Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Google has revealed a lot of information about what to expect from the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, but the company has also included a lot of hidden features and there's a lot more to explore.

Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features
Image Source - YouTube | Image by - Hayls World

Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

In case you didn't know the Google pixel 6 and 6 Pro a packed with a ton of nifty features like check this out. If you open up the camera application and look to the top right-hand corner, you'll see this file icon. And from there you can select lock to folder. So now we can take a picture of something top secret or private and go to your photo gallery. You will not see it there because you selected a locked folder. Instead, you just have to go to libraries, utilities. And right over here, you will see the locked folder. Of course, you'll need to put in your secret pin. But once you've done that there, you'll see all your top secret and private pictures you secretly hid away while in the camera app. If you click on the settings icon, you will see top shots.

If you toggle that on every time you go to take a picture, it'll actually record a little bit of the beginning and end of the picture. So that when you go back to the sorry and swipe up, you can choose from any one of these frames of captured as your main picture, you can scrub through to find the perfect moment. And when you're done, just go ahead, click, save a copy. And if you click and hold down and you can watch the whole clip, then I'm just settings. If you click on sound and vibration, then scroll down to now playing right here, you can toggle on identify songs playing nearby. So now anytime music is playing around you, right on the lock screen, you'll see the artists as well as the title, and you can play that song. And speaking of playing, of course, I have some Google Play gift cards for some of my lucky Subs. So stick around till the end. 

Okay. Now check this out because this one is really cool. If you receive a call on the Google Pixel 6 while chatting, you can actually swipe down on the notification panel and access the control center, then toggle on this live caption. Now, what happens is anything that is said on the phone call is automatically transcribed just like this. So here's another crazy thing. If I head into the voice recorder app and I enable transcribing, it will transcribe everything I am saying, word for word just like this. And it doesn't matter how fast I speak or how slow I speak. It seems to transcribe everything pretty perfectly. So, the bam, in my opinion, that's pretty cool. And once again, it is right on into the control center and toggles on the live caption. Basically any application you open with media playing will straightaway transcribe what is being said on the screen word for word. You can also move the caption box around.

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So if it's in the way you can just wipe it up, or get rid of the captions completely, you can just click hold and swipe it down to the bottom to delete this line. The captured feature is amazing. So this is one of the coolest features on this Beast of a phone. It's called Magic erase. And basically, you can remove just about anything from the background of your pictures like magic. So if you've got the camera open you snapping, some pics, and you go to the gallery to check them out. If you notice anything in the background you're unhappy with, you can click that edit button, then scroll rights to tools. And right over here, you'll see magic arrays, not what you can do is simply Circle any object in your picture. And then bam, it disappears. You can even pinch to zoom in and really get accurate with what you want to remove.

And as you can see, it does a pretty good job. If there is something you definitely want to get rid of in your photo, just keep those shadows in mind, because it is certainly not 100% perfect every time. So once you've tried your best to remove certain objects, go back over the Shadows just like this, and try to get rid of those two. But overall, this feature is pretty epic. So if you ever wanted to remove things from your pictures, well now, I'm not going to lie. This phone has some great gestures. What then settings? If you scroll down to the system right over here, you'll see gestures. And in there, you'll have a whole bunch of different ones to choose from and toggle on.

So stop is this one in the camera. If you give it a little Shake, just like this, you can actually toggle between the back and front-facing camera. Then for one-handed mode, just swipe down over that little bar at the bottom. And you're in, if you double click the power button at any time, it will automatically open the camera straight away. And it doesn't matter what application you're in, it'll work every time for this gesture. If you take your phone and place it facedown, it'll automatically toggle on do not disturb, then it to access recently. You just swipe up and hold. And all your open applications will be right over there. If you want to go to the home screen, just swipe up quickly. Instead of holding the navigation of this phone, it can be quite confusing. So if you want to go back just swipe from the left-hand side into the middle and you'll go back, you can also go back by using the right-hand side.

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So Google definitely stole this one from Apple, and it's good old back to regardless of who did this one. First, it's still super Nifty. And in quick tap settings, you've got quite a couple of options to choose from, for example, you can decide to open any application. There's also this option you can choose to toggle on, which is require stronger tax so that you don't get any accidental Taps when handling your phone. So once all of that is done and set up in the future, if you want to quickly open it tap or take a screenshot it, you know what to do. So I did about you guys, but I find this super nasty. 

Now we've got to talk about this super cool motion mode within the camera app. Once in the mode, you'll see both these options called action pan and long exposure. These are basically two different motion modes you can choose from, depending on what type of picture you try to capture like it creates a blue background or long exposure shot. So this is really cool, because no matter where you take your picture, it really accentuates that motion background for a great-looking picture. So in other words, if I take a picture in motion, it'll come up looking a little something like this. Behind me. You'll notice this epic blur. However, I will be perfectly in focus and crispy shop at the bottom.

You can even see the before and after of the effect. And keep in mind on top of all of that. There are a whole bunch of different editing features to choose from. Here are just some examples I took of this mood, and it definitely works the best. When you have a super fast-moving background for the long exposure, you also get some seriously amazing results. 

Image Source - YouTube | Image by -  In Depth Tech Reviews

Now, I know most people love to customize the look of their phone and on the pixel 6. If you click and hold down, then access wallpapers and styles there, you'll see an option that says themed icons. And what this does is change the color and theme of all the icons to match your background wallpaper. You can choose from a couple of different theme colors. It is automatically picked up in your background. And honestly, it looks so dang cool organized and has a theme to the max. Just something that's actually really been blowing my mind lately is how good smartphones are getting at nighttime photography. But with this phone, it kind of takes that to the next level with astrophotography. That's right guys with this phone and that astrophotography mode.

You can take some incredible pictures of the night sky. It is definitely suggested that you use a tripod when in this mode. But once you are set up and are good to go, you click the shutter button, and it'll give you a countdown of how long you need to wait before I just captured an amazing picture of the night sky. You also have the option to go into more camera settings. And in here under Advanced, you can toggle on enable time-lapse astrophotography. And what this does is basically capture a mini clip of the long exposure astrophotography pick you just took. 

Now, here's another excellent tip. You definitely need to remember. And that is, if you swipe up into reasons, you'll see this little option that says select, and if you tap on that, it will automatically select all the text in that application, just like this. And then you can go ahead and copy share, or even search that text. Then I don't know about you guys, but they're definitely are some times that I need a super long screenshot. So on pixel 6 if you take a screenshot and you'll see this caption more option. And then what you can do is just move this line down to capture longer screenshots. Once you're happy with that, you can go ahead, and it's even further with the pen tool text, or cropping these long screenshots, and does only work on certain applications. So just keep that in mind. But overall, this is a banging feature. 

Here's a quick tip. If you set up quick phrases under settings and you receive a phone call, or an alarm goes off, you can just say stop. Instead of always having to say, Hey, you know who? There is also an extreme battery saver mode that will give you some extra juice when you're in a pinch, all you do is a toggle on battery saver mode, and then you'll receive this notification that asks to turn on Extreme battery saver. Once that is on, it'll actually pause the majority of your unused apps, and of course, toggle the entire phone and system over to dark mode. If, however, you find yourself with plenty of battery power, then you can actually share some of that with a friend in the control center just toggle on battery saver. Go ahead and place your phone facedown. And now you can just charge some bugs, or even give your friend's phone some extra life. Yeah. But if you enjoyed this artical, then don't forget to like And share, or you can check out some of my other artical or right over here. But thank you, guys. So much for reading. And I will see you in the next one to do.