I Tested 15 Gadgets From The Future

The future is already here if you know where to look. So, I Tested 15 Gadgets From The FUTURE Show with a list of new gadgets that will make you wonder how you lived without them.

I Tested 15 Gadgets From The Future
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I Tested 15 Gadgets From The FUTURE

Oh my God, God is wild. Welcome to 15 of the most futuristic gadgets you might have ever seen. We're talking speaker systems you can wear on your face, each taking technology lasers that can burn through things levitation and more. And we're going to go in order of how exciting I think each one is.

Atomi Showerhead (don't buy this)

So number 15 it's a strange kind of future. I'll tell you that you can now buy showerheads, which are also speakers. You have this outer portion that will spray water. And then this magnetic inner portion, which is where the sound will come from, doesn't feel like a particularly strong magnet. But I think they forgot, okay.

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I promise, lasers number 14 is laser pecker. It's probably the most dangerous hacker you've ever seen. Oh God, I just had to agree to like five separate disclaimers. Basically, even though a laser is just light, the power of that light, combined with how concentrated it can be, means that this light can burn through stuff. So I've got a phone I want to burn here and the laser Packer app here. You pull up an image that you want on this app.

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Then you just hit print. So that happens. Oh, my God, look at it. It's like pools of smoke. We're going to fire extinguisher. It's blowing my mind that that is just light wild. And this is not just like a drawing. This is etched into my case.


Okay, next up, we have something from XG me, that the sponsor of this video and their projector, The Horizon Pro is the most capable, most futuristic one I've ever used. So that right there is a 120-inch screen up here is the projector that I used to use on. It was like five thousand dollars. The speaker system to go along with it was like six thousand dollars, right? Well, this little thing is so good in terms of the picture quality and the quality of the inbuilt speakers that no joke for 1700. It is to replace them both.

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But the only reason I actually said yes to it for this video is that it's also a smart projector. It has sensors that allow it to autofocus and auto Keystone correction. So I literally not once had to fiddle with a manual focus ring. It can detect where your screen is and align its image inside it. It can even re-angle the picture to make it appear completely flat, even if the projector is firing downwards. But my favorite thing is that it in itself is also an Android device, which means it can use Android apps. Oops. And a search also wipes out half the boxes down there.

Thumby - Worldwide

 How small do you think the smallest gaming console is this big? Maybe? Maybe this is big, not quite what you're looking at right now. Is dummy be fully operational handheld that you could very easily swallow if you're not careful? So I'm just loading up Tetris right now, and I can't believe this is fully functional. All the buttons work as expected.

Image Source - YouTube

This, for all intents and purposes, is a working game, but with an OLED screen, can you imagine, like going back 30 years and telling someone that their gaming console, that was like this big? Would one day be this big? I wouldn't have believed you. That's even cooler than I was expecting it to be. Wait till you see number one on this list.

Power V4 - US

you know something I never expected to feature in a video about future gadgets was a paper plane. The times are changing gone are the days where you just take a sheet of paper, fold it three times and you're done. Good thing. I'm not a pilot nope. I spent a good 15 minutes building the PowerUp V4 precisely folding, taping, and even adding Bluetooth-controlled propellers time to see if it was worth it. So I've got my app here.

I'm going to unlock the propellers. Oh my God. Okay. 3 2, 1 0. Too much, too much throttle, the ultimate test. Let's go. Come on. Come down, come down, come from. Oh my God, it's still going. Oh, shit, yeah, we're, we're not getting that home back.

Mario Kart Live circuit - US

But you know, there's something that's had me even more excited than high-tech paper. This is what's claiming to be the next era of Mario Kart. I am such a child. If you haven't heard of Mario Kart, it is like the staple family racing game. And this is what happens when the game becomes real. Alright. So inside the box as well as the cart. I also got a bunch of these Gates. And the idea is, you place these Gates around the room. You want to race it in.

Image Source - YouTube

And then the cart itself has an embedded camera that can use these gates to turn your room into a real-life Mario Kart course. Hello, Milo, that's Mario vs. Milo. Can we get me to go and get me? It feels like Jurassic Park-like walking with the dinosaurs. So the physical cart is moving through my physical room. But on my screen, I can actually see my virtual opponent and the virtual items I pick up, and then I can use them in the real world. And because you've got a physical car in your room, all the physical objects automatically become obstacles in the game. 

Image Source - YouTube

Zephyr Pro - Global

Okay, so we've had computer mice for the best part of 60 years now. But have you ever wondered what's next? Okay, you probably haven't. You're not sad like me, but according to the Zephyr Pro, it's having a mouse or a physical cooling system inside. I kid you not this mouse, as well as being built with a honeycomb structure to dissipate. Heat also has an actual fan inside of it. So you click this button to change your lighting modes.

Image Source - YouTube

And then this one here will turn on the fan. Oh, it is on. It's just that is completely silent. It's not as powerful as I was expecting, but I guess that kind of makes sense. I mean, it's trying to keep your hands sweat-free, not freeze them off.

Noli Battery System - Worldwide

I love gadgets like these clean presentations, slick designs, funny names because all the good ones are taken. This is nollie, specifically the nollie battery system. Why is it a battery system? You might ask, well, compared to just a normal charger, this system has quite a nice self-reinforcing Loop that makes it almost idiot-proof. So for starters, it's the main socket. They can charge your phone through the USB port on top.

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You also get a 6 thousand, seven hundred million power bank with its own inbuilt cable of your choosing, as well as its own USB port to charge something else. But then the power bank magnetically connects to the main socket so that you can charge both your phone at the same time that the power bank is charging, and the whole thing will only take up one socket with no spillover or blockage to the one next to it.

Oura Ring (3rd Gen) - Worldwide

So what on Earth tops that? Well, this is a piece of technology that I think 10 years ago, people would have laughed at if you suggest it was a smart ring. And I did not think it would be as capable as it is. This thing is packed with sensors, and it measures almost all the same data that a full-on smartwatch words I've been using to monitor my sleep, my levels of activity. We're talking about a level of sophistication such that this ring can detect the onset of a virus before you can buy noticing Trends and fluctuations in your body temperature.

Image Source - YouTube

My only gripe, though, is that this company Aura eventually just introduced a six-dollar monthly subscription if you actually want to get or your data. And that's on top of the 300 on a price of the Ring itself, which I guess is very much the future we're moving towards, but not necessarily, in a good way. Speaking of subscriptions though, if you do enjoy my videos, a sub to the channel would be free.

Heat Shrinking Tubing - US

All right, I'll tell you one Tech problem that I would love to be left in the past. Fraying damaged cables don't even get me started on how many MacBook wires I've had to replace mostly due to wear and tear are the neck, which is the part the tends to receive the most bending and pulley well, with the help of heat shrinking tubing. This is actually a solvable problem. So I've got my damaged cable here. What is this to do is to slip one of these tubes on top of the neck.

Image Source - YouTube

And then when I heat it, it says, to use a lighter, I'm not gonna do that. It should apparently compress by a factor of three. Try it out. The hall is no longer open, and that is completely sealed up. So this will insulate the wire. It'll protect it. It'll protect you. It'll also make it waterproof. And the insides of these tubes are lined with the DC such that once you heat to them and they've sealed, they will stay like that.

Levitating Light - US

Okay, So you might know this about me. I kind of have a thing for funky-looking lights. But how do you take a light to the next level? I'll tell you about magnetic levitation. So we've got the base here when I plug it in. This will become a wireless charger for my phone. And then up at the top, this just looks like a normal magnet, right? Magnetic Bowl, magnetic top, except when I plug it in, hopefully, this should become an electromagnetic field, and the light will turn on.

Image Source - YouTube

Oh my God, that's so cool. I see what happens. If I put some paper in between, it's going to be a permanent part of the setup.

Tipsi Tray - US

Now, on a related note, though, you know what's even cooler than electricity-powered anti-gravity, anti-gravity that doesn't require any electricity. This is e Tipsy tray. It doesn't look like much but bears with me here because this company is saying that by using this tray, spilling drinks will become a relic of the past.

Image Source - YouTube

Now, that's a pretty bold claim, if you've ever seen me try to carry a cup of tea. But I'm ready to test that theory. Okay, four glasses of T ready to go. The concept is that because I'm holding them from above, it will create a center of rotation.

At that point. It should mean that if I swing the tray like this, it will exert a force on those drinks from that point of rotation, which in theory, should temporarily glue them to the surface. But it's time to test that. The stakes are so high. Here I could burn myself. I could cut myself, there goes 5 4 3 2 1 oh my god, oh my god, it works not a single drop. Look at it that showerhead incidents guard me.

Oladance Wearable Stereo

All right, we're in the top three. So it's probably not a surprise to you that more and more in our day-to-day lives, we are using wireless earphones. People don't like wires, and people don't like big bulky headphones that mess up your hair. But in the earphones come with their own set of problems and the owner dance, wearable stereo, aiming to fix all of them. So right off the bat, this company isn't even calling these earphones the way they have.

Image Source - YouTube

These dual compartments mean that they can hold themselves in place without actually needing to go inside at all. They feel less like ever, and more like a private set of speakers, if that makes sense. Secondly, this dual-chamber design means that there is a tree zero risk of these coming off, which is sometimes an issue for normal phones. And they sound really nice, kind of like, like an outdoor concert. And finally, because this second the chamber is almost completely filled with battery, unlike normal events that might get like four to five hours before you have to case them up.

These can last 12 to 16 the only things you need to consider are if you like, the way they look, which I'm not too sure that I do. And if you actually want to pair with no noise canceling, this is listed as one of the features of the product, you know, like, be aware of your surroundings at all times. But equally, it does mean that you lose that in your own bubble feeling. But you might get it from a pair of airports Pro.

Mars Pro - US

Alright. So you know how those things were like mini speakers? Well, there's a not-so-many speaker. This is the Mars Pro special edition. And if you're someone who worries about robots one day taking over the world, then you probably shouldn't buy one. It's made of proper metal. And I'm still in shock that this is an actual working speaker. But what's probably more surprising is that this company is claiming that it is of audio file quality. I'll be the judge of that. Okay, I am genuinely surprised by that.

Image Source - YouTube

You would think by looking at this is kind of just a showpiece. But the base that it's managed to achieve in such a small package is phenomenal. I still don't know about the audio files, though.

Tri Screen 2 - US

So what'll Earth is number one, then enter the try screen to end. This one Gadget can turn your normal, lowly laptop into a triple screened Behemoth. There are no magnets or glue. This system uses elastic to adjust to the size of your laptop. And then once it's on you, pull here and pull here, and then you plug One USB cable into this 11 USB cable into this one. And that's it. Look at this.

Image Source - YouTube

This is wild. So if I've got a window over here, I can drag it all the way onto the main display, and then through that to the right, or I can just have like three fullscreen windows open at once. And if you're wondering what happens when you take this concept to the absolute extreme.

Expanscape Aurora 7 - Worldwide

this is the expanse gate or Aurora 7 I was actually planning to go Hands-On with it for this article, but we just couldn't make timings work. Essentially, though, this company has figured out a way to make a top-spec laptop. We're talking the latest I9 chipset 128 GB of RAM it Cetera, which can fold out to not one, not three, but seven displays.

Image Source - YouTube

I am still going to try and get Hands-On with it because this is completely the next level. But long story short, expect the final product to be released in a matter of weeks to check out my last gadgets, video click here, or to find out why the metaverse is both hugely exciting and kind of horrifying. Quick here. I'll catch you in the next one.

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