Insane Lifestyle Of Millionaire Playboys

Everyone knows that being a millionaire playboy is the pinnacle of being a man. Follow the fun and laughter of these men as they embark on the greatest adventure of their life.

Insane Lifestyle Of Millionaire Playboys
Insane Lifestyle Of Millionaire Playboys

Insane Lifestyle Of Millionaire Playboys

Some millionaires have a different lifestyle. They do not hesitate to buy luxury cars, luxury watches throw extravagant parties, and spend money and time on women they love. We call them millionaire Playboys.

Traverse Bennet

Traverse Bennet was born in March 1972. Bennet is the heir and managing director of the Free Choice tobacco Empire founded by his parents. The company is running more than 200 stores in the country. Bennet attended Clairvaux College, a boys school in Brisbane, south side with the motto. He was apparently a bogan with a mullet in school similar to a chef and a bit of a troublemaker. Now styled as a Candyman. Bennet posts pictures of his flamboyant Lifestyle on Instagram, where he posts over 640 000 followers.

He calls himself the candyman and his social media account shows his extravagant lifestyle in women in bikinis. Leading a millionaire Playboy's life, he has an estimated net worth of around 200 million dollars and the heir of a tobacco Fortune. He owns an impressive fleet of cars, including Rolls-Royces Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The man is quite extravagant and his lifestyle is worth watching for as anyone could have dreamed of. He has mainly acquired most of his wealth through his business and listing in the top of millionaire Playboys with an insane lifestyle.

Gianluca Vacci 

Gianluca Vacci is the millionaire Playboy Packaging and Machinery Tycoon, who some wonder maybe the inspiration for the most interesting man in the world character in those Dos Equis commercials. Even if he's not, he might deserve the title. Not just because he stays thirsty, Vacci is Dashing, energetic, tattooed, and gray-bearded with many talents. He has 14.9 million Instagram followers and even more disposable income.

Now, he's banking on that to transition to a single-family Miami home that gives him more time, space, and freedom to do his things. Vacci’s celebrity began in his teens as a professional ski Prodigy in Italy. Later, he held the family business. The 52-year-old Instagram sensation posts, shirtless training and dancing videos that put 20-year-old athletes and models to shame. He DJ's hang out with a and b-list celebrities like Zac Efron and he starred in J. Balvin’s music video showcasing dance moves that 52-year-olds usually learn from their grandkids. 

Tony Toutouni

The Advent of Instagram has allowed a lot of people to become famous. One of such persons is Tony Takumi. An Arabian-born American businessman, who operates a nightclub in the city of La, with more than 2 million followers on Instagram at a particular time following his every move. He has a valid claim to fame and stardom. He's friends with equally popular Dan Blitzer, the Gambler who gained fame by showing off his lavish lifestyle to people on social media.

Tony himself, owes a majority of his followers to show off a lavish lifestyle replete with women, cars, cash, yachts, and so on. He best describes himself on his Instagram page as a man who's made a lot of money and cares less about people's thoughts. More so he proclaimed himself the king of Instagram and is seen as an icon of Playboys and people looking to have a lavish life.

Takumi is notorious for his extravagant lifestyle. He owns a bevy of high-end luxury vehicles including a Rolls-Royce ghost worth 335000, a Lamborghini Aventador spider worth 420000, and a Bentley GTC worth 220000, a Rolls-Royce Dawn Worth over 390000 and a BMW I8 worth about 165000. In all his car collection is worth somewhere around 15 million.

Tony Takumi has a private jet that's worth about 3 million. Sometime in 2014, he ensured his middle finger for a mind-boggling sum of 7 million dollars. The figure is his brand signature as it is the logo of business ventures with which he's involved. 

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian, the king of Instagram has a lifestyle as controversial as it is enticing. He has 20 million-plus Instagram followers crowned the king of Instagram by his followers. His feed documents a lifestyle that is so outrageous and seemingly free of moral, financial, or legal constraints.

He buys a new pickup truck so he can carry around his 20 mm anti-tank gun. He makes eight-digit bets on poker games. Bilzerian claims that his wealth is the outcome of a successful gambling career. However, this claim has been disputed by various people, including in a widely seen video. Professional poker player Doug Hulk some have speculated that Bilzerian’s wealth was instead inherited from his father.

Jeffrey Bolkiah

Prince Jeffrey was the Finance Minister of his oil-rich country Brunei from 1986 to 1997. He also served as chairman of the Brunei investment agency, BIA, which invests much of the country's wealth and was responsible for overseas Investments.

His costly possessions included a Boeing 747, a large art collection including artworks by Monet Renoir, and at least 21 works by Degas, along with a collection of 2 000 luxury cars, including specially commissioned, unique Aston Martins. A number of properties, including the plaza,  a hotel in Paris, and Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, a New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan. His assets were estimated at 1.5 billion.

Danny Lambo 

with a reported 25 million pounds in the bank and the loudest Supercar on Britain's roads. Danny Lambo lays claim to be Britain's biggest Playboy. The Croydon-born left school and his Headmaster told him that he would make nothing in his life. But he now brags. He has proven everybody wrong today.

He has three hotels and property Empire which allow him to live a luxury lifestyle, buy luxury cars and treat his many female friends to the Finer Things in life. Those include his tipples of choice, a 6000-pound rare cognac, 250-pound bottles of Pol Roger, Winston Churchill champagne, or a 1500-pound 1958 Chateau Harrison.

Mark Francis Vandelli

The wealthy businessman has found Fame through his reality, TV appearances, including a brief stint on the jump. Here is everything you need to know about the star. Mark Francis is a TV personality. that is found fame by being the longest-serving male cast member of Made in Chelsea. He set up his own jewelry business in Paris. He was also appointed as the editor of Insider magazine where he no doubt puts his knowledge of the fashion world. And on top of coming from a be privileged family, the star’s worth 2 million pounds in his own right.

Colin Farrell

This actor is used to being labeled a bad boy and he's no stranger to a risk-taking lifestyle that has all the women running to him. While he doesn't flash his money like Danny but, he's one to look out for. When it comes to women, he has so much going for him. His looks, of course, his career, and of course, the most important factor is accent the women love it.