AirPods 3 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features | That You MUST Know!!! (3rd Gen)

How do you use your AirPods? How can you get the most out of your new AirPods? Find out the AirPods 3 tips and tricks that might save you some time.

AirPods 3 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features | That You MUST Know!!! (3rd Gen)
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AirPods 3 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features | That You MUST Know!!! (3rd Gen)

Hey guys, check it out. I have the Epic airports 3 and I have so much to show you about them starting off with navigation. If you're listening to music and you squeeze the stem once, it'll either pause or play no matter what musical media is playing. And if you get a phone call, you can also answer all the climacool by squeezing the stem once. Hello. And if you squeeze the stem twice, it skips forward a song, or if you squeeze it three times, it'll skip back a song to be simple that if you squeeze and hold it will actually activate Siri. And it's just like typical Siri. You can ask her just about anything when you take your ear pods off.

By the way, any music or media you were listening to automatically stops playing. And of course, when you pop them back in, it'll pick up where it left off all these gestures for navigation, and Siri works on both the pods. So whether it's left or right you just that now, these are pods like a couple of other Apple products these days have MagSafe built into the case, which is a pretty great feature, and actually makes charging them a lot easier, because they are a bunch of magnets in the back.

As you can see from this magnet paper. When you're going to take the air pods and pop them on the MagSafe charging pad, they literally just stick straight to it and instantly start charging oftentimes with previous are pots is that slippery right of the charging pad and stop charging, but not with these bad boys and I believe it or not, you also get Max to have compatible charging cases. So you can still protect yours are pods while keeping that Maxie feature thanks to cases like these from es Arc, which I will have linked down below. Speaking of charging, you also get six hours, more listening time with these. 

Now, this feature has been dramatically improved. Thank you, Apple. Because now, if you want to find your ear pods, you can make them make a sound while in the case they're also easier to find them ever before. Thanks to Precision finding. So if you've accidentally lost, or misplaced your ear pods, you head on over to the find my application and under devices, just click on your are pot, then you'll see this option that says, find out if you tap on that Precision, finding opens. And right over here, you can click the speaker icon. And if pods will start playing a sound so slowly but surely you can use Precision finding to locate your ear pods, as well as listen out for the sound that your are pods are making. This is a seriously huge Improvement, and I'm so glad they did it.

Another epic thing you can do is toggle on when left behind. So now, when you walk away with your phone and accidentally leave your ear pods behind like we all do, you'll get a notification. Now, there is no way I can tell you guys about this feature between your ear, pods, and your iPhone because it's really shaky. Okay, so if you swipe down on the control center and click on this gear icon, you will see live, listen. And if you toggle that on your iPhone's microphone is activated, and you can hear everything through our pods. So now, no matter where you place your phone down, you'll actually hear all the audio that your iPhone's microphone is picking up. So I'm not going to lie. It's a super feature, but also useful if you're at the back of the room for lectures, or just need to hear better. So it's kind of cool because I can like hear what Mike is saying all the time, like all the time. 

Okay, now, spatial audio is such a cool feature and sounds amazing on these are pods. You do have two different options to choose from either fixed or head-tracked. And what that means is, if you choose fixed, you can hear the audio from all around you. And it sounds like you're in the center of the room, or you can choose head tract, which tracks the position of your head and actually adjust. The audio is if you were right in the room. So when you watch a movie, or listen to a podcast and turn around, you'll hear everything behind you. It honestly sounds so amazing. But this is something you need to toggle on. So just swipe down on the control center click and hold the volume icon. And right over there, you'll see spatial audio go ahead and choose whichever one you want. It does seem super Spacey. So try it out right now if you can while watching. 

Now, this feature is ridiculously useful, and it's automatic pitching. So let's just say you're watching a YouTube video about getting a phone call. If you answer it on your iPhone, the audio automatically switches from your computer to your iPhone and depending on what other Apple devices you have, it can switch between all of them. So if you open up your iPad and choose to listen to some Spotify, once again, it'll then switch from your phone to your iPad automatically. I mean, you don't have to touch a thing. And on top of that, in case you didn't know, you can also connect your ear pods to your Apple Watch and listen to music straight from there without meeting your phone. I mean, the Apple ecosystem really is amazing and works seamlessly with these are pods. 

Then one of the best things Apple did with made these are pods water-resistant. So if you get any sweat or rain on them, you're good then if you're driving, running, or exercising, you name it. This Nifty feature under settings is announced notifications, if you toggle it on, make sure to also toggle on headphones. And now what'll happen is, any time you get a notification on your iPhone, Siri will announce the message, my cabin yo. What's up? How cool is this then? This one is more feature for your iPhone, but it is still awesome to use with your airports. So if it's like down on the control center and clicks that ear icon, once again, you'll see background sounds. And if you tap on that, you can choose from a whole bunch of different sounds, whether it's duck noise, the ocean rain, or even a stream.

These are great sounds to listen to while studying or even meditating. Okay, so if you're with a friend and they also have a pair of ear pods, you can actually share the same audio. What you do is whip out your air pods. And they, of course, whip out this. And then you simply swipe down on the control center and click this little AirPlay icon, right in there straight away. You should see both pairs of are pods, and then you can just tap on them to select and start listening to your favorite tunes, whether it's Apple music, you want to listen to or Spotify even YouTube videos or Netflix will be played through both pairs of are pods. You can also adjust the volume of each of them individually by once again, swiping down on the control center, then clicking and holding on the volume button. And right over there is where you can change the volume, or you can also control the volume of both the air Parts at the same time. By using the volume up or down toggle.

Talk about sharing is caring, then did you know you can actually connect to? These are pods to an Android device. You, of course, don't get all the same functions and features, but most of them are still there. And the sound quality is still amazing. So to do this, it's actually pretty simple on the back of the ear pods, you'll notice this small little button, and what you do is open up the case, then click and hold down on that button until the LED starts flashing white. Then you can grab your Android device swipe down to the control center, open up the Bluetooth settings, and should definitely see it pods pop up, then go ahead and tap on them, of course, to connect to the air pods. And now you're pretty much good to go. It really could not be more simple than that.

And as mentioned, not all the same functions and features are still available, but most of them are there. And the audio quality is still absolutely amazing. So if you've ever wanted to try, are pods with an Android device, just know you actually can. So now that you know a lot more about these are pods, here's a quick side by side on all these bad boys, because the lineup can be quite confusing. And years, actually, with the airport's three-foot in, they are definitely better than the 1st. And 2nd gen is Parts. However, they are not as good as the airport Pro. And that is mainly because the pros have noise cancellation and transparency mode, which is a pretty big deal. Then wireless charging is available on most the earpods, but not that Maxie feature.

Finally, these are pods are the only ones with water resistance, aside from those are pretty big differences. Almost everything else is exactly the same on all these are pods. The audio quality is different, of course. But yeah, pretty much the same. So guys that is it for the earpods 3rd gen, let me know, which was your favorite feature down in the comment section. But if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like it And subscribe. Or you can check out some of our other Blog right over here. But thank you, guys. So much for watching. And I will see you in the next one.

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