"I Saw an ALIEN" : Family Finds Alien-Like Being Pulsating On New Zealand Beach

A family came across a huge, bizarre-looking pink-colored sea creature while strolling along a beach in New Zealand.

"I Saw an ALIEN" : Family Finds Alien-Like Being Pulsating On New Zealand Beach
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"I Saw an ALIEN" : Family Finds Alien-Like Being Pulsating On New Zealand Beach

Who doesn't know? Children always like to touch all kinds of gross and slimy things. It doesn't matter how disgusting they are. Kids would love to poke into anything that moves to see what happens, sometimes even adults do because it's human nature, but when parents saw their two children approach a strange being, they had to stop them. However, they did poke it with a stick and took some photos. That's another story that became viral. You never know what could happen if you came close to wild animals. Even though some may not look dangerous, they can cause a lot of damage. This creature was nothing like the family had ever seen before, and their story even made it to the news. Experts joined hands and help the family discover the origin of this being Adam and Eve of the young parents of Lucas who is 4 years old and Sophia acute two-year-old toddler as they were out on some Adventures. They came across a strange creature. The family decided to go for a walk on, but Kure Beach, which is 42 miles north of Auckland, they had never thought a walk on the beach would soon turn into Adventure, which is exactly what they'd been looking for. Adam and Eve Dickinson are awesome parents. They like to have fun with their kids. And sometimes they even act like kids too, but they're very responsible when it comes to Lucas and Sophia's safety. This is why, when Lucas told his father that something was moving in the sand, Adam's first instinct kicked in. He told his kids not to touch it as it could be dangerous.

The Nine Mile Beach is going to become a regional park. So Adam and Eve wanted to go for a stroll. It was already September, and they wanted to enjoy the warm weather while it lasted. Little did they know that they would indeed make a great discovery. Aside from the beautiful site you get to witness on the beach, it comes across seashells or jellyfish. And if you get close to the water, you may also see some tiny fish or crabs. But the creature this a family saw was nothing like they have ever seen before. The kids asked their father to let them pose next to it. Here are the viral photos of the two kids next to that strange being neither of the two New Zealand parents knew that they would come across a very strange creature. It was captivating to look at, but they had to make sure not to touch it. It looked like it came from space, but the Dickinson's knew it was impossible. So they began theorizing. Lucas said it was a volcano. It sure did look like one, but it wasn't. Adam took his phone and started taking some pictures.

If a kid sees jelly on the sand, they think it is jelly. However, this was not the sweet blob you get to eat from plate eight. But Lucas is seen small jellyfish in the sand and knew he wasn't supposed to touch them. My initial thought was, don't let my kids touch it as they were running up to have a look recounted Adam. He snapped a few more photos right in time before it changed its shape while Adam knew it was some kind of jellyfish.  Its huge size and coloring were like nothing they had ever seen before. And it did look like a volcano from a certain angle. We go to the beach to see cool things like that, said, Adam and an interview with the media after his story got viral online Fox News interviewed the family and learn more about that moment.

The alien-like blob was captivating, and the family wondered what it could be. Then Adam heard Lucas telling him to find a stick and poke it with it. Of course, as we said earlier, the Dickinson's are awesome. And Adam went to find a stick while Eve watch the kids. It was a time to solve the mystery of this strange blob as they have walked on the beach before passing by this jelly, the family discovered plenty of other small Ellie. We had been out walking, and there were up to 100 jellyfish along the estuary and on the beach at the end. After about an hour, we came across this one recalled Adam Lucas and Sophia, Blue On The Blob, and saw that it moved. This creepy thing was still alive and moving. The kids then started blowing on it. It can feel as Mommy Lucas said, as it moved again, Eve recalled in an interview with Yahoo 7.

Then Adam decides to help with the investigation. Our initial reaction was impressed because it's a using-looking thing, said, Adam, Adam didn't want to risk touching the blob. After all, it was purple and look like jelly. So it could have been poisonous. He began providing it with a stick to see what happened. It almost looked alien-like and was slowly moving and Contracting recalled Adam. The purple blob was moving, and the kids were so taken aback that it was too cute not to watch their reaction. Adam and Eve were also impressed to see that blob that looked like a load of muscles Contracting. It was pretty incredible and really hard to describe. Ben Adam learns how rare this creature was using the stick, Adam, flip the blob upside down and realized that it was indeed a huge jellyfish that got washed up on the shore. I picked up some of the others, the little ones without many tentacles.I was just showing the kids. You don't touch the  beneath of the jellyfish, but I didn't want to touch the outside of that one said, Adam, here's why he was reluctant to touch it, and his instinct was right. They pack a hell of a punch and told said, Adam, in an interview you didn't know what kind of jellyfish this creature was. I've been here nine years, and I've never seen anything like that.

He said, however, when we did some research on this jellyfish, he learned that it was a rare creature. It was a lion's mane jellyfish. Marine experts know a lot of things about rare creatures. Diane McPherson is a member of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research. And she had a few more information pieces to share what the Dickinson's Adam recalled, that this discovery was incredible. He learned that while the lion's mane jellyfish was not poisonous, it could cause some minor welts. If you get stung, they have a poison in their tentacles that can hurt you. If you get too close to them, added McPherson, it is best to treat them with caution, even though they are not deadly.  

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