Galaxy Watch 4 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features

Galaxy Watch 4 tips and tricks guide with all the Hidden functions and features, including what type of notifications to use, what sizes to buy, and more.

Galaxy Watch 4 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features
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Galaxy Watch 4 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features

Hi guys, welcome back to CleverVulpes, and it's time to take a look at the amazing features of the Galaxy watch 4. So tie it up and let's get into it.

So now that the Galaxy Watch has an OS, you can simply swipe up the menu and scroll down, and you'll see this camera icon if you choose to turn on the camera system on your phone, and you can see the whole view. on your watch. So now you have the remote control on your camera. You can take pictures on your watch. You can even change the Focus of the camera by simply tapping on different objects in the viewfinder. And here's a little time icon. So if you click on that and tap the close button, it will start counting down for 2 seconds.

And as you can imagine, this is perfect for taking photos you took to make videos, or even family and group photos. You can also change the mode on your phone, and it will automatically turn on your watch. So if you have it in video mode, you'll see the small lock button has changed, too then you can just continue recording your video. In fact, everything you pick up on your watch is immediately stored in the gallery. So you can go ahead and see exactly what you have just captured.

Body Composition

Now, this mixed feature is really crazy. It might just blow your mind, and I really don't believe it is possible. So when you swipe up the main menu and select a health plan, then scroll down slightly. You will see the shape of the body. So when you tap that, you can go down, where it shows you how to measure your body shape using your watch. In fact, it is so simple that there are only four actions to remember. And once you have checked it out, you move your watch to your wrist.

It is therefore strong against your arm. Then raise your arms in front of you, take these two fingers and place them against the buttons. It really takes a few seconds. And once completed, you can see your fat mass, body mass, water, BMR, and mole. So to get a body scan like this, you usually need to go home or to the gym, and actually pay for the results. But now you can do it. And your watch, I actually tested both sides as well the results were accurate enough, kind of crazy.

Phone Calls

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like the good touch. And this one is especially helpful when your hands are full. So in Galaxy Watch, once you swipe from the top and access the settings, you can then scroll down until you see Advanced features right here, scroll down again, and then click the obstacles, to change that. And now you can respond with a touch.

So now, when I get a call, I can just raise my arm twice like this. He will answer the phone immediately, and I will start chatting. And again, if you are too busy to pick up the phone, you can just shake your wrist like this, and it will reject the call. The good thing is that you can also make direct calls to your watch. You can just type any number you want to call, or check your contacts, click the dial button, and you're ready to go.

You can have a chat on your watch without holding your phone. You can change the volume of a phone just by clicking on it small icon and dialing. You can also choose to silence your voice in case you need to talk to someone immediately. And if you click on these two small dots, you can change the call back to your phone or access. Keyboard. This is true, it is such a beautiful feature. And again, really useful. If your hands are full.


one of the great things about this watch is that you can get any notification on it, whether it is WhatsApp message, Instagram, DM emails, SMS, notifications, even camera, and appearance or audio detection. Almost any app with notifications will enter your watch and access them, just swipe left from the home screen. You can also reply using a number of different methods, whether it's a quick response keyboard or text to text, which I choose.

You just talk to your watch, and it will automatically change from talk to tech-savvy. You can post it, and that's it. There are also a lot of different settings. You can change under notifications, even if they do not disturb or silence. So definitely check those out.

Snoring Detections

Now, I've never seen anything like this in any other product, and it's so exciting. So if you’ve ever wondered why you don’t sleep well at night, or if your ice is fine under the health plan, is this a sleep phase? When you click that and scroll down, you will see this option to turn on ice discovery, and it will let you know when you turn it on on your phone. Then what happens is you put on your watch and go to sleep. Then in the morning, when you get up and check your phone if you pull it out at night, you will actually have recorded sounds of your snoring.

I can't believe it, but under Samsung's health system while you're asleep, you can pick any day you like, and scroll down, and you'll see snoring when you click that here, all the recorded audio sounds. in this nightmare.


Now, music is a very important feature of smartwatches Nowadays. And with the Galaxy Clock, you can download Spotify playlists to watch. You do not need to make sure that the Spotify app is installed first, but you can access your favorite playlists, and choose which one you would like to download. And when you scroll down, you will see the download option to watch it. After that, you can listen to all the tracks you like without needing your phone. You can also do the same with YouTube music and download playlists to your Galaxy watch.

Then, if you have a pair of galaxies, buds, believe it or not, you can also connect this to your watch and listen to music while exercising or making calls. once they are connected, and you can swipe up to the main menu, select the program but. And here you can switch between various modes such as active audio cancellation or Ambient sound and turn each one on or off. So as soon as you are there happy and good to repeat, you can switch to Spotify or YouTube Music and start listening to your favorite songs and navigate to your watch without ever touching your phone man. I like that.

Watch Faces

Now, for those of you who like to change things or try different styles, you can easily change the face of the watch in the Galaxy wearables app. As you can see, there are many different designs to choose from whether they are the most beautiful, the most beautiful, and the oldest or the most fun. Once you have selected it, it appears immediately on your watch. And the best thing is that you can customize most of these clock views, whether you want to add a battery problem, or just switch you can do it all.

You can also customize the face of your watch by going to the fashion menu and selecting the My Style face, then clicking to customize it right here, you will see the option to turn on the camera, and now you can just take a picture. a photo of your property. So now I can choose a clock face that is colored like my save-click jacket and action. And now I have the same clock face. Very good.

Standard Features

Now we have to talk about some of the advanced features that are still available on the Galaxy watch under the health system. You’ll see an exercise option, and here, or a bunch of different exercise options from jogging to swimming, cycling, mountaineering, to say the least. It's probably here. And of course, look at the exercises for beginners. You will see a lot of different metrics from your heartbeat to Pace calories burned and much more. You can also switch between right and left sides to access your music settings or pause and exercise.

Then, if you want to download a specific app, you can go to the Google Play Store to search for that app, or you can check out many of their installed iOS clock apps now with thousands of different apps. You can check and download and install your watch. So don't forget about the Google Play Store. And you have your best Nifty daily features like a timer app.

When I have a lot of pre-setting the times you have already selected immediately since the timer expires, you will watch it vibrate and release this little sound and let you know. And as you can imagine, this is very useful for a group of different things. You also get a stopwatch app with two different designs. So depending on what you choose, you can choose that, and you can set any alarm right on your watch and add it to your phone. There is so much to do with this watch.

Quick Tips

So here’s a quick tip you can say about the Galaxy watch going forward, like changing the actions of side buttons. For example, in Settings, when you scroll down to Advanced features here, you'll find an option, customize keys. And if you tap that here, you can decide what happens if you double-click the home button. And there are a Couple Of options. So I just decided to get my phone.

You can also decide what happens when you briefly press the back button. And when all of that is done next time, if you double-click the home button, it will perform the action you selected in some countries. You can even check your blood pressure with a Galaxy clock and ECG reading. And as mentioned, this is only available in some countries at the moment, but hopefully, it will soon be available everywhere. So if you enjoyed this article, don't forget to like and share, or you can check out some of my articles right here. But thank you very much for Reading, and I'll see you next time.