DJI OM5 Top Features - YOU HAVE TO SEE

DJI OM5 top features - with the best drones in the world, what is it like to fly? This article is packed with insights and highlights of the most exciting new DJI drone.

DJI OM5 Top Features - YOU HAVE TO SEE

DJI OM5 Top Features - YOU HAVE TO SEE

Hi guys, welcome back to the world of heels, and I'm so excited to show you this. The DJ in charge of five gimbal tours is full of some serious features such as active song touch, time-lapse recording, expiration time, and a host of other great things. Let's get into it.


From there to here to check out what to expect when you release the DJI om5 gimbal. The box is actually much smaller than previous models but is packed with lots of nice cool accessories. First, you get a super nappy drawstring bag where you can put your Gimbal and accessories. Then find this magnetic phone camper, attached to your phone for charging. You get a USB cable to USB C. Then you get this interconnected tripod that actually opens like that. You also get an extra Riser pad if your phone is really thin.

A beautiful lanyard to attach to your gimbal. A quick first guide with warranty information. And finally, this super slick o5 gimbal itself, which is a very compact material, and all of that is packed in this small box. So there is a lot to expect, and you get cool accessories.

Extention & Accessories

So the biggest new update of his five-year gambling is this, a built-in extension stick. And thanks to this Rod, you can take the best group photos with your friends and family, basically putting a lot of people into a photo, because it's just like the photo stick you took. It also opens up the option to take many photos and videos from interesting angles, because all the same gimbal modes still work, even when the stick is extended.

And I've said that if you get a magnetic call box in a box, it's very easy to attach it to your phone, you just split it like that. It opens, and fortunately, you can attach it to almost any phone size. So whether you have a chunky Samsung or an iPhone Promax or even an iPhone Mini, it doesn't really matter because the clamp will attach to anything. And once it is attached to your phone, it just pops up like that. So that makes removing your phone a lot easier and just connecting it directly without any hassle. She's pretty nifty.

Button Functions

Now, before you start using Campbell, you will want to download the DJ. I'm a little emo up. you can use this gimbal. Just make sure you download the app. So once you have connected your phone and app to gimbal now, you can have a lot of fun with all these buttons. This is probably the one button you will use the most because once you tap it, it switches between the rear and front camera. However, if you continue and double-click it is between portrait mode to landscape.

And if you double-click again, it goes back. The left side is a simple slide. And if you slide it up, Zooms in. And when you slide it down, it reverses. And you have this little code button. And when you tap that, it will start recording your video. Or when you are in image mode and tap the record button, it will take a picture. Finally, if you click and hold it down, it will actually take birthday pictures, which is pretty much left. Also, you have a send button, which is a mode button.

And when you tap that, it will switch between video or image mode. If you double-tap, it will put the gimbal in standby mode. You can also press any key to take it out of standby mode. Then there is a trigger in the background, which, once clicked, starts tracking an object or face. So no matter how you move the gimbal, it will always be focused on that face or object. If you double-click the activation button, it will upgrade Gimbal.

And here are some interesting tips. First is the tracking mode, which is the most common. But if you press and hold the activation key, it will lock the phone's location, no matter how fast you are moving. Then when you click once, then click and hold it opens game mode, making the gimbal very responsive, thus, suitable for any game or function. So, as you can see, they are a lot of different tasks and features right in your hands.

Shorts Guides

Now, Downloading Guides is a really cool new feature that shows you what you need to do to get the perfect videos and capture beautiful, smooth memories. And what you do when you get your gimbal ready and ready to go by tapping this little icon, right there. Once you get here, you will see a few different collections to choose from such as life or city, for example. And once you're in there, you can choose different situations like the tablet or so. Then, when you scroll down, it shows you all these different types of charts. It recommends a mobile one, for example, where you can click to apply, and it will show you exactly what you did with your gimbal to take that photo. Lastly, once you have followed all the recording instructions and captured your videos, you will have a complete video of all of your professional-looking memories. And then, if you enjoyed this article. Like Share and Comment. Thanks

Shooting Feature

in the shooting feature, I really enjoy it. And that's touch. If you click on that small icon and change the shooting touch, you can choose between two modes. But if you select the tracking and shooting mode as soon as you show the palm of your hand in-camera action it automatically starts tracking your face and shooting your video to stop. Just show the palm of your hand again. And you can track things with your 5 gimbals. It works very well and is very easy to open.

You just draw a block on the screen, and it will start tracking the object immediately. Another great thing is that, as soon as you switch it to photo mode, it will start tracking me right away. It's really cool. Here's what it looks like when it tracks you. And as you can see, it is very accurate sometimes, when your movement is fast, it takes a while to catch you.

But for the most part, it’s pretty amazing. And as mentioned, you can do this with objects or even animals. Then, if you click on this little one the top left icon is a kind of beauty mode where you can choose to send your face, smooth your skin, or lighten it. This has a few different options. So whether this is something you can use or not, it’s great that the job is available. And here you can see the front and back.


Now we have to talk about all the different ways. And the first is Clone me Pano. If you swipe to modes and select Pano right at the top, you'll see this little icon. And if you tap on that, you'll see this really bright color, called Clone me Penner. Once you have set up your Gimbal and have everything in place, you can continue to click the close button. And now what you do is make sure to frame with every single shot, as the guitar roaming the room do this with a group of friends, which is very funny or you yourself like this, and create art there. to make this panel, because in the end when all three pictures are taken, it will fit neatly into the most beautiful panel you will ever take.

So the next time you have a group of friends or you are in an amazing place, don’t forget to cologne me Pano. Then the end of time is certainly one of my favorites. And when you are in timeout mode, when you click in the down arrow, you can choose between seconds and the length of your transition time, and whether you want to create a keyframe. So if you wanted to capture something like a sunset or a lot of movement, but put a gimbal, then click that little blue box and keep doing this until you are happy with the various keyframes that will take pictures. Finally, once you click the record button, the gimbal does all the work, and you can just sit back and relax and get another cool mode.

If you click on those three dots in the top left corner and select the central gimbal icon right there, you will see the tracking mode. And if you choose multiple spinners for your fan, what happens now is when you use the play stick to the left or right, instead of doing that, it actually rotates your entire phone. So you can shoot a cool video this way.

Quick Tips

Then here are some quick tips to give you extra options when using Gimbal and DJ. I am an emo app. The first is the decisions. So when you click on this small icon, you can choose between three different choices they have, or choose to change the level of your frame. Then if you want to eat more control over the camera settings, if you click on that small icon and switch to manual, you can decide on the shutdown speed and ISO. So you do not need to use the default setting. And then, believe it or not, when you click on this home icon, there is actually a built-in DJ editor.

I am a Nemo app. You can choose between an AI editor or this one, which has a lot of different, pre-programmed styles to choose from in real life, and then click that Pro icon and all your different videos. Once you've done that, it'll compose a video, and you're ready to go. At the end of the day, this om5 gimbal is full of many different features, and it really is an amazing accessory that.

So that's a DJ io5 gambling game. Let me know what you think about it below in the comments section. But if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like it And subscribe. Or you can watch some of my videos right here. But thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time.