Becky Lynch & Big E Dating - New WWE Couples 2021

New WWE Couples 2021. Find out about the latest Hollywood couples that have been revealed as dating including Becky Lynch and Big E.

Becky Lynch & Big E Dating - New WWE Couples 2021
Becky Lynch & Big E Dating - New WWE Couples 2021

Becky Lynch & Big E Dating - New WWE Couples 2021

Charlotte's New Boyfriend

Sadly, it's Now official that Charlotte Flair and Andrade are no longer engaged, and they have officially broken up. But it seems that Charlotte wasn't single for long after her breakup with under-eye day, because now she is rumored to have a new boyfriend. And it's a WWE legend. Charlotte Flair has been friends with Steve Austin for many years, and they were just innocent friends, no romance going on at all. And according to the rumor, Steve Austin contacted Charlotte and just let her know that you know, he was really sorry about the breakup with Andrade.

And if she needed somebody to talk to, he was there for her. Well, the two did end up talking on the phone for several nights in a row. And their conversations supposedly went on for hours. And Steve Austin shared that he was having his own relationship problems as he told Charlotte that he was separated from his wife. And he and his wife were now living in different locations. And he was fearing that they were headed for a divorce.

And then after these conversations, they ended up meeting up in person just, you know, talk in person and to kind of console one another, because both of them were having these very upset relationship problems. But the friendly conversation that they were having in person while out at dinner, started to turn from friendly to romantic, and Charlotte and Steve kind of realized. There's something else going on here. That's not very friendly. It's romantic and supposedly since that night, they have been Inseparable.

Steve was even seen at a recent WWE event visiting Charlotte right now is still very early in the relationship as they've been dating for only a couple of weeks. But in those couple of weeks, it seems that they have fallen head over heels for each other. And from the looks of it, they seem to be very much in love with each other.

The Truth About The Miz

The truth about The Miz and Maurice's on-screen meltdown has been revealed on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw. We saw The Miz in a heated confrontation with Edge, and during this Edge was about to attack The Miz. And then all of a sudden the MS pulled his wife Maurice in front of him and used her as a human shield. Maurice was livid with her husband's cowardly actions, and then The Miz and Maurice had a huge fight live on raw and Marie stormed out of the Arena as Ms chased after her, the real reason for this, and why they are all of a sudden creating Strife between The Miz and Maurice on TV is because of a real-life situation involving the MS dating another woman.

So the is recently competed on Dancing With the Stars. And The Miz had a dance partner on the show named Witney Carson. And Whitney is 28 years old. The MS is 41 and because of a lot of touchy-feely moments, a lot of physical contacts, a lot of what seem to be public displays of affection. Really, many people viewers, especially of Dance. I'm with the Stars, started saying what's going on here, the Ms and Whitney. They seem to be more than just dance partners. The Miz has been spotted out with Whitney, going to places like Disneyland going out for coffee, going for a walk together.

And this led to the speculation that the MS might be dating Witney Carson behind Maurice's back. But now Maurice knows that, hey, something might be going on here. And Maurice in real life has been very angry about these rumors. And The Miz swears to her. That is not true. So WWE heard about all this stuff and said, oh, hey, why don't we bring this to TV? And we'll have it be part of the storyline with Edge and everything like that. And WWE is looking to capitalize on this rumored relationship between The Miz and is Dancing with the Stars partner.

Becky Lynch has a new Boyfriend

Becky Lynch has a new boyfriend, and Seth Rollins isn't too happy about it. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have been together for nearly three years. They have a daughter together, and they seem to be happily married. However, recently there have been some shocking rumors and allegations that have brought a lot of strife to their marriage. Becky Lynch was spotted out at a Brooklyn Nets game with the biggie, but as they sat there and watch the game, it seemed like they were more than just coworkers who are good friends. Many fans said, wow, they look like a couple that's very much in love. In fact, at one point, somebody snapped a picture of Becky Lynch, putting her head on Biggie's shoulder Seth Rollins. Her husband is nowhere to be seen.

Seth is, I guess, at home with their daughter Rue, while Becky Lynch is basically on a date with a biggie. Now, this is very upsetting, very disturbing to anybody who is a Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch fan, Becky Lynch, put her arm around biggie e. And it's like, wow. This is a lot of physical contact for Just Two coworkers. There could be something more here. And rumor is that Seth was very concerned and very upset after hearing about this and seeing these pictures and videos all over the press and all over the Internet. And right now, he doesn't really know what to do in terms of his relationship with Becky, because he doesn't know whether or not Becky and Big E are having a secret affair behind his back and to make matters worse.

Seth Rollins and Biggie on TV are bitter Rivals. So it makes Seth feel humiliated that his number-one rival is basically on a date with his wife right now Becky and Seth are trying to work out this situation. Could it be that Big E and Becky Lynch are now a couple and they are officially dating? But right now, Seth Rollins is very nervous about what might come out next in terms of the relationship between Becky Lynch and Biggie. So that's going to do it for our video for today. But before you go give me your thoughts about Charlotte dating, Steve Austin and the rumored relationship between Becky Lynch and Big E leave a comment below and give me your opinion. And don't forget to Like. See You In The Next One Bye For Now.