Apple Watch Hidden Features You Absolutely Must Know

Discover the hidden features of the Apple Watch and learn how to make your smartwatch work to its full potential.

Apple Watch Hidden Features You Absolutely Must Know
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Apple Watch Hidden Features You Absolutely Must Know

You guys just absolutely have to check out some of these damn cool features on the Apple Watch Series 7 like assistive touch Reflections, unlocking devices, and a bunch of molds.

Use Querty Keyboard

So one of the newest features is really cool. And let's just say you receive a message on your watch, for example. And you hit that reply button. You can now use this qwerty keyboard to reply. And although it lets in is pretty tiny, it is still really good at predicting what it is you're trying to type. And if you don't like, that method, you can still use the swiping one to type out what it is you'd like to say. But overall it damn, that is a cool thing to have on your watch.

Magic Gestures

So one of the most mind-blowing things about the series 7 is you can control the entire watch without even touching it. So this is crazy. If you clench your hand twice like this, it activates something called Assistive Touch, where you can actually use clenches or pinches, Sue, navigate your entire watch. If that wasn't crazy enough that you can even activate this mouse cursor, which you navigate by rotating your wrist. This feature honestly blew my mind, and you definitely only have to try this one out for yourself.

But do make sure you activate it first within the watch settings under accessibility, then scroll down until you see Assistive Touch. Once you tap on that, you can just toggle it on, and you're pretty much good to go. So when you clenched twice, it activates assistive touch. When you pinch it basically navigates the watch, or when you clenched once it makes a selection. So you do kind of have to get familiar with the prompts, but you do start to remember them quite quickly. Now, if that isn't freaking cool, then I honestly don't what is? But either way, you guys definitely have to try this one out. 

New Watch Faces

Now everybody loves a good view. Watch face, and apple has some pretty cool ones with the new series Tippin. They mainly brought out new ones like this portrait one as well as the world's time one. So depending on what type of style you like, there are a bunch of different ones to choose from. But I must admit, still, a huge favor mind is an emoji one where you can choose a character that Apple has already made or even your own emoji, and they're constantly animated on your watch, which just makes it so cool.

There is also this modular Duo where you can choose from the different complications, Russians. So if you're someone who likes a lot of information on their watch face, you can choose from a whole whack of complications like Spotify, for example. And I'm II complication. You can choose something like the weather. So in the future, when you want quick and easy access to your Spotify and jam some tunes, you're good to go. And here's another cool little trick. If you take two fingers and click and hold on to the watch face 5:22 pm series tells the time.

Unlock iPhone & IMAC

another great feature of this watch. You can kind of use it as a personal unlocking machine. So as many of you probably know by now, you cannot unlock your iPhone if you have a face mask on. However, if you have an Apple Watch, you can easily unlock your phone still while having your face moss garden. All you have to do is make sure this is enabled within the face ID and passcode settings. Make sure to select your watch, then go ahead and toggle it on. And now your phone will instantly unlock as you swipe up if you're wearing your Apple watch. You also do this with any of your Apple Computers. So like my iMac, for example, if I click the spacebar and my watch on it automatically unlocks straight away. And this, again, can quickly be activated in security and privacy. And the system preferences. Go ahead and select a watch, loving your black password. And that's it. But just make sure you don't get ahold of your watch. 

Find My Stuff

Okay, so did you know you can find every single one of your Apple products like your is tags. You are part is your iPhone and even your iMac, just by using your Apple watch. So if in the main menu and want to find your ear tags, you click on this little icon. And right over here is a list of all your are tags. Once you selected one scroll to the bottom hit that play sound. And in seconds, you're it tag should start making a noise, then click on this up. If you want to find any of your Apple devices like your iPad Air pothole, your eyes phone. And once again, click on the place. Sound, give it a couple of seconds.

And whatever it is you're looking for should start making a sound like my earplugs, for example, which I am always was pleasing. It's I see so much easier finding things with my watch. And also, if you have any shared locations with friends or family, you can track them down right over here. 

Nifty Tips

Now we have got to talk about this reflect feature within the mindful app because it is so mesmerizing. So if you're having a busy or hectic day, and you click on that reflect option, once you begin reflecting this incredible graphic appears on your watch to just help you get through the moment and feel the vibe. Then did you know, within the time is an application, you can actually set multiple timers? If you scroll down, you'll see this custom option where you can choose, or whatever time I get like to set, then click Start, and you can keep creating as many times as you like, and you'll see them all right over there.

Then the gallery application on the Apple watch. You got a much-needed overhaul and look so much nicer in my opinion, and even have some albums. Once you've selected your album, you can zoom in or out of the pictures by using the crown for you can go ahead and just scroll through them. 

Remote Camera

So one of the coolest and most exciting features of the Apple watch is you can control it. If your iPhone's camera it's SuperDuper simple to do, all you do is access the main menu click on the camera app, and then BAM, you're good to go. Not only that, if you click on the three dots, you can adjust a bunch of different settings right on your watch, like setting the three-second time, for example. And once you click that shutter button, your phone will start counting down and snap a pic. Then you do need to adjust the modes on your phone, like to video mode, for example. But again, if you click the record button, you can then go ahead and stand in the frame and do your own thing.

The Apple watch even doubles up as a blogging viewfinder. If you put it on your iPhone like this and hit that record button, you can record yourself with ease and make sure everything else stays in the frame. This is by far one of the coolest things I've ever done with my Apple watch, and you guys have definitely got to try this one is out. 

Bedside Clock

No, I seriously love this simple feature, and I use it every single day of my life in settings under General. If you scroll down and see nightstand mode, make sure to tap on that and then toggle on nightstand mode. Because now what happens is, when you go ahead and place your Apple Watch on its charger or a stand like this one, for example, this little bit tight clock appears on your watch face. If you click on that little icon, it shows you your battery percentage and at your watch, go to sleep, just tap the table. And you can instantly see the time nice tan mode also works in landscape. So whichever you prefer is perfect, but I just love this little knocking feature to check the time at night. 

Walkie Talkie

So you may only not know this one, but because your Apple Watch has a microphone and a speaker, you can do some pretty cool things. So within the main menu, if you go ahead and click the walkie-talkie up, then scroll, right down to the bottom. Here's where you can add other friends who also have apple watches. So now, no matter where your friends are in the entire world, you can just walk, you talking them instantly by clicking and holding down over an hour. And you can, of course, also make and take phone calls, alter your watch once again, without even touching your watch. If you use Assistive touch, you can double clench to answer or do a single clench to hang up the phone Nifty. 

Focus Mode

Then did you know if you swipe up to the control center on your Apple watch and click on Focus mode, then select one, it'll automatically change your entire phone over to that Focus mode? So whether it's the focus mode you use when driving, or when you're going to bed, you'll no longer need to if your iPhone app to change it over, you can just do it all from your watch. And as you can see, there's absolutely no difference to your focus modes. So I thought this was a super useful feature. Definitely don't forget it. 

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