Can You Solve This Ultimate Quiz on Lucifer

Can You Solve This Ultimate Quiz on Lucifer. He rules of hell and has all the eternal power, except one. Can You Answer these question If You Are Lucifer fans

1. what is the name of the nightclub that Lucifer runs with maze in Los Angeles?

The Hell Hole

2. Lucifer is helped out by a demon friend called maze, played by Lesley-Ann Brandt. What is the name short for?


3. what is the nickname that Lucifer give to his workplace frenemy - and Chloe's ex - Denial Espinoza?

Detective Douche

4. which song by rock legends Radiohead does lucifer play on piano at the start of Season Four?

A Wolf At The Door

5. Name the TV show with in a show that we discover is based on lucifer's life and adventures

Lieutenant Diablo!
Lucifer Pl

6. In "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam", What is the First Song That Alerts Lucifer To God's Interference?

No Scrubs
Another One Bites The Dust

7. Neil Gaiman originally Created This Version of Lucifer for his comic The Sandman.

David Bowie
Kurt Cobain

8. Lucifer drives a classic car in the TV show. What is the number plate Of The Car?


9. What Year was Chloe and Dan's daughter Trixie born?


10. The devil has many name names... which One does Lucifer say that he is particularly font of?

Old Scratch