Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Exposed During An Interview

Top 10 Celebrities who have been exposed during an interview and have lost their professional integrity. What did these celebrities say? Let's find out!

Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Exposed During An Interview
Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Exposed During An Interview

Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Exposed During An Interview

Celebrity interviews are generally used to promote upcoming projects or talk about a major event in celebrities' lives. But sometimes things are taking a little too far, and celebrities get exposed live on air.

1. Kourtney Kardashian

This one is super strange, and I'm not sure why this even took place. But either way, it's probably the weirdest interview moment that I have ever seen. Back in 2016, Kourtney Kardashian was being interviewed on the Australian talk show Today Extra Kourtney answered some simple questions. Then the reporters asked about how Kim was doing after her intense robbery situation. Kourtney then started to answer.

“ But then it looked like someone on her team started talking to her because Kourtney totally ignored the question and looked off camera to someone else. Then just said, okay”.

The reporters then ask Courtney the question again and made it seem like she might have just been breaking up or something. But then Kourtney just sits there blankly looking off-screen. Well, the interviewers try to think of something else to ask her.

When the host asks, “ If someone else is talking to her, she said, yes, sorry ”. Then I guess the interviewers just cut Kourtney's feed and went on with the program. 

2. Mark Wahlberg 

Showing up drunk to a live TV interview is probably the worst thing a celebrity can do because there's nothing worse than revealing all your secrets because you're under the influence. While Wahlberg was on The Graham Norton Show. He actually admitted that he was pretty drunk, most likely from the drinks he was given backstage in the green room.

Wahlberg asked Norton, “ why would you allow people to drink alcohol and come on a show while we're trying to keep it together ”. But after some time, we started doing the craziest things. At one point He sat on Norton's lap while rubbing his chest seductively. Obviously, viewers loved it, but it was very inappropriate. 

3. Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino can be quite controversial, and a lot of his movies get some sort of backlash after the release of his hit movie Django Unchained. Tarantino did the media rounds to promote the movie. One reporter asked about the real-life implications of violence that the movie portrays, instead of giving a thoughtful answer. Tarantino was annoyed about the kitchen and firmly defended the movie. He replied, “ it's just a movie. It's just a fantasy “.

Brushing off the question when the reporter continued to press Tarantino, just straight-up refused to answer and replied, “ I'm shutting your butt down “.  A little immature if you ask me. 

4 Justin Bieber

An interview that Justin Bieber did with Mojo in the morning was a complete disaster for many reasons. Unfortunately, it started off on the wrong foot when the interviewer said that Bieber's new music sounded like Justin Timberlake's. Later on, the interviewer asked, 

Do you worry about Harry Styles of One Direction around your mom since he likes older women?

which is a really strange question to ask someone like who would even think of that? Justin obviously thought it was very strange as  well, and clapped back telling the reporter,

 “ I think you should worry about me around your mom bro”. 

Since it was just a phone interview, Justin did not waste any more time and just hung up the phone. 

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's reputation has taken a dive for many reasons over the years. But one moment that really shocked fans was his interview with Matt Lauer. In the interview, his temper changes dramatically showing the world that Tom Cruise has a very short fuse. And in the 2005 interview, Matt Lauer asked Tom Cruise about his comments criticizing Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants for her postpartum depression thing that,

“ I'm saying about brookies, that there's misinformation. Okay? And she doesn't understand the history of Psychiatry. She doesn't understand in the same way that you don't understand it, man ”. 

Who keeps going on that he doesn't agree with her decisions when asked why Tom Cruise added quotes, 

“ you don't know the history of Psychiatry. I do, along with getting more combative as the conversation went on that in part with this sketch, a divorce from Katie Holmes made public opinion of him tank “.

6. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl was blacklisted from Hollywood after she called out the director of the hit comedy Knocked Up. In a now Infamous Vanity fair interview from 2008, Katherine Heigl slammed director Judd Apatow and called the movie a little sexist. She went on to talk more trash about her character in the film.

Adding quote “ it paints the women as shrews as humorless and uptight and paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. This incident, along with some other drama of the Grey's Anatomy production, put a huge axe in her career and forced her to apologize. Many years later, Heigl spoke to the Washington Post, about being branded as difficult after the comments and blasted the idea that a different opinion made her difficult.

She was blacklisted from the industry for a few years, but she's back working again and has admitted to her past mistakes.

7. Paula Abdul 

Paula Abdul had a  great public reputation because of her role as a judge on American Idol. But that good reputation went down the pipes after this eyebrow-raising interview. In 2007 she was live on air with Fox to talk about the upcoming season of Idol.

But it was derailed almost instantly, and they interviewed Paula was nothing like the woman we saw on the idol. And honestly, she seemed drunk, she was slurring her words, behaving erratically and just acting like a basket case, Paula later denied she was drunk and a spokesperson claimed that there was a sound issue during the segment.

Two years later, the singer failed to renew her contract with American Idol and basically disappeared Into Obscurity.

8. Jason Segel and Paul Rudd

During a promotional interview for the movie “ I love you man ”, Segal and Rudd admitted to being totally stoned. And if you watch the interview, it's honestly not difficult to tell. In the beginning, the pair start talking about other movies with a Bromance Storyline going back and forth naming the best ones.

And funny enough, all the movies they named have the word Stone in it. Coincidence, I think not. The pair then start talking about Segel's imaginary friend and can't stop laughing while thinking about it. The interview was hilarious, but I'm sure the studio was not happy with how unprofessional that it was.

9. Drew Barrymore 

Drew Barrymore exposed herself literally during an interview with David Letterman, while doing the interview Barrymore asked if she could dance for him, Letterman said, yes, and all of a sudden Drew's on top of his desk dancing around. And then she suddenly flashed him. She had her back turned to the audience who didn't see, but it was quite a shock to Letterman. Apparently, it was Letterman's birthday. And Barrymore said this was her present to him.

 This was during the time that Barrymore was having a rebellious streak, and she just posed for Playboy and was feeling very open about her body. Barrymore, revealed years later that the moment was not planned. And while they were talking, she had a light bulb moment and wanted to dance.

10. Princess Diana

The royal family is one of the most secretive organizations in the world. So everyone couldn't believe it, when Princess Diana decided to expose all of her dirty secrets on TV in 1995 in an interview with BBC journalist Martin Bashir, the interview was after her divorce with Charles when she was the most scared of the family.

During the program, she revealed her struggles with disordered eating after Prince Charles made comments about her weight, along with talking about her postpartum depression. And the affair she knew Charles was having with Camilla. Diane even talks about her own love affair with her writing instructor James Hewitt. Even worse it was years later that the reason Diana gave such a detailed interview is that she was being blackmailed by the journalist Martin Bashir.

But she acted in a quote: “ deceitful way and fake documents to obtain the interview and inquiry by the BBC discovered ”. 

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