How Well Do You Know Ronda Rousey?

Ronda Rousey was born under extremely difficult circumstances. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about the former UFC women's bantamweight champion.

1. How did Ronda do at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Women's Judo?

Gold Medal
Silver Medal
She Did Not Win A Medal
Bronze Medal

2. In the 2004 Junior World Judo Championships, Ronda Rousey beat a Chinese opponent in how many seconds?

11 seconds
6 seconds
4 seconds
8 seconds

3. In what year did Ronda Rousey become the first U.S. athlete to win two Junior World medals in judo?


4. At what age did Ronda Rousey retire from judo?


5. Ronda Rousey named her cat after which Summer Olympics host city?


6. Ronda Rousey holds the fastest submission win in UFC history against Cat Zingano. How long did the fight last?

11 seconds
14 seconds
16 seconds
13 seconds

7. What is the title of Ronda Rousey's autobiography?

My Fight / Your Fight
Rowdy Me / Rowdy You
Love Me / Hate Me
Bad Reputation

8. Ronda Rousey's first MMA win not by armbar was against whom?

Alexis Davis
Sarah Kaufman
Cat Zingano
Sara McMann

9. Who did Ronda Rousey fight in her first professional MMA bout?

Ediane Gomes
Julia Budd
Charmaine Tweet
Taylor Stratford

10. For her 3rd birthday, what did Ronda Rousey want as a gift?

WWF Roddy Piper Wrestling Buddy
Stretch Armstrong
Pokemon cards
WWF Hulk Hogan Wrestling Buddy