Woman Adopted 6 Girls, 3 Years Later She Discovers Who They Really Are

Follow the emotional roller coaster of a woman who has adopted six girls and 3 years later, she finds out who they really are. Let's find out...

Woman Adopted 6 Girls, 3 Years Later She Discovers Who They Really Are
Woman Adopted 6 Girls, 3 Years Later She Discovers Who They Really Are.

Woman Adopted 6 Girls, 3 Years Later She Discovers Who They Really Are...

Lacey Duncan wasn't sure whether she'd ever been able to tie the knot. A few things were certain, though, including the fact that she was going to be a mother. And God not only brought her desire to fruition, but he also used it to keep her sisters together as well, despite the fact that her six girls offered her great joy and Chaos.

Lacey Duncan believes that life would be so empty, blind, and boring if they were not around. After opening her heart and home to six sisters in need of a loving, happy family 4 years ago, Lacey Duncan couldn't be happier, though her life suddenly became a chaotic Whirlwind of pink dresses and Frozen deep single mother couldn't be happier. The 32-year-old say-it mom from Fresno, California describes our children as the loves of her life. Sofia, age 9 the twins, Natalie and Melanie 7, Kaylee 6, Leah 4and Cecily 2 are among her children.

They bring me so much joy and chaos, but life would be so empty, dull, and uninteresting if it weren't for them.  Lacey Duncan says in an interview with People magazine.

It's a privilege to be their mother and they warm my heart every time I see them, having fostered the six children for nearly a year. Lacey felt strongly about keeping the group together. She adopted five out of the six girls in July 2013 claiming she felt strongly about keeping the group together. She also worked hard to ensure that the girl's youngest sibling Sicily was welcomed into the family. As soon as she was born. Sicily's official adoption was celebrated by the family in March of this year. According to Lacey Duncan, who raised the kids with the assistance of her parents, Jerry and Ronnie Duncan, we just kind of melded into a family from the first minute I met them. I knew they held a particular place in my heart.

It just always seemed right, says the author Lacey was 25 years old when she began investigating the requirements for becoming an adoptive mother in California, back in 2011. As she explains, marriage wasn't on the horizon at the time. So I took a step back to evaluate my life and determined that it was fine that I didn't require marriage. 

But I knew that I didn't become a mother. I would live in regret for the rest of my life. Lacey completed the certification process in June 2011 and received an emergency Foster placement call three months later for Four Sisters, Sophia, Natalie, Melanie, and Kaylee, who needed to be placed immediately. Leo, who was a newborn at the time, was placed with a foster family who was better suited to caring for children in general and babies. In particular, the social worker had called and responded. Yes. When I interrupted her, I'm not sure why. I felt forced to say yes, but I did. She adds. I have no idea why I felt compelled to say, yes, I didn't even consider the possibility of not keeping them together. To me, it was a case of All or Nothing. The girls arrived at Lacey's four-bedroom home, which she lives with her mother, Jerry, and father Ronnie. A few hours after they left the hotel, Sophia, Natalie, Melanie and Kaylee began to feel right at home in just a few short days, and their adopted family immediately fell in love with the girls after meeting them for the first time, they become emotionally linked to Lazy very quickly.

Gerry Duncan 62 says People magazine, they looked up to their mother. And Lacey is continually looking for ways to assist her in molding them into the finest persons they can be. It just seemed like a natural fit from the beginning, says the grandmother in the nine months that followed Lacey, and her parents cared for the four sisters until their biological mother was granted custody. 

Leia was also returned with her biological mother. The birth family welcomed us into their home and allowed us to babysit the girls whenever we needed to. They were greatly missed, Lacey explains. She called me a little over a month later and asked if I'd be interested in adopting all five of the girls. I said, yes, right away.

I was taken aback because I knew it had to have been a difficult decision to make. She'd been thinking about it for a few weeks. She was concerned about how her family would react to her decision. Then I said to her, you're doing more for them than I could. They were too important to me to give up and you're loving them more than you love yourself, which is significant and many individuals would not do.

A year had passed before the adoption was finalized. And during that time, the birth mother of the girls learned that she'd become pregnant with her sixth child. As Lacey explains, this was my children's younger sister. So it wasn't even a question for me to take her home as well. Sicily became a legal member of the family in March 2015. The Duncan Family celebrates its Anniversary on the day. Sicily returned home, a word developed by Leah to commemorate the Sweet Day their family became complete. I have a great deal of affection for them. We're so very proud of them. Lacey expresses her delight. I wouldn't exchange any of them for anything in the world. I feel incredibly privileged to be there. Mommy, following that, will take you through the entire story.

Beginning at the very beginning, when Lacey Duncan First considered being a mother, she can only see one thing in her future males. She was right. It wasn't that I believed I could only link with a son when I daydreamed about having a family, I only envisioned myself with a boy, says Duncan 32 of Fresno CaliforniaIt wasn't that I believe I could only bond with a son, says Duncan, who's married with two children Duncan who was then in her mid-20s, and lived with her parents yearned for a child, but didn't consider marriage to be a necessity. Duncan investigated, fostering a kid first at her mother's recommendation, and discovered a spirelet, a Family Services Agency with offices throughout California that specializes in foster care and adoption. Duncan is now a foster parent herself a year after submitting an application to become a foster parent. 

Duncan was certified in June 2011 after completing numerous training hours, as well as passing a home study exam, she accepted a gift of a race car bed from a family friend who sat back to wait. By the end of September, Duncan was beginning to worry that as a single woman, she'd never be contacted again if she was missing. Finally, a social worker called late one night and informed Duncan that she had an emergency foster care placement for 4 sisters, aged 5, 2, and 1-year-old twins, she told me she had a foster care emergency placement Duncan recalls in the interest of maintaining the girl's privacy aspirin ad chosen not to disclose the specifics of the circumstances surrounding their narrative. I was barely awake, when I said yes, within a couple of hours, Duncan had four confused small girls running around her living room, burning off nervous energy.

They were small and afraid when they were brought to the stranger's house in the middle of the night, recalls Duncan, who, along with her mother, comforted the tired weeping kids and put them into bed, rocking the baby to sleep. The following morning, Duncan arrived at work and prepared to transport Sofia, the eldest, to her kindergarten class, which was scheduled for that day as Duncan recalls, I was making her breakfast when she inquired as to whether or not I had any daughters. And if she could be my daughter, which shattered my heart, she inquired as to what she may call me. And I responded. My name is Lacey, but you can call me whatever you want.

She was pleased by my response. By the time I got her to school and handed her off, she was introducing me as her mother to the rest of the students. Later that day Duncan discovered that the girls, Sophia, Natalie, Melanie, and Kaylee, who were one year old at the time, had a sister Leah, who’d been born the night before. In the meantime, Leah was placed with a foster parent that had previous experience with newborns. The older girls were reunited with their birth mother after 9 months, and they were separated. I tried to maintain the trust that they would wind up where they were destined to and in my heart, that place was here, Duncan said. After about a month, the girl's birth mother came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult for her to care for the kids on her own. 

She called and asked if I'd be interested in taking all five kids Duncan adds, I quickly said, yes, I said, yes, right away. She formally adopted them in July of the same year. They inquired as to my insurance that they'd be staying. You've been adopted. I reassured them. You'll be here for the rest of your life. Duncan receives aid from her parents, as well as financial assistance to meet the requirements of the girls. There was one more surprise. The children's birth mother was expecting another child. This time a girl named Sicily who was born in September of that year. Sicily ultimately came to live with Duncan as well. And she's been adopted by the family ever since. I want people to understand that Foster children are not awful and they're not broken. Duncan explains children are resilient, and they need and require a loving environment in another heartwarming story. Mom learns Foster's baby is her adopted son's sister. So she adopts her as well. After learning that the baby girl she was planning to adopt, shared the same biological mother as her newly adopted son. A single mother was given the shock of her life.

Hannah Paige was adopted by her foster mother Katie Paige, who divorced when she was in her early 30s. I said, as soon as I realized she was a sibling, I accepted Grayson's family. Once I took him home and accepted being his mother, she said it was on my bucket list Paige continued. And I always wanted to adopt. Grayson was officially adopted by Paige on May 25th, 2017. I fell in love the moment I saw him in the hospital, Paige said of her first encounter with him. Paige received a call about a newborn girl named Hannah, who needed a home a month after she adopted  Grayson. Paige said she knew she wanted to give Hannah, who is now a year old, a forever home as soon as she met her. Paige noticed a similarity when she took Hannah home. And she saw the name of Hannah's birth mother on the hospital bracelet because their mother lied about her last name and date of birth when she left Grayson at the hospital. 

And the day he was born, it was uncertain whether Grayson and Hannah were brother and sister according to our reporter. Both infants were exposed to methamphetamines while in the womb. Ashley Chapa Paige's roommate was present as she began to unravel the riddle. Chapa told GMA that it was as bizarre as you could imagine when Katie grabbed her paperwork with Grace and out of her binder, we noticed that we had the same first name ever. Nothing. I've always considered her a superwoman, but I believe she's even more so today, Paige and Anna were formally adopted on December 28th, 2018.

Paige had the children's DNA tested months before, and the results showed that they were biological siblings. She added, in this year Paige intends to adopt Grayson and Hannah's 5-month-old sister. Paige explained I was a single woman in a 4-bedroom house. And now every room of my house is full. It's never boring. 

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