Burning Unanswered Questions Left After Money Heist Season 5 Part 2. Can you answer these questions?

Find out the burning questions you have after watching the second part of series 5. There are a few burning unanswered questions left after the Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

1. The original Spanish title of money Heist is La Casa de Papel. But do you know what direct translation is

The House of People
The House of Paper

2. Every Heist member has a city name. But what about the professor? According to Alvaro morte? He has an unofficial city name. Is it

Vatican City

3. the professor once pretended to be homeless to avoid the police. What did he use to make himself so horrible?

Rotten Meat

4. Remember the gang sent her inside a pipeline to trick Alicia. And Tamayo. The question is, what was the name of Marcia's ferret?


5. Can you remember which character was the first one to sing it in the series?


6. One more question about Bella ciao. You might know that it's an old protest folk song, but do you know what country it originates from?


7. who said this epic line, if there's a single victim, will stop being Robin Hood's and will just become sons of bitches.


8. how many heists had Berlin pulled off before the events of money


9. Nairobi’s death scene was one of the most shocking ones before killing her gandia gave her a chance to say any last words to her friends. Do you remember what Nairobi said?

Hey, I love you all be. I'm sorry.
She said nothing.

10. How many children does this man have?

How many children does this man have?