Channel Originals

You can watch all the old original series. What's nice about the teenage series is that they show situations we can all relate to you learn while having fun.

5- Glee

The glee club's that is groups of multiple voices that usually sing sections of songs are a big part of American culture. So is this show you'll be able to follow the journey and life of American adolescents while enjoying original versions of the best hit songs. Why not give it a try and take the chance to sing along with them? There are also many celebrity guest stars, such as Lindsay, Lohan, Ricky Martin, and even Britney Spears. If you're a fan of Britney Spears like me.

4- Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would be like if they had to survive in the wild? Well, in this reality show the famous British Adventurer Bear Grylls brings prominent stars who push themselves as much as they can during 48 Hours of inhospitable conditions. In the wild.

3- Mickey Mouse And Other Classic Animations

Disney isn't Disney without Mickey Mouse. You can have lots of fun with a cartoon series. Not only that, you can also find other classic Disney animations that were turned into series just as monsters at work and Lilo and Stitch. Also, if you are a Disney fan, you won't want to miss the docu-series. The Imagineering story about Walt Disney Universe. If you haven't heard of docu-series, they are television shows that follow a particular person while they engage in real events. It's perfect for noticing the authentic use of the language.

2- The Simpson

The Simpsons have references pretty much every be trending, pop culture, icon. And although they may not be that accurate all the time, they are certainly up for good love. The show has been running for more than 30 years. So if you are up for a good immersion in the language, this is the show for you.

1- The Mandalorian And Star War: Vision

One of the biggest hype surrounding Disney plus was certainly seeing baby Yoda in the Mandalorian Series in this show, you'll follow the story after the fall of the Empire. The good thing about Classics like Star Wars is that they are good conversation starters, whether you have seen them or not. And speaking of the Star Wars Universe, you should also check the Army version of it in Star Wars, Vision series of short films.

I hope you enjoyed today's diverse list. Let's share in the comments below what our all-time favorite Disney first series is, and what new vocabulary you have already learned with it. I can't stress enough how series or a way of making English fun the stories the characters the scenery all Inspire us. And just like Lindsay says, it's here.

If you fall in love with language learning, it will be much easier. The thing that I absolutely need that I think our listeners need to is an inspiration in the sense that they need to see a model of the language being spoken, and they need to kind of fall in love with that language. They need to see it. It needs to be in front of them in front of their eyes and say, oh, wow, that's what that means. Make the connections and say, I want to be able to speak that way someday.

So I think it's like the heart piece that's often missing in language learning that we try to bring it back to the heart, involve your heart before you involve your mind.

Does that make any sense? I'm not sure if that's clear.