How to Reset Your Life for 2022

How to Reset Your Life for 2022. Everyone has their own idea about the life they want for themselves, the life that they deserve. But what if there's a possibility that you unintentionally give your life meaning, but it no longer reflect ...

How to Reset Your Life for 2022

How to Reset Your Life for 2022

In this article, I'm going to write about some activities that you can do to reset your life around the new year. I will discuss some activities to inspire you to do the same. These activities are designed for the ultimate reset, they are designed to inspire, to get you reflecting, to get you feeling like you are ready for the new year.

Design a New Year's Ritual

Step one of your New Year's reset is to design a New Year's ritual to step into the year feeling magical. Hold a little funeral for your year. Celebrate the year grieve what you've lost, say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you, and welcome in the new year.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert has shared her personal ritual that she uses to transition from the old year to the New Year saying I write down what I want to shed from the old year and what I want to welcome into the new year. Your way of shedding the old and welcoming the new might look totally different. But I think there is something magical to adding a bit of ritual behind it. To make things a little more symbolic than just writing in a notebook.

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are usually linked to the movie The Secret as well as The Law of Attraction. I don’t back to the Law of Attraction because I refuse to believe that someone could attract horrible tragedies. I refuse to believe that the awful news stories that I believe are created because someone had bad vibes had bad thoughts. I don't think that the Universe picks and chooses who will bless and who it will throw to the Wolves.

I think our minds are incredibly powerful. I believe that your subconscious, your mind can be used as a tool. I believe in the power of belief to a point. I do believe that we can influence our beliefs. And when we influence our beliefs, it changes how we act, and it can attract good things our way because of how we are. I believe that we can use the placebo effect to our advantage. I believe that we can create our own magic in a way. 

Getting back to our vision board, which does relate to everything that I've just talked about. A Vision board really is a tool that serves your mind. It directs your mind towards what you want. It creates a crystal clear vision for your mind to work towards. It makes your mind start to look out for more opportunities for you that are related to whatever's on your vision board. It leads your mind towards focusing more on the tasks that help you to carry out whatever moves you towards what is on your vision board first. 

The more that you're looking at your vision board, you're looking at the images, you're looking at the words, the more they're sinking into your brain. And the more your mind will start to work for you in the background. 

Choose How To Expand Your Mind

Start by picking what you want to revisit in your new year. It is so easy to fall into the pattern of constantly searching for the little nugget of wisdom that is gonna just magically prove, change your life. It leads you to become dismissive. You start dismissing all this advice that you've read before, because you're like, well, that didn't do it.

So I've got to look for something new. The reality is there's probably not too much news that is going to radically change your life. Instead of getting yourself on the hamster wheel of finding the shiny new thing that is going to make the difference for you to achieve your goals, Go back to the basics, go back to the things that have inspired you in the past. We need to revisit re-listen, re-watch, take action on it. Don't let the information that you learn become just a moment of inspiration.

You wanted it to become a lifetime of action. Then you can move towards the new. So I do still think that taking in new information is obviously a wonderful thing. And for your New Year, have a look at your goals and have a look for books, courses, podcasts, whatever it is that supports those goals. So that will help you to achieve those goals. Ask yourself what books are going to make the biggest difference towards these goals and get them out from the library. Create a playlist of podcast episodes, hop on Audible whatever you need to do.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Every month or two for the last few years, I've done a live admin day. A whole day doing the little tasks that just get away from you. Things that are dwelling on my mind killing me softly are the things that I do in my life have been days. 

These are the things that are easy to never get around to doing. Sometimes these things make a huge impact for years to come like if you finally booked a therapy appointment or set up a health savings account and an automatic deposit, sometimes the impact is more subtle, but it's still there.

Do your future self a favor by walking into the new year with as many of your little life admin style tasks ticked off. But you don't have a pile of little things to do on your mind.

Reflect On Last Year

So at the end of every year, I really like to close out the year prior by doing a bit of reflection and a bit of a review. And last year, I did something slightly different from what I normally do. I did a bit of a yearly recap, and it was almost like a Spotify wrapped but for my year.

Doing this wrap-up of your year can take a week or two, or it can take a night. I've found that when I do it, and a few days afterward, my mind keeps on thinking of things to add to it. So you can go back and add to it over time too. Your yearly wrap can include things like your favorite life moments from the year, the things that mattered. So if you got a time timer and you're obsessed with it, that might be a thing that mattered this year.

The books that mattered, the podcast that mattered, the ideas that mattered you can document anything here. I'm not much of a daily log kind of journal. And this is perfect for people like us who don't document our days may be as well as we'd want to. And it also just kind of ties the bow on your year.